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Storage Container Rental or Junk Removal?

Storage Container Rental or Junk Removal? Junk-King SonomaFor as much of a boon as junk removal is for homeowners with yard waste or a mountain of unused bikes in the garage, a storage container rental is a huge leg-up for business owners who need regular removal.

Benefits of Storage Container Rental 

Storage container rentals cost approximately a quarter less compared with similarly sized dumpsters. This means that you can fit in the same amount of trash and pay much less every week. A storage container rental can be done on your terms without any long-term contracts or restrictive weight limits.

Reliable Pick-up Service 

In addition to paying less for a storage container than a dumpster, a storage container can be locked up at the end of every business day, thus preventing anyone else from dumping on your property. There are few things more annoying than footing the bill and having a third party swoop in and take advantage of that.

Also, to alleviate some of the anxiety that business owners might already feel building at the mere possibility of filling out another form or permit, most storage containers don’t actually require business owners to fill out a permit to get all the benefits.

Storage containers usually also have no weight limits and, therefore, no overcharging or extra processing fees to worry about.

Versatile and Space Saving 

We also get that business owners often struggle with finding enough space to accommodate build out for new construction and waste disposal while simultaneously juggling the demands of being an independent project manager.

Here too a storage container rental makes sense in that storage containers can squeeze into tighter crevices than many dumpsters. Although dumpsters definitely, well, have their place, a storage container rental will probably be easier on your facilities and its driveways than a metal dumpster.

Customizable for Your Needs 

Competitively priced and true workhouses, a storage container rental is an equally great option for expanding businesses dealing with build outs as it is for established ones looking for a reliable waste removal service.

A storage container rental, in short, saves you a ton of money, provides a reliable trash source and looks great all the while.

Storage containers can also be customized to fit your business’ needs in that you can pick the size of each container to fit the location and its needs. As you might imagine a university or strip mall is going to have slightly different needs from a healthcare facility or electronics store with heaps of hazardous waste.

Storage Container Rental Vs. Junk Removal 

With all of the benefits of renting PODS™ or other storage containers, they might not necessarily be the best option for every homeowner.

Getting a dumpster or renting out a storage container is usually a week-to-week or month-by-month affair that homeowners needing their yard refuse or basement junk hauled away rarely, if ever, really need.

Dumpsters, moreover, usually require the homeowner to physically remove the junk himself without outside help from a junk removal service. Following a move or when you have a basement, attic or garage overflowing with junk dating back to the Reagan Administration it’s probably best to commission a junk removal service.

Junk removal is pretty close to an ideal option for worn-out homeowners right before, or directly after, a big move. You can have everything that you deem disposable (old mattresses, etc.) taken off your hands without having to lift a finger. Junk removal, in other words, is a solid option for homeowners needing a one-off fix and who don’t want, or need, any long-term rental contracts.

If you’re a homeowner looking to quickly get rid of furniture, yard waste or even electronic waste, contact the junk removal experts at Junk King Marin today.