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Monthly Archives:

Its Hot Tub Removal Time !

Hot tub removal is one home maintenance routine that is quite tedious. There are several choices that exist in order to remove your hot tub from a garden and have it disposed of.  You may have a hot tub with an aged wood frame that has been deteriorating over some time.  Consequently, making it complex for that hot tub to move. It could also be a scenario where your aged spa has broken down.  If you have given up confidence then we are here to your assistance!

Hot Tub Removal For The New Year

Some hot tub removals can be very problematic and added resources may be necessary to remove your hot tub.  Resources such as a crane, extra manpower or tools may be needed.  Therefore, there will be an added cost to your tub removal. Knowing all the costs will help you plan properly.

That filthy old hot tub is nothing but a nuisance and can also be a health hazard. The once amusement oasis is now more like a hideous luxury creature. Bear in mind that some hot tub removals can be more complicated than you think as it’s not just about unplugging and disconnecting the water and power supply.  Hot tub removal time is also about getting the tub out of your home.  Therefore hiring a service provider with the right tools and manpower is critical.

Through suitable procedures the removal of your hot tub can be rather expensive.  This is due to the materials that your spa is made of.  Recycling can be simple for items such as the cover and all you have to do is cut up the polystyrene foam into pieces and carry it to your local waste disposal location. Contact us for professional and prompt service.  Our removal experts will provide you with a service that is second to none.

Mattress Disposal The Efficient Way

Have you ever tried disposing of your mattress?  The holidays has forced everyone into a cleanup frenzy. Mattresses are usually high on the list for disposal this time of year. You should know that mattress disposal can be a very tedious clean up activity. There is some caution to be taken in regards to how you dispose of your mattress. Your mattress should not be dumped in a dumpster neither should it be placed on the curb until your garbage disposal day.  This is not the safest way to rid yourself of unwanted junk.

Yes Your Mattress Can Be Recycledmattress disposal

Did you know that mattresses can be recycled? Many homeowners are not aware of this but mattresses are loaded with recyclable materials. All of the wood, foam, cotton and the metal springs are all recyclable materials. Choosing this method will help you protect the environment and promote healthy living.

Mattress disposal that does not involve recycling will only contribute to an increase in land fill space.  The best and eco-friendly way to throw away your mattress is to have it recycled. Approximately 80 – 90% of a mattress can be recycled. Once a box spring has collapsed its steel cage, wood frame and cotton outer layer can be all recycled as well.

If your mattress can’t be recycled because it is in an unsatisfactory state then rest assured we will handle the responsibility of properly disposing your mattress for you. If you are dumping your mattress this holiday season then now is the perfect time to start proper mattress disposal.

Contact Junk King to find out how your old mattress can be recycled  Our professional team can pick up your old mattress and make sure that it is disposed of properly.  We take pride in practicing the safest mattress disposal techniques in our bid to safe guard the environment.

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