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Best Chair Options for Small Spaces after Sofa Removal


Living spaces have been on a constant decline in recent years. According to Statista, a single-family home in the U.S in 2019 was 2301 square feet on average, down from 2467 square feet in 2015. The reduction of living spaces does not seem to be slowing down soon owing to increasing population and reducing land. Instead of saving for ages to get the largest possible property, it would be best to adapt to small living spaces.

With the right décor, living in a small space does not mean living in cramped quarters. You can choose exceptional furniture and décor to match your room. One of your first steps is getting a solution for sofa removal and the other bulky furniture that will take up too much precious floor space.

Here are a few chair designs that can replace the bulky sofa to suit your small space.

Sofa Chair in a bar lounge


Armchairs are some of the best options for people who want to express themselves in their living spaces. These are accent chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on while occupying minimal space. Unlike most chairs for small spaces, armchairs can work in different rooms, are versatile enough to work with varying types of furniture, and are lightweight for delicate floors. Unfortunately, they can only seat one person, so they might not be the most practical for large families.


Consider getting a recliner if you want a piece of modern luxury after throwing away your bulky sofa. Most historians believe Napoleon Bonaparte used the first recliner. Since then, the design of the recliner has significantly improved to become the epitome of comfort. The chair comes in cloth and leather upholsteries in virtually all colors to match your interiors.

Recliners, unlike most options, allow you to adjust your seating level using a built-in footrest. The footrest can be adjusted using a button, or lever, or manually. Some recliners like lift-assist recliners are meant for people with specific disabilities that make it hard for them to rise from seated positions. The chairs allow them to live as independently as possible.

Round chair

This is an oversized seat with cushion depths of 30 inches and a width of about 58 inches. It works best for anyone who wants to snuggle or relax when reading a book. Round chairs are made of all materials, but most are made of leather or suede.


Most chairs designed for small spaces only accommodate one person. Nonetheless, a loveseat has a cuddle factor and allows enough room for two people sitting close together. A few loveseats are even large enough to seat two people without touching. The chairs are smaller than traditional sofas and bigger than single-person chairs. They come in diverse styles to suit all spaces.
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Slipper chair

This, as its name suggests, was designed to make it easy for people to put on their slippers and shoes. It has no arms to allow the user to move freely to all angles. The slipper chair is also relatively low to enable easier access to the feet. Nonetheless, it is not exclusively meant for wearing shoes in your hallway. You can consider using it for typical seating around a coffee table. However, it works best for shorter and petite people because of its lowness to the ground that makes it uncomfortable for tall people.

Wingback chair

When most people think of an accent after sofa removal, they often picture a wingback chair. This features a classic design that has remained trendy over the ages. It was initially designed for placing in front of a fireplace hence its “wings” on the sides to keep heat in and block the draft. The flat and scroll designs are the two main styles of wingback chairs.

Flat wingback chairs have straight lines and fewer details, while scroll-type chairs are rounder than the latter with more ornamentation. Chesterfield chairs that closely resemble sofas by the same name are also considered wingback chair types. Their distinctive element is the tufted upholstery.

Club chair

This has a distinct low back that flows into its armrests. It was typically used in gentlemen’s clubs in the past, hence the name. The design of a club chair is meant to allow easy conversation among the people using it. The low back allows a user to easily see everyone in a room while guaranteeing his/her comfort.

Nowadays, there are several variations of the club chair to suit the diverse needs of homeowners. Most designers, for instance, consider the Lawson chair a type of club chair. It has straight lines, low square or round arms, a low back, and firm cushioning. In most instances, a club chair is made of leather to exude power and class.

Bergere chair

If you love the traditional French style, the Bergere chair should be the first choice for your home or office. It was turned into an armchair by Royals like Louis XV, so it will introduce some royalty into your space. Some defining elements of a Bergere chair include a deep, wide seat and exposed wood. A few chairs have loose seat cushions.

bulk item and trash removal

Eames chair

This features the classic design by Charles Eames, thus its name. The Eames chair has leather cushions and curves that exude style. The plywood mixed with the leather cushions makes this a style that easily stands out in almost all interiors. Though often used in offices because of the swivel design, Eames chairs also have a place in living rooms and bedrooms.

If you are stuck with an old bulky sofa that you cannot wait to replace with one of the above chairs, you do not have to procrastinate getting rid of it anymore. Junk King Sonoma offers sofa removal services to a recycling center, landfill, or donation center at competitive prices. The company’s staff are well-trained and equipped, so there will be no damage to your property as they take out the sofa. Contact Junk King now to get rid of your bulky furniture so that you can start redesigning your property with the best pieces for a striking look despite its small space.


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