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Resurfacing vs. Concrete Removal – Why Resurfacing Is The New Way

If your home driveway, business parking lot or other surface shows signs of aging, do not automatically assume that concrete removal is your only option. Resurfacing is quickly spilling into the mainstream for good reason. There is no sense in paying for an entirely new driveway or parking lot when you can resurface it for a fraction of the cost.

What is Resurfacing?

Consider the impact of thousands of pounds of steel and metal moving across your driveway. Then consider the repetitive freeze-thaw cycles that compromise the surface’s integrity. The damage typically manifests in the form of cracks along the surface and/or the appearance of divots. Instead of paying through the nose for a contractor to totally redo your driveway with concrete removal or constantly patching the surface, opt for the happy medium in the form of resurfacing.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the surface and replacing it with a thin cement overlay that is combined with special bonding agents. This mixture is poured on top of the existing concrete and sticks to it for a gorgeous, smooth new surface. As long as there is not an underlying issue with the foundation, those pesky pits and cracks won’t appear for a long while. Let’s take a look at why resurfacing is the new and improved way to remedy an aging surface without concrete removal.

The Benefits of Resurfacing: No Concrete Removal and an Affordable Fix

Homeowners and business owners opt to resurface rather than remove or patch the surface for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst them is the low cost. The average residential driveway can be resurfaced for a couple thousand dollars or less. This cost pales in comparison to the cost of a comprehensive concrete removal. The work can be done across several different days if necessary.You can even add colors or patterns if you so desire.

Extended Longevity

Resurfacing a driveway will extend its lifespan. Adding an overlay above the existing concrete makes it incredibly durable so it can withstand its usual daily pounding from vehicles, foot traffic and harsh weather. When the job is done properly, the new surface will last quite long, especially if it is cared for across posterity.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Others opt to resurface because it benefits the environment. It takes very few resources to resurface a driveway compared to total concrete removal.

Resurfacing Requires Minimal Time, Effort and Resources

Why bother with the tiring and time consuming process of breaking up the old surface, massive concrete removal and pouring in new concrete when resurfacing is possible? This is an especially relevant question for those who have old concrete surfaces of considerable size. Removing all of that old concrete is an extraordinary hassle that is often unnecessary. Those who make the decision to resurface enjoy a lovely new-looking driveway, parking lot or other surface that really is resistant to wear and tear in the years ahead.


While it is possible to repair broken concrete with patching and other methods, doing so takes a lot of time and costs more than most would expect. As long as the driveway or parking lot is moderately damaged, there is no sense in breaking up the old concrete and re-pouring. Resurfacing provides a beautiful new finish without all of the time, effort and money required for a total replacement.

How to Remove the Hard Drive for Computer Disposal

There’s definitely no shortage of opinions when it comes to ways to remove the personal information on your hard drive for computer disposal.

Some experts recommend giving the hard drive to a certified refurbisher while others say that the only way to get rid of your personal information is to take matters into your own hands.

There are security experts who advise consumers literally take a hammer to their hard drive’s magnet platter to obliterate any trace of old emails, usernames, passwords and sensitive financial information.

Hard Drives and Computer Disposal 

A computer’s hard drive is the nerve center when it comes to storing information. This extends to all of the pictures and music that you’ve downloaded (legally…) over the years as well as all of your personal PC preferences and programs.

Even your operating system is localized on your computer’s hard drive. You are probably starting to get a pretty clear picture, if you don’t already have one, of how identity thieves would like nothing more than seizing your hard drive for personal gain.

Whether you’ve decided to destroy your hard drive prior to computer disposal – or prior to going the recycling or donation route – heeding one or more of the rules listed below will potentially save you a ton of hassle later and peace of mind moving forward.

A Professional Hack Job 

In a good way…there are companies out there whose job it is to shred your hard drive and ensure that your personal information doesn’t see the light of day.

You can either mail your hard drive to a company that shreds hard drives, which brings up its own security vulnerabilities, or deliver your hard drive in person to a local shredder.

A shredding service can work to your advantage if you’re a homeowner with a closet full of old computer hard drives, or a business owner trusted with overseeing the personal and financial information of your employees.

Wiping the Slate Clean 

One of the most popular ways by which you can clear your hard drive is with a program that overwrites the existing data with random, jumbled characters.

Free utilities like Active@KillDisk can wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and offer features like true parallel erasing as well as Linux-compatibility for Mac users.

Some people think this option still doesn’t do enough to protect their, or their employees’, personal information, so they enlist the help of a professional refurbisher to get the job done.

Certified Hard Drive Refurbisher 

This would be a good option to take if your computer is relatively recent (i.e., less than five years old) and you’d like to donate your computer to, for instance, low-income families through a non-profit.

Having your hard drive refurbished and eventually reused is an environmentally responsible option as well since it keeps fewer potentially toxic parts in circulation.

Too often the fruits of recycling programs wind up in third-world countries, supporting their development while (unfortunately) causing fresh environmental problems. Going the refurbishing and donation route obviates that problem and keeps old parts in the rotation.

A certified refurbisher is also an excellent option if you’re a business owner who has hard drives with employees’ sensitive financial information on it. Why? Because a certified refurbisher uses foolproof data destruction techniques for guaranteed success.

The Caveman Option

There are some really smart people (and, frankly, some luddites) out there who insist that the only way to keep yourself safe is with a screwdriver, hammer and protective eyewear for the deed itself. While destroying your hard drive’s magnetic platter is definitely foolproof, it’s best done outdoors.


Effective junk hauling in Sonoma, California

The availability of Junk King’s junk removal services has made life easy for the residents of Sonoma, California. We always serve according to our clients’ requirements and convenience. The team of professionals working with us is quite passionate about their job. Therefore, you will experience the best residential junk hauling.

Undesired junk accumulation in the premises of your house will surely be an eyesore for you. We perfectly understand the need for waste and junk hauling. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in eliminating wastes and junk from your home premises and interiors. All you have to do is call us and we will be there within 15 minutes. Moreover, we pick up junk from several areas of your house. From back yards to basements, we cover every area of your house.

Unlike some of the junk removal companies, you will fail to find any hidden charges with us. We believe in transparency and hate to include additional charges. Therefore, you only pay the price you are supposed to and nothing more. Apart from hauling junk from your house, we also offer this service for your office. So, you will not have to bear the sight of undesired junk at your workplace.

Remove all junk in Sonoma by placing a call

We have what you lack and that is information about how to dispose of unused and discarded pieces of household items. We have all the means that can help you to get rid of items of minimum value cluttering up the various corners of your house. Nothing is impossible to remove for our household junk removal team of experts.

Call in our home junk removal team in Sonoma, California, and feel the difference. Nothing can be better than the home junk removal job that is done by our professionals. They are the most experienced people around in this region to handle all kinds of junk. We will do the job at reasonable rates which others cannot offer.

Our long years of experience at this job help us to provide the kind of highly efficient residential junk removal services that we do. It is a business that has been with the same family since its inception. Very few people can claim to have the same amount of expertise and experience that we have. We are the specialists for this kind of job and we have the confidence to offer complete satisfaction to our customers by doing an excellent job of cleaning up various kinds of houses for better living conditions.

Affordable junk haulers in Sonoma California

Do you have an urgent junk clearance project to undertake? In that case, you have come to the right place as the Junk King are the best junk haulers. We undertake different types of project. We have too many categories of take my junk packages. The bottom line is to log online and get a booking. In the course of booking, you have to specify the project type.

No two needs are exactly similar, but as long as you look forward to removing non-hazardous garbage; then, we are ready to do the needful. You can also expect us to haul away bulky waste including freezers, furniture, mattresses and garden refuse. Once you get an appointment, one of the team members makes it a point to do an onsite inspection. Inspection is made of the garbage that is going to be carried.

The pricing depends on the following factors. First, we take the waste category into the account. Secondly, we note down the amount that is going to be disposed of. You may have recently moved to Sonoma. Hence, you are not aware of the unique features and propositions of our garbage clearance service. In that case log online, and make an in-depth study of our web portal. Then, you will figure out in what way we stand apart from the rest in Sonoma.

What to Do With Old Computers

Lots of people ask what to do with old computers because they’re hard to get rid of. Other than the fact that nobody seems to want an old computer, figuring out what to do with old computers is more complicated because of all the harmful chemicals a computer has in it. When you want to get rid of an old PC or laptop, you’ve got to be careful who you trust.

Computers Get Old Quickly

One of the major reasons why what to do with old computers is such a big deal is because computers get old at a ridiculously fast pace. No matter how much you paid for your computer, it seems like by the time you get it to your car it’s an 8-track tape player with the greatest hits of 1975 stuck inside. If you’ve never heard of Moore’s Law, it basically says that computer speed and storage capacity will double every 5 years or less. This has been the case for about 80 years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing. Most people don’t even use half their hard drive before enough other things on their computer fail that keeping it around isn’t worth the hardship. Thus, what to do with old computers isn’t something to think about years from now, like you can with a house or a car. Your computer may fail only a year or two after you buy it new.

What to Do With Old Computers

Fix or Replace? Replace!

If computers were like most things, you could keep them for years and just work on them yourself or have “a guy” who fixes them every so often. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. By the time you even find a repair shop, you’ve already lost precious time you could spend being productive — or watching cat videos, it’s all you. What to do with old computers isn’t an academic question after about a year — when you can pay someone a bunch of money to keep your computer running for awhile or just toss it and get a new one, asking what to do with old computers becomes a “no duh” kind of answer. You get rid of them, but there are issues with just putting them out at the curb.

Hurting the Environment Isn’t Cool

Some folks think you can just drop your computer in the trash can and call it a day. But just like everything technology-related, what to do with old computers has a more complicated answer than that. When you think about what to do with old computers, you have to remember that your parents were right — what’s inside really does count. Only, instead of being full of love, computers have things like lead, mercury and other nasty things that’ll hurt the environment. Unless you want hourly visits from a crying little bunny over ruining his habitat, you have to decide what to do with old computers using a little more sense than, “Just toss it.” Namely, you need to enlist the help of someone who disposes of computers in an environmentally friendly manner.

Not Being Green Can Even Be Illegal

Believe it or not, polluting is actually illegal most places. If you get caught, which eventually happens when you have to decide what to do with old computers on a regular basis, you could face some stiff fines. Beyond that, you may be forced to stop doing business if the government isn’t interested in your trashy ways. So when you consider what to do with old computers, contract with a service that will follow the laws and make the environment a little bit cleaner.

How to Dispose of Old Cell Phones

How to Dispose of Old Cell Phones Junk-King SonomaAlmost everyone has that grab bag drawer in their home office strewn with pens, rubber bands, and more than a few old cell phones. What do you do with these old cell phones, especially if you’re concerned about protecting your privacy and doing good by the environment?

Those are definitely relevant questions since the average American – you, me and 315 million of our closest friends – replaces their cell phone approximately every two years. That’s usually as long as most phone contracts last and also about as long as it takes for fresh technology to leave the tech incubators in Silicon Valley.

In the meantime, though, you have that drawer to worry about. Well, a lot of people decide to regift their old phones to family members, sell them on secondhand markets like eBay or, perhaps the most philanthropic route, give their phones to charities and needy families. There are also phone recycling programs, but if you go that avenue protecting your personal information is a must.

Wiping Clean Personal Information 

Whether you decide to go the regifting, donation or selling route with your old cell phone, you need to know the rudiments of getting rid of personal, potentially exploitable, contact information. We don’t mean to make this seem like a high-stakes episode of “24” but a little caution in the short term can save a whole lot of hassle later.

  • Remove SIM Card

The first thing to consider is that simply popping out your SIM – subscriber identity module – card might not be enough. Why not? You might be covered if you remove your SIM card and restore your phone to its factory settings before selling or donating it, then again you might not.

  • Flash Memory

Many cell phones store personal contact information – names, numbers, addresses and emails – internally on the phone’s flash memory. This basically means that when you buy or sell a used phone on secondhand markets or give your phone to a donation agency, your old phone might still contain your old numbers and emails. Yikes!

  • Hard, Factory Reset

That’s pretty much a nightmare scenario, especially if you have sensitive financial information stored on your phone’s internal hard drive. The solution’s to remove your SIM card or external SD – storage media – card before restoring your phone to its factory settings with a hard reset.

Doing a hard reset will erase personal information saved on your old phone’s internal memory and removing the SIM or SD card creates an easy transition to your new phone. Just remember to cancel your original phone contract, if it hasn’t already expired.

Donating Your Old Phone 

Speaking of phone service providers, there are (surprisingly) some responsible ones out there acting as liaisons for a good cause and coordinating donations to victims of domestic violence.

Check with your phone provider because others have buy-back programs that provide you with a $50 credit and benefit teachers. Yet other companies turn your recycled phones into grants that help underprivileged families.

Recycling One of 150 Million…

Remember that cell phone drawer we were talking about before? Well, it turns out that the recycling initiative known as Keep California Clean estimates that 150 million more phones hop into drawers, closets and other out-of-the-way spots every year.

The goal, though, is to keep cell phones out of landfills where the old cell phone’s toxic parts can wreak havoc on the environment. To find out more go here, or to recycle your phone right now go here.

Whether you’re just looking to get rid of your cell phone or a business owner with considerable e-waste, contact Junk King-Sonoma.


TV Disposal: Do it the Right Way

TV Disposal: Do It The Right Way Junk-King SonomaIf you own a TV that you would like to get rid of because it is broken or has been replaced, don’t merely put it out to the curb and hope someone will swing by to pick it up. That’s not an environmentally responsible way to get rid of a TV. Rain could ruin it or it might sit for weeks until the city’s large item removal squad comes by.  Instead, recycle or donate your old TV to help out the planet or someone who can get some use out of your old screen. Let’s take a look at the many ways to dispose of a TV.

Why Recycling Analog and Flat Screen TVs is a big Deal

In decades past, people did not give considerable thought as to how electronics should be disposed. There wasn’t as much of a focus on the environment, sustainability and recycling. Today, people are more aware of our finite resources, the sensitive environment and the type of world we would like to pass on to future generations. Recycling old electronics like TVs is all about preserving landfill space, preventing a poisoning of the planet and getting more utility out of our raw materials.

If your TV still works, try to pass it on to someone who will get some use out of it like a family member, friend or co-worker. Do not hesitate to donate a working TV to a social services agency or Goodwill. If the TV is out of commission, it should be brought to a recycling center where it will be re-used and if necessary, disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. There are also online e-Steward programs available that are regulated by a stringent certification program. There are even “takeback” programs hosted by the top brands and retailers. You can send or drop off the products for free even if they do not function and the manufacturer will ensure that it is either recycled or disposed of in the proper manner. If there is a Staples or Best Buy in your vicinity, call them to verify that they have a comprehensive electronics collection initiative. These two retailers have been helping consumers recycle old TVs for years.

Lean on the Recycling Pros at Junk King for TV Disposal Done Right

Do the planet and humanity a big favor by not dumping your old TV in a dumpster or discarding it in another area. TVs contain all sorts of poisonous chemicals. The picture tubes have pounds of harsh toxic lead and nasty heavy metals. There are even brominated flame retardants in TV circuit boards and cabinets. Those who have a front projector that they would like to get rid of should always bring it to a professional for recycling or have it taken away by a junk hauler like Junk King. We can get rid of the harmful Krypton 85 found in front projectors in a manner that does not compromise the integrity of our precious living space.

Junk King can Recycle Your TV and Other Items

If you would like to get rid of your old electronics or are moving to a new home, give Junk King a call. We’ll drive to your residence or office, pick up all those heavy old items and recycle or eliminate these items in an environmentally friendly manner. You can feel good about getting rid of your old TV when you have the hauling and recycling experts at Junk King do the work for you. Give us a call today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) and check us out on the web.

All About Paint Can Removal

All About Paint Can Removal Junk King SonomaQuick: form a mental image of the back of someone’s basement. Alright, do you have a picture in your head?

There’s a fantastic chance that your picture, and maybe this is even your own basement, included more than a few leftover paint cans. You were hoping to get around to repainting the fence running along the side of your house or touching up some flecks in your den (what are those anyway?) but life got in the way.

Whether you purchased too much paint or simply used a smaller amount of what you did purchase than you’d anticipated using in your hypomanic Home Depot shopping spree, you have some paint cans on your hands and are probably hoping someone would take them off your hands (and out of your basement) pretty soon.

Paint Take-Back Programs 

Starting in 2009 in Oregon, then 2012 in California, states starting forcing paint companies to coordinate with take-back recycling programs. Unlike swapping baseball cards at recess, paint “take-back” programs are definitely something desirable if you’re concerned about keeping this planet clean and doing the right thing.

Paint take-back programs are synonymously called paint stewardship initiatives. The most popular one in California is known as PaintCare, and PaintCare has been helping Californians recycle since the passing of legislation in 2012.

PaintCare’s credo is that it helps homeowners and business owners explore ways to responsibly recycle their leftover or unwanted paint. This is hugely convenient for you and me while also doing more than a few favors by the environment.

PaintCare lives up to its name by partnering up with paint companies and creating a network of over 700 take-back locations across the state. Many of these paint take-back locations are paint retailers and home improvement stores themselves. These services are available to any business owner or homeowner who wants to make use of them.

Working in states like Colorado and Connecticut as well as California, PaintCare ultimately leads to less toxic waste winding up at landfills. The program also makes your home or place of business safer by having less reactive material – reactive in the sense that it could explode and cause one heck of a mess – out of your way.

Follow the link below, punch in the location of your home or business and find out about the closest paint take-back location in your area.

Generally, there are few restrictions on how much, or what, can be dropped off. As a rule of thumb latex paint is much easier to recycle than oil-based products and businesses with less than 200 pounds of collective hazardous waste per month shouldn’t have a problem entering most trade-back programs in their state.

Tips for Creating Less Waste 

Having fewer paint cans dotting the back of your apartment (or your company’s basement) depends on following a few guidelines.

Simple as it sounds, purchasing the right amount of paint for the job is one of the easiest ways of not only saving money on the stuff but also keeping more unused paint needing to be recycled in the first place.

Going back to high school geometry class and multiplying the length by the height of the area that you need painted is a great way to avoid purchasing more paint than you reasonably need for the job. Bonus tip: a gallon of paint typically covers just over 300 square feet.

You might also want to consider reusing latex paint. Unused latex paint can be recombined and repurposed as a usable base coat. If you have oil-based paint, though, it’s best to consider it hazardous waste and have it responsibly disposed.


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