Activate Junk King’s Pricing Estimator For Fast Junk Removal

Did you ever think we would get to that part of the “future” where we have voice activation devices? They’re becoming more prevalent with companies like Apple, Amazon and Google all perfecting their “droids.” Are we that far away from actual robots? Even the simple act of going online to look something up offers a world of research and information in just a millisecond. Junk King Seattle has tapped into that programming power to develop a unique feature called the pricing estimator. When activated, the pricing estimator lets you see the price range you would be expected to pay these professional junk haulers to clear all the rubbish from your home. Not only is this a convenient way to set up a junk removal appointment. It’s also fun.


With the price estimator you can build a list by the item or by the truckload. Using the truckload option requires you to visualize fitting your stuff onto the back of a pickup truck. How many pickup trucks could you fill with the furniture, appliances and boxes of random household goods. The Junk King truck can hold around 6 full pickup trucks. You might only need space for two. That becomes your estimate.

The other way is to itemize your list. How many chairs? How many TVs? How many tables? That will also set up a price range estimate. The reason these estimates aren’t final is because your stuff has to be looked over by the crew. They’ll be able to make the final call on just how much space everything will take up. Usually, that is going to be under the pricing estimator and that means more savings for you. Even when it comes close, it is still a great deal when you consider what it would cost to price out this job on your own.

As for what you can get rid of, you can see the list on the price estimator covers just about everything. What it doesn’t indicate is that those items can be anywhere in your house. The Junk King squad will pick it up right from the spot. Activate Junk King Seattle’s pricing estimator today and just watch how fast your junk can disappear.