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Category Archives: Junk King Seattle

Give Your Parents The Gift Of Junk Removal

When was the last time you surprised your parents when it wasn’t their birthday or anniversary? Yes, a surprise visit will always be welcome but there are some of the things that you can do to help them around their house that would be greatly appreciated. Of course, mowing the lawn and taking care of minor repairs is probably something you already handle. When it comes to junk removal, that’s a job for Junk King Seattle. A junk removal session would make a terrific gift for your parents.

Too Much Stuff

Any visit to your parents’ home could remind you that they simply have too much stuff. Some of that stuff might be your own items that you had them put into storage because you run out a room in your home! The rest can just be the accumulation of years’ worth of replacing but not throwing out items. It’s not easy to toss out a sofa or recliner. And you can’t put a TV or VCR into the trash. Instead, that stuff gets tucked away in a closet or spare room or out of the garage. Before you know it, those areas have become overwhelmed with all that stuff. The Junk King team can swiftly go through those areas and pull out everything that will no longer be used by your parents. That can clear up a lot of storage space. It will also make things a lot safer around the house.

Affordable Option

Hiring Junk King for this junk removal task is an affordable option. They will be charge new a lot less than if you had to hire your own crew and rent your own truck. And when you factor in all the time that they are going to save you then it is money well spent. Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how the truck packed up with all that stuff. The crew wants to use the least amount of space possible. That will have you paying the least amount of the fee as possible. Everybody wins in this scenario!

Hire Junk King Seattle to help your parents clear out all the rubbish from their home and yards. It’s a special gift that they will appreciate for a long time.

Junk King Seattle Is Looking For Ways To Help You Get The Best Junk Removal Service

Junk King Seattle is always looking for ways to improve. Our commitment to value, effort and superior service shows through in all the services we provide. The company was formed by two like-minded friends who wanted to recycle more junk than the competition.

Of course, that meant they had to start the company by looking for ways to be the best.

Junk King Seattle has grown over the years and today has locations in Canada and the US. However, they’ve stayed close to the original roots. They are always looking for different ways to add your name to their ever-expanding list of clients.

Here’s a few of the ways they’ve been doing that for years now.

Looking after your yard waste

Being ecofriendly also means being helpful. Junk King can help when an unexpected storm has brought a tree down and scattered branches through your yard. There’s no need to be worried about making a mess with a gardening project when you’ve got their contact address handy.

Junk King Seattle is proud of the fact take an active part in making your yard look great.

E-Waste Disposal

They are also committed to making sure all your old electronics get to the right place. It is important that a good portion of these old electronics don’t wind up in landfill. Making sure that you don’t lose any personal data is critical too. That’s why they suggest you back it up before you turn any of your old gadgets over to them. An external drive works wonders.

All you need to do to start the process is get in touch. They’ll phone 15 minutes before they arrive and give you a quote once they reach your location. Once a price is agreed on, Junk King Seattle will take away your old electronics as well as any other appliances and furniture you want removed.

Junk King Seattle has been part of the number one rated junk removal service in America for quite some time. They recycle up to 60% of everything that they take away. The company commitment is to the climate and their valued customers at the same time.

Here’s a simple way for you to reduce the level of e-waste. When you start shopping for those new electronics, why not bring a bag from home so you don’t need to purchase a plastic one?

Seattle Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

If you’re like most offices, things begin to slow down as the holidays approach. Many vendors start to close up shop and clients become too focused on their own holiday prep. Unless you’re in the Christmas light business, you can expect the great holiday wind down. Actually, many office workers discover this is the best time of year to get a lot of work done. It is certainly a good opportunity to clear out a lot of clutter. It will be great to start the New Year with an office that is free of junk. One call to Junk King can get that done.


Junk King Seattle are the professional junk haulers who are part of a national chain. The Junk King brand is ten years in the making. Every city where a new franchise opens finds that Junk King quickly becomes that area’s leading junk hauler. As someone who is used to hiring outside contractors and vendors, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Junk King crews have all been licensed, bonded and insured. That definitely sets them apart from other so-called professional junk haulers.

The crews all wear uniforms and arrive in a big red branded truck. You’ll be assigned a friendly team to handle all your junk removal needs in as little time as possible. Often the junk removal sessions at an office take a bit more time especially if it involves multiple trips down a service elevator. The good news is that you won’t be charged for extra labor. Junk King bases its pricing policy on how much space you’ll junk will fill up on the back of the truck. You’ll never hear a Junk King crew say that something is too heavy! Even if they have to take something apart to fit it on the truck, then that is just what they’ll do.

Included in that reasonable rate will be all the drop offs to recycling centers or charity thrift stores. Every Junk King franchise follows an eco-friendly approach to disposal that keeps the bulk of what is collected out of local landfills. By hiring Junk King, you can maintain your own company’s “green” policies. To get your office clear of clutter, it makes smart business sense to hire Junk King.

Your Seattle Home Isn’t Haunted, It Just Needs Junk Removal

The Blob was a classic 50s horror flick that centered on an alien blob that took over a town. The more it rolled over, the bigger it became. Most of the movie was taken up by people running and screaming from the blob. Imagine if you were to replace the word “blob” with “junk.” Could that mean your home is kind of like a horror film with the “junk” chasing people out of rooms? Has the “junk” take over your garage and basement? Does it get bigger every day? When you’re ready to tackle the junk, you don’t have to do it alone. Bring in the pros from Junk King and watch how fast they reduce that junk to empty space!


Actually, having your home overrun by junk is quite common. It starts with placing a box of something in the garage or closet. This then becomes your home’s designated storage area. Soon, more stuff follows. Shelves could even be built to accommodate the growing stacks of stuff. Pretty soon, the garage is so full you can’t park your car in there. You closet is so crammed you can’t find anything you’re looking for without pulling everything out. With Junk King on the case, you’ll only have to point to all the things you want to disappear and your assigned two-man moving crew will handle the rest.

Junk King’s cleanup efforts can extend beyond the inside of your home towards the yards. In the past, teams from Junk King have pulled up weeds, removed fencing, taking down above ground swimming pools and even cut a hot tub in half all in the name of clearing debris. What could they do around your place?

Everything that goes onto the back of a Junk King truck has a shot at a second lease on life. It won’t automatically be dumped in a landfill to rot away for all eternity. Instead, Junk King will pull out those items that could be repurposed at a recycling center or put to use by a local charity. It really doesn’t take much effort to support Seattle’s environment and Junk King is happy to be a green partner. Is it time to take on your junk blob? Then it’s time to bring in Junk King for total junk removal.

Declutter to Start Your Retirement in Seattle, WA

Back in the day, many companies handed out gold watches to their executives who were retiring. It was a nice sentiment. Today, most folks will be happy with a decent office party send off. That’s because they are eager to start that retirement the right way. For many, that means traveling to destinations they’ve been dreaming of for years. It could also mean spending more time with the family. In fact, “extra time” is going to come in abundance for any retiree. If you’re getting ready to start your retirement, then why not get rid of all those household chores that have been piling up? That way you’ll have smooth sailing with the guilt. Start with a total home declutter task that can be greatly aided by Junk King.

When you hire Junk King, you’re going to be put in charge of your own mini work crew. This will be a professional pair of movers who will show up at the appointed hour eager to do what you tell them to do. Just point to the various items you want taken away and your work crew will see that it gets done. Remember, they’re going to be doing all the lifting and loading. That means you don’t have to bring anything up from the basement or drag it down to the curb. Leave everything right where it is.

There are no weight restrictions with Junk King. This is why so many experienced contractors turn to Junk King for the removal of all kinds of construction waste. If Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound, how do that decide the price you’ll pay? That comes down to a matter of volume. It’s about how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. It’s a flat fee that covers everything cost associated with the job. It’s also extremely affordable. You just can’t beat the Junk King deal!

When the crew is done loading up your stuff, they’ll give the areas they just cleared a final sweep and then be on their way. They’ll have several other stops to make before their day is done. That might include drop offs at local charities or recycling facilities. It’s all part of the Junk King package. Declutter your home right way by hiring Junk King today. You’re going to like how things look when they’re done!

College Student Cleanup Month in Seattle, WA

Cleaning up behind your kids is a never ending battle. No matter how many times you tell them to pick up their stuff, there always seems to be a trail through the house of shoes, jackets, backpacks and school stuff. Thankfully, there is a “light at the end of the tunnel.” That would be when your kid is headed off to college. Once in the dorm, they can continue to make a mess but it won’t be your problem! As you get ready to send them off for the fall semester, you might first want to indulge in a complete college student cleanup. This is where you’ll go through everything in their room and decide what stays and what can go. For the heavy and oversized stuff that has to go, you’ll want to call in Junk King.


By the time you finish sorting through your kid’s room, there could be bags of clothes, books, toys and even furniture that will need to be hauled away. Before your teen has a chance to grip about carrying all that stuff downstairs, tell them to, “Chill.” The two man moving crew provided by Junk King is going to do all that work for them. You only have to show the team what you want gone and they’ll take it right from the spot. That also includes dismantling a piece of furniture that might have been built in that room. If you want it gone, the Junk King crew will find a way to make it happen.

Even though you called Junk King to set up the college student cleanout, there is no reason why you can’t put them to work around the rest of your house. That same moving crew who will climb the stairs to clean out the bedroom can also head down to the basement to bring up an old sofa or broken washing machine. While they’re at it, they can also make a sweep around your backyard to take out anything you’re not happy with out there. This is a great opportunity to clear out piles of lumber, dirt or stones.

Once everything is loaded, the job is done. As for the price, you’ll only pay a flat fee based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk took up on the truck. You’ll know that price before the work begins. For fast college student cleanup and junk hauling, Junk King is the only call to make.

Seattle’s Reliable & Affordable Junk Hauling Solution

Junk King is the professional and reliable without the high prices junk hauling service provider in Seattle, Washington. Once you give us the job, you can rely on us with both the service and the cost. We will give you the best of everything at the lowest possible price.

Let’s look at few things which make us cheap and friendly at the same time:
• FREE No Obligation Estimates- You want to check our rates? We provide free of cost no obligation price quotes. Call us and book an appointment. Our team will reach your place, inspect your junk and quote the price. We go ahead only when you are fine with the price and if not, we are still fine with it.
• Low rates- Our rates are the most competitive in the industry. Our junk removal prices are based on volume. Cost is based on the amount of space occupied in the pickup truck. The trick to get the cost even low is to get rid of junk in bulk. Now you even have our secret. Get your work done in lowest price with us.

Junk King is the most affordable junk removal service in Seattle, Washington. We offer junk hauling, appliance and furniture pick up, residential and commercial property clean up service.

Keep Seattle clean with Junk King team of junk haulers

Junk King is a local junk hauling company with a reputation for great service, handling the needs of domestic and commercial customers in the local Seattle area. It offers junk pick up and disposal services to a broad range of clients and organizations ensuring that the client satisfaction level is 100 percent.

Specializing in household waste collection and recycling, Junk King is capable of tailoring a junk removal strategy that is convenient and sustainable to both its customers and the broader community. Junk King handles industrial and domestic junk removal needs from different type of properties.It is the team of best junk haulers in Seattle offering a diversified junk removal service that is responsible in its disposal streams.

So why do so many people choose Junk King? It’s simple:
• Great service with a competitive edge.
• Trained and experienced staff.
• Prompt service with accountability.
• Comprehensive junk disposal service.
• Personalized service and care.
• A commitment to reduce its footprint on the environment.

Junk King acts in the best interests of the environment to continually educate its clients and the wider community on the importance of recycling. Junk Haulers of Seattle is always trying to help keep Seattle a cleaner and safer place.

What Items Does the King County Solid Waste Facilities Division Take?

The King County Solid Waste Facilities Division is kept busy all year long. After all, we’re making garbage every day and it has to go somewhere, right? Well, yes and no. Here is theie mission statement: “King County’s solid waste facilities are designed to accept a wide range of materials; however, there are legal, operational and safety reasons why some materials are restricted.” Translation: you could be stuck with a lot of junk. Here is what they won’t accept:

“Items more than eight feet long.” They include things like boats, trailers, and campers but it could also be a sofa.

“Computers, monitors, laptops and televisions.” Basically, they’re not taking any e-waste. Sadly, this is the exact time of year when you’ve probably got a lot of that to throw out. That’s because you’re buying all new gadgets. What happens to those old ones? They get stuffed into closets or under beds. Not a very practical use of space.

“Dense items.” These are described as anything that is “2 feet by 2 feet and weight more than 200 lbs.” Basically, if you’ve just repaved your driveway or patio then you’ll be hanging on to all the concrete you tore up. Even a decent pile of dirt from the garden wouldn’t be accepted.

“Major motor vehicle parts.” These are very common and can include fenders, tires, and engines parts, but like everything else, it appears they are yours to keep.

Is there a way to get rid of these kinds of objects? Absolutely and that would be hiring Junk King Seattle. The concern with the Solid Waste folks is that those “rejected” items could damage their garbage trucks. With Junk King Seattle, everything gets loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. Problem solved.

Also, there might be a concern that the workers will need extra time dealing with those bulky items. That’s not an issue for Junk King. Our crews of professional movers know how to handle items both large and small. If it does take extra time to disassemble something like a hot tub or swing set, you’re not going to be charged for any labor costs. You’ll be paying a single, flat fee based on the volume of your junk. In other words, will your stuff take up half of the truck space? One third? One fourth? Whatever the estimate provided by the crew is what you’ll pay. Keep in mind that the work won’t start until you accept that estimate. The majority of Junk King customers are amazed at how affordable and how fast a Junk King removal is. Call today and find out what Junk King Seattle can do for you.


Haul Away Junk From Your Seattle Home

As much fun as the holidays bring us, we also have to be a bit more diligent. This is especially true for the four legged members of our families. There will be a lot of new “elements” coming into the home in the form of decorations and food that can become tempting for our critters. Even if your pet has been through Christmas before that doesn’t mean this won’t be the year they will try something new. Top of the “red flag” list are things like chocolate, holiday plants and lights. We know chocolate is bad for dogs to keep those treats up high. The holly, mistletoe and poinsettias berries can cause troubles for the cat who likes to “explore.” And those low hanging twinkling lights might prove to be too much of a temptation to your tabby. Just keep an eye out for those things.

Getting ready for the holidays isn’t just about making your home safe but also clearing out the clutter. In fact, before you put up the tree or the lights you want to make sure you’ve removed the junk. That’s where Junk King Seattle will be the perfect “elf worker.” One call to Junk King will set into motion a junk removal appointment that will leave your home 100% junk free. Actually, it will be as junk free as you want to make it. Junk King Seattle will provide you with the manpower and the truck space. How you utilize that will up to you.

For instance, you can use Junk King to clear out debris from around your yards. If you’re blowing up some inflatables or planting candy cane lights, you don’t want some rubbish hanging around. The Junk King crew can pick up all your piles of leaves, fallen tree branches, rusty patio furniture or anything else you consider an eyesore. It can all be gone in a flash. When the Junk King crew is done clearing up your yard, send them through the rest of your home to pick up things like discarded furniture, appliances, e-waste or any other clutter. You’ll feel a lot better inviting folks over when you know you’ve got all that junk out of the way.

As for pricing, Junk King Seattle can’t be beat. They’ll be charging you a single fee based on the amount of space all your junk will be taking up on the truck. This could be a third, fourth, half or the entire truck. Either way, you won’t be charged anything extra beyond the agreed upon estimate. Let this be the best holidays ever starting with a junk free home thanks to Junk King.

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