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Improve Your Business With Debris Cleanup Help From Junk King


Anyone who owns or operates a business will always spend a portion of every day looking for ways to improve that business. Those improvements can be part of a marketing campaign involving posting on social media or it can also involve adding inventory and setting up special promotions. Improvements can also be made to the physical space of business. That is easily accomplished when your staff does their standard cleaning. However, there might come a time when you need to go a bit deeper with that cleanup effort. If you are reaching a point where your business is getting overrun with debris, then you need to get help from Junk King Seattle. One session with these junk hauling pros is all it will take to get your business clean from front to back.

Shipping Debris

A lot of the excess debris that’s generated in the business comes from shipping materials. Anytime you unpack inventory you will have a cardboard box. Multiply that by several shipments and those boxes can easily pile up high. You can add into that shipping debris things like wooden pallets and packing materials. A lot of that can be stuffed into your dumpster. But too often that dumpster quickly fills up with the normal amount trash that’s generated from business. An overflow happens and it spills out into the back of the business. That is definitely something you do not want your customers to see. A call to Junk King Seattle can help with that cleanup in a very prompt manner.

Same Day

Depending upon when you call into Junk King you might be able to benefit from the same day pickup. That would put you just hours away from having your business clean all that debris. Most sessions are handled within 24 hours of that first contact so even then you won’t be waiting long. When the crew does arrive, they will spring into action fast. It won’t take them long to clear out any amount of trash overflow. This is an appointment that could be set up on a regular basis to ensure that you never have a access rubbish situation at your place of business.

The easiest improvement you can make for your business today and get the debris cleaned up with help from Junk King Seattle. They are ready to spring into action!

Junk King Seattle Handles Fence Removal With Ease

A backyard fence is all about protection. That fence helps keep your pets safe in the backyard. It also provides a secure environment for your kids to play. A fence also clearly marks your property line. After all, you don’t need to mow your neighbor’s lawn if you don’t have to! Over time, the backyard fence is acceptable to all the seasons. That means it will get rained on, snowed on, blasted with the sun and shaken with wind. Like the roof on your home a good fence will stand for years and hopefully decades. But there always comes a time when the fence needs to be replaced. It might be that you inherited that fence in the previous homeowner and want to change it for simple aesthetic reasons. The first phase with replacing the old fence is to get it removed safely. That is a task that Junk King Seattle can be a big help with.

Any Kind of Fence

When you hire Junk King to remove furniture from your home you are counting on them to be able to take out any type of furniture. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a recliner, sectional sofa, chaise lounge or bedroom set. The Junk King team can handle all of that and a lot more. The same approach can happen when it comes to your fence removal. It doesn’t matter what type of material your fence is made of or how at his been standing all these years. When the orders given to take down the fence it will come down safely and swiftly. The Junk King crews already have a vast amount of experience in this type of job so that any type of fence removal situation you present will probably be something they’ve already worked through. That’s the kind of experience that will make this job go very quickly.

One Fee for All

The cost for Junk King service for fence removal is the same as it would be for the other type of removal they take care of. It is one fee for all the work from start to finish. That fee includes the labor, the transportation and the disposal. If more men are needed to facilitate this type of job, then you will be paying extra. You’ll be able to lockdown that fee before the work begins. That price will change as the job goes on.

Removing a fence does not have to be a challenge when you give the job to Junk King Seattle.

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