Sonoma Junk Hauling

Do you think you can survive without plastic bags? That could be a challenge for someone with a dog but for the rest of Sonoma County residents there might not be much of a choice. At a recent meeting, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors put the final vote towards supporting an ordinance that would ban carryout plastic bags.

A lot of places up and down the state have already adopted this type of ban. This doesn’t mean you’ll be completely bagless. You can buy a paper bag at the checkout counter for 10-cent a pop or you can bring your own bag. Either way, the goal is to move towards the goal of “zero waste.” That means everything that is thrown out will recycled, repurposed and reused. When you consider that an estimated 260 million plastic bags are used up in Sonoma every year this is going to be a pretty tall order.

Whether you like this proposal or not, there are companies in Sonoma who are already using eco-friendly policies in their business operations. A perfect example would be Junk King Sonoma. These are the expert junk haulers who would like nothing better than to avoid a trip to the landfill. In fact, Junk King goes out of their way to make sure your junk ends up at a local Sonoma recycling center or charity for refurbishing.

The way Junk King works is simple. First, you have to decide what you’re ready to toss out. When it comes to what Junk King will take away that could mean pretty much anything. Top of the list would be all those things you’re hanging onto that are too big to stuff into your trashcan. If you could load these things up in your own car you’d probably would have already tossed them out. We’re talking items like couches, recliners, mattresses and major kitchen appliances.

Next, you set up an appointment for Junk King Sonoma to come out and see what you’re tossing out. They do this because you’re going to be charged based on the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. Often that free estimate happens at the same time as the removal. That way there are no extra steps. Once the price is agreed to the work can begin. Before you finish writing the check to pay for the job, Junk King could have all your stuff loaded up! Then it’s off to those drop off sites. Don’t worry about sorting your stuff into different recycling piles. Junk King will take care of all of that. All that’s left is for you to figure out what you’re going to do with all the space you just got back!

Simply call 1-888-888 JUNK to book an appointment today.