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Seattle Bulk Trash Pickup

At a recent city council meeting, Jean Godden proposed a new measure that will step up the business community’s recycling efforts. If passed, the new legislation would require commercial customers to add glass, aluminum, tin and plastic to all the paper and cardboard they are already required to recycle. This follows the ordinances that residents have been adhering to since 2005. Right now home dwellers recycle up to 71% of their total waste while for businesses that number is only 61%.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do the same recycling at work as we do at home,” said Godden to a local newspaper. She chairs the council’s Utilities Committee. Along with the regulations come some fines to provide the proper “motivation.” According to some estimates a small cafe could save as much as $186 each month on its solid-waste bill by making these changes.

Are you doing all of your recycling? You can greatly reduce your personal carbon footprint by going beyond the weekly recycle pickup by having bigger items recycled as well. When you’re ready to toss out the bulky trash, give Junk King Seattle a call. These are the junk removal pros who would like nothing more than to help you toss out the junk in your home.

When Junk King sets up a removal appointment they’ll be sending over two capable movers to handle the assignment. These are workers who are bonded and insured. They’re making a great living with Junk King Seattle and want to keep it that way. This means you’ll be getting some exceptional customer service even with the short amount of time they crew will be on your property. As the Junk King crew rolls up in their big truck, you only have to tell them what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. Don’t feel guilty about not pitching in or having too much (or too little) stuff to throw out. As far as the Junk King crew is concerned, “It’s all good.”

After they’ve loaded everything up, that crew will be heading over to the nearest recycling center. Anything that can be repurposed will be dropped off there. If they spot an item that could benefit a charity who fixes up furniture, then they’ll make that drop off, too! You don’t have to be concerned with any of this sorting. That trained JK Seattle crew will do it all. If you’re ready to get the junk out of your life then let Junk King handle the job. You’ll be glad you made that call.

Hoarder Cleanup Help in Seattle

A perfect example of why it is so important to clean out the junk in your home happened recently right here in Seattle. Firefighters responded to an alarm from a 91-year-old woman who had lit a fire in her fireplace when the sparks leaped out and kicked up a fire. The problem was that there was so much debris in the house, the firefighters not only had to contend with the blaze but also moving through stacks of boxes, newspapers and appliances. We’re talking about waist deep clutter and it was a huge problem.

“They’re going in, they’re searching for people, and they’ve got stuff piled up on the second floor up to their waist-level,” Fire chief Moore told a local newspaper. “You’re crawling over things and you can’t really see what they are when you’re trying to search around to see if there’s any type of person in there.”

Luckily, the woman and her son pulled out and taken to local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The firefighters had to begin the hard work of yanking out all of that junk to make sure there were no hidden embers waiting to flare up.

“It adds a huge challenge to the firefighters,” Moore said. “There could be fire burning under this debris and you just don’t know it.”

If this has you wondering about the junk in your own home then clearly there is an issue to deal with. One call to Junk King Seattle can help you get rid of your junk and bring you peace of mind. There is nothing wrong with “friendly clutter.” We all have stacks of magazines waiting to be read or keepsakes crammed on bookshelves. However, if you’ve reached the point when you’ve got to walk through your home like a mouse in a maze because of all the piles of stuff then it’s time to call Junk King.

Having Junk King Seattle show up at your home means you’re just a few minutes away from getting rid of all of that junk once and for all. If you can’t think of a good reason why to keep any of that stuff then it’s time to toss it out. Best of all, Junk King will make sure your stuff is either recycled or donated. It won’t seem like a waste when you know you’re junk is being repurposed. You can also proudly proclaim you got rid of junk the green way because that’s the only way Junk King does business! Don’t let your junk take over your home and life. Get it gone with a call to Junk King today.

Seattle Landscaping Cleanup

Alot of restaurants in the Seattle area are going “farm fresh.” This means they buy their grocery from local growers. What was in the ground in the morning could be on your plate by dinner. You can certainly taste the fresh difference. There is nothing stopping you from getting those same taste sensations except for a little gardening.

What many Seattle residents with limited ground space are turning to is container gardening. This is where you have an assortment of pots growing all kinds of herbs and veggies. Many of these large pots are made from durable plastic which makes them easy to move and to afford. Container gardening is easy to manage as well. You’re not dealing with weeds or a lot of bending down and tilling. You grow what you need and keep it contained!

To make room for your container garden you still might have to clear out some yard debris. This could be stuff like an old grill that has seen better days or the kid’s swing set they out grew. Even overgrowth of weeds and shrubs could be trimmed away to clear a patch for your garden. All of that junk can be piled up for quick removal by Junk King Seattle.

Junk King is the Seattle based company of professional junk haulers who have made landscaping cleanup a part of their complete service package. When you hire Junk King you’ll actually be hiring two capable workers and a big truck. That’s the truck which will carry off all your yard waste. It’s the same truck that can take away anything else you want thrown out in the same trip. What shape is your garage in? Are there so many boxes in there that you can’t move around? Same for your attic? Your basement? Surely, you have much better things to do with all that wonderful space. As soon as you hire Junk King to clear it out, you can reclaim that space and turn it into a guest room, a home office or even a meditation room. Wouldn’t that be nice to come home to after a hard day at the office?

If you’re worried about paying for dumping fees or labor costs that’s not how Junk King Seattle charges. They only charge you a rate based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. If it turns out your junk takes up less space you’ll get a refund. If it takes up more space, you won’t pay any extra because the estimate is the locked down price! Give Junk King a call today and get your garden growing.

Seattle Concrete Disposal and Recycling

Back in the day, bartering was all the rage. If you wanted to “buy” something you could trade something you had. Recently, a smart trader started with a red paper clip and traded that online all the way up to free rent in a home for a year. In your own neighborhood you could barter with a friend to help with landscaping. They help you in the garden and you help them in their garden. Or maybe you do a babysitting exchange. Either way no money has to exchange hands and you can get a lot of things done.

Borrowing is also a good way to go. Instead of rushing out to buy gardening tools you could ask you neighbor to borrow a rake or shovel. If you have to get a bigger job done like breaking up a cracked driveway then you could rent heavy-duty equipment like a jackhammer or pick ax. Use it for a weekend and bring it back on Monday. With a big backyard cleanup, you might reach a point where you’ll have to hire professionals like the Junk King Seattle.

These would be the experts in junk hauling that can help you take away things like piles of busted up concrete, dirt, soda, wood, lumber, tree limbs, above ground swimming pools or a hot tub. When Junk King is on the job they will do the heavy lifting and hauling away. You can’t really ask a neighbor to get their truck dirty or give up hours to drive to a dump. You shouldn’t have to do that either and you won’t when you work with Junk King Seattle.

Junk King of Seattle is part of the national franchise of professional junk haulers that have been in business since 2005. Although still a young company, in that short time they’ve managed to cart away tons of unwanted items. Most of that stuff goes for recycling or refurbishing. That’s because Junk King is dedicated to keeping the environment clean. With something like busted up concrete that can be ground up and reused in new mixes. If you’ve ever seen a bag of recycle cement this is where is comes from: somebody else’s old patio.

The Junk King Seattle crew doesn’t just have to help you clean up your yards. They’ll be happy to take away whatever you’re throwing out. Now is the time to clean out your garage. At long last you can reclaim that space and put it to more practical use. The same can be said for your basement, closets and any room in your home. How can Junk King help? Call them today to find out.

Seattle Debris Removal

Now is your chance to be heard. According to the latest government press release about a cleanup project: “The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) seeks public comment on an amendment to a legal agreement with the owner of the Fox Avenue Building in south Seattle near the Duwamish River, which is undergoing an environmental cleanup. The amendment to Ecology’s 2012 agreed order with Fox Avenue LLC, would make the agreement consistent with recently updated state air quality cleanup standards. The company is conducting a cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination on and around its 2.5 acre industrial property at 6900 Fox Ave. S., about a block from the Duwamish Waterway. The amendment will have no effect on the cleanup work, which is proceeding on schedule.” Aren’t you glad you can share your comments about that? Actually, any time the government takes on a project that would impact the public there is always some hearing where folks can add their two cents.

Suppose there was a hearing held to discuss the cleanup around your own home? What kind of comments would you illicit? Perhaps you’d hear things like, “Why are you holding onto that piece of junk?” Or “Don’t you want to use that room for something other than a storage locker?” Or “You’re long overdue for getting rid of this stuff.” In fact, those might all be comments you’re telling yourself. Now you have a golden opportunity to take care of your cleanup project by partnering with Junk King Seattle.

When you schedule an appointment for junk removal with Junk King, you’ll be excited to see their 18-foot truck pull up to your home. That truck is going to be big enough to accommodate whatever you’re tossing out. Two workers will hop out of that truck and be under your command for all the removal chores. All you have to do is direct the crew to where your junk is. They’ll pick it up, take it down stairs and load it up into their truck. What could be simpler than that?

If you’re concerned about where your junk will end up, don’t be. Junk King Seattle takes great strides to make sure the vast majority of everything they collect is kept out of the area landfills. That should only be used for junk that can’t be recycled. You won’t have to worry about figuring out what piece of your junk should go where. The Junk King crews are all trained to know how to properly sort what they collect. Reduce your carbon footprint and clean out your home all with Junk King Seattle on your side. That’s a perfect way to kick off spring!

Seattle Dirt Removal and Hauling

What happens when a mud or dirt slide occurs and blocks a road? Seattle residents who live near hillsides are all too familiar with this type of problem. Recently a slide of dirt tumbled down 55th SW blocking the access to Alki Beach. The Seattle Department of Transportation was alerted and a crew was dispatched the following day to handle the cleanup effort. Until then residents had to find a way to drive around the mess. Then there was the issue of who is going to pay for the cleanup. Is it the responsibility of the slope’s owner? Or does the city of Seattle pick up the tab because the dirt fell onto a public roadway that they’re supposed to maintain. According to officials at SDOT the question of how is going to foot the bill has not been resolved.

Do you have a dirt removal project that is unresolved as well? A pile of dirt happens because of displacement. You need to dig up something to plant or remove. The result is that dirt. But dirt can’t easily be thrown out. There are weight limits as to how much you can throw out in the weekly garbage pickup. Of course if you’re filling up your garbage can then there is no place for your trash to go. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take on a project in your yard that will require dirt displacement. It only means you need to partner up with a proper dirt removal company and that would be Junk King of Seattle.

Don’t let the word “junk” in their title fool you. Junk King Seattle can handle just about any type of removal you throw at them including dirt, sod, shrubs, tree branches or any other type of yard waste. And it doesn’t have to be “natural” yard waste. You could have patio furniture, birdbaths, sheds or even an old hot tub you want to get rid of. That’s all good to go with Junk King on your side.

After the Junk King crew has clear out your yard you can have them remove all the other stuff from your property whether that stuff is out in the garage, down the basement or up in the attic. The Junk King Seattle crew will do all the climbing of stairs. After everything is loaded up on their truck and you sign off on the job, they’ll be disposing of that stuff in the responsible way. For the bulk of collected items this means recycling that junk. That’s good for your personal carbon footprint and for Seattle. Don’t let things pile up. Hire Junk King today to clear it all out!