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Alternatives for Disposing of an Old Mattress


Shopping for a new mattress is often overwhelming with the many aspects you need to check to guarantee you get the best one for quality sleep. Once you get the perfect one, experts recommend replacing it after 7-8 years  though this depends on your weight and the mattress quality. Sometimes people want to switch their mattresses for a newer model while others are looking for a new mattress to reflect life changes like weight gain and a new sleeping partner. This explains why the mattress industry is a high-volume one.

When replacing your mattress, you should ideally get rid of the old one rather than hoard it, believing you will use it at some point. Hoarding only leaves you with cramped and unsanitary interiors. Below are your leading alternatives for mattress disposal.

woman rubbing back pain while sitting on a mattressDonate the old Mattress

If your mattress is in optimal condition, you can donate it to someone who needs it. The ideal mattress for donation is one without large stains, tears, burns, and bedbugs, among other notable forms of damage. In general, if you cannot give the mattress to your good friend as a gift because of its deplorable state, then maybe donating it is not the best choice. A few places also only take mattresses with intact fire labels.

There are several charities, churches, homeless shelters, and nonprofit organizations that will appreciate the gesture if you do not know someone who needs a mattress. You can conduct an online search on the charitable organizations that might appreciate a mattress in your area, then contact them to see if they will accept yours. Some organizations offer a pickup service, while others have a central drop-off point for the donation.

mattress recycling

Resell It

If you cannot get a place to donate or are not so intent on donating, consider reselling the mattress if it is in optimal condition. Thankfully, looking for buyers for the mattress is now easy with the many online platforms for selling used stuff. The money you will get from the sale depends on your mattress’s condition, age, and size.

When reselling an old mattress, gather some data on the mattress market in your area to estimate your asking price. Remember to quote a reasonable price if you want a quick sale. You can vacuum the mattress and get rid of any noticeable blemishes so that you increase its price. When selling online, most would-be buyers would be drawn to your deal if you can deliver the mattress to them, so consider having this offer.

You can also resell the old mattress to a retailer. Most shops that sell new mattresses have removal services for the old ones at a small cost and sometimes for free. Even so, this removal service is only available when you get a new mattress from the same retailer. Though it sounds lucrative, you might end up paying too high a price for your new mattress because of the associated removal service.

Repurpose It

If you fancy yourself as a DIYer, you can break down your mattress and repurpose its parts. Mattresses contain memory foam, natural fibers, nails, screws, steel, polyurethane foam, and memory foam, among other components. Here are some ways to repurpose the different materials of your old mattress:

  • Sell the steep springs and metallic parts of the mattress to a local scrap yard or metal recyclers.
  • Break down the wooden parts and shred them to make mulch. You can also use the wooden slats for a compost bin or wooden furniture pieces.
  • Use the cotton and foam as insulation, set cushions, pillows, pet bedding, filters, or carpet padding in your home.
  • The fabric can be repurposed into DIY rugs, cushion covers, cleaning cloths, and décor.
  • The nails and screws can be used to build other items or arranged to make décor pieces.
  • Make a table topper using the memory foam.
  • Use the springs for home décor projects.

Repurposing your mattress might reduce the costs of throwing it away and save you a few dollars. Nonetheless, the above and most methods of repurposing mattresses are messy and time-consuming. Moreover, it would be best to have the right experience or tools to repurpose most of the items. As such, repurposing is not an option for everyone.

Recycle It

More than 75% of mattresses in the U.S are recyclable. With these statistics, recycling is your best choice when looking for an eco-friendly disposal alternative. Throwing it into the dump only means you will contribute to landfills and increase the planet’s waste. Thankfully, you can get some transport to a recycling center with one of the trucks from junk hauling companies when recycling. Some of these companies also offer recycling services.

The recycling process for the various components of your mattress gets products that closely resemble the ones in repurposing. Wooden frames, for example, are used as fuel or lawn mulch, while the metal components are used for décor. On the other hand, the fabric is sold to textile industries where it is re-used in new material. Nonetheless, the recycled items are of a higher quality compared to the repurposed ones.

Besides getting quality products, recycling lowers the manufacturing costs of different products because the raw materials used are cheap. Consequently, this reduces the prices of different products. Furthermore, when items like metal are recycled, this reduces the amount that has to be mined for new products. This means less detrimental effects of mining on the earth and conservation of natural resources.

Throw It Away

If your mattress is badly aged, stained, and in a poor state, consider throwing it away. This does not, however, mean walking out and leaving it in a dumpster. Most municipals have regulations on the disposal of bulky items like furniture and mattresses. As such, leaving your mattress in the trash or out on the street will often attract a fine.

full service junk removal

The best choice is to contact a full service junk removal company with the right tools to haul something as large as a mattress and is well-equipped to dispose of it. You only need to get price quotes from a junk removal company then coordinate a pickup time and the payment.

Though tempting, it is advisable not to always settle for the cheapest company. Pick one with experience in disposing of mattresses so that you are sure the mattress will be disposed of correctly. You can also base your choice of a junk removal company on user reviews.

Some people do not realize when it is time to dispose of their old mattresses. If you realize your mattress is sagging, worn out at the edges, has broken coils, or starts to smell and make squeaky noises, these are signs you need a new mattress. Furthermore, when you start waking up with unexplained body aches and have difficulty staying asleep, it is time to buy a new mattress.

If you have been procrastinating getting rid of your mattress but are none-the-wiser on the available alternatives for you, the above options have hopefully pointed you in the right direction. When you need help, consider hiring a professional junk removal company. This way, you will not struggle hauling your mattress out of your residential or commercial property. The company has employees that are well-trained and equipped with the right tools to take your mattress out.

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Hot Tub Removal: All You Need to Know


hot tub placed in backyard Over 21 million households in the US reap the benefits of owning a hot tub, spa, or pool as of 2015. According to experts, hot tubs last between 5 to 20 years, depending on the quality of materials used and the care it receives over time. These statistics suggest that many people need hot tub removal services at some point.

Why would you want to remove the hot tub? Hot tubs are bulky and occupy a significant space. Consider removing the tub to use the space it occupies for something else. Old hot tubs that are no longer in use are an eyesore and compromise on the general hygiene of your home. They make breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes, rodents, among other unwanted things.

hot tub removal frequently asked questions

Hiring a Junk Removal Company or DIY

The removal process needs expertise. While using a hot tub is relaxing and fun, removing them is not. The item is bulky and requires different tools to lift safely. If not careful, removing a hot tub can cause accidents from possible breakage. Plumbing and electrical works done when installing the hot tub will need an expert in the field to remove.

It takes more skill than you can imagine. Experts know what to do and how to go about hot tub removal with minimal destruction and take the least time possible. Due to many years’ experience in the field, Junk King Sonoma has the right tools and personnel to work efficiently. When you engage the services of Junk King Sonoma they go beyond the removal of the hot tub to clean the area after and cap the electricity to keep home users safe as they haul it away.

Transporting the removed hot tub, whether whole or pieces need special trucks. You may also get stuck on how to load the removed hot tub to the vehicle transporting it. And, your family car is not an ideal transport means for the hot tub. Unless you are in the junk removal business, you may have to hire an appropriate vehicle to transport the hot tub after removal.

bigger junk removal trucks

So, where do you take the old hot tub you remove? Junk King Sonoma has experience in disposing of old hot tubs and know what to do with it. In some cases, the hot tub is disposed of in an eco-friendly way in a recycling facility.

There are many risks involved in hot tub removal. When you set out to remove a hot tub, you expose yourself to many possible injuries, both minor and fatal. It is a great idea to have insurance. But why would you need a cover for a one time job? Hot tub removal companies insure their employees against any possible eventualities. In case any other thing is damaged in the process, it is comforting to know that you will get compensation.

Everyone wants to save a coin where possible. Removing a hot tub on your own is not a wise way of doing it. As you try to save money, you are likely to spend more by hiring/buying equipment that you do not have, or outsourcing skills beyond you in the process. Hot tub removal companies have invested in both tools and personnel.

Learn More


Though DIY is the new trend in town, when it comes to hot tub removal, you may want to heed the advice to leave it to the experts. The job is more complicated than you would imagine. You need to do is take time and engage a company that will meet your needs to your satisfaction. Junk King Sonoma ensures that you get your space back, clean, and safe at the most affordable cost. Contact us today to learn more about our hot tub removal services.

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