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Junk King St. Paul is Here to Help with Your Junk Removal Needs

How Junk King Stands Alone on St. Paul Junk Removal

Dealing with junk can be annoying. You have old pieces of furniture, broken appliances, and other stuff; you just have no need to take up space in your home. With smaller pieces of junk, you can just toss them in your trash bin and let the city pick it up. However, with larger items, it’s not always that simple. You may need to arrange for a pickup on bulk trash day. Unfortunately, there are restrictions on what you can put in the city trash and what bulk trash will take. The city also doesn’t pick up bulk waste that often.

This means you need to find a junk hauling service in St. Paul to help you get rid of stuff quickly and easily. Junk King stands head and shoulders above other junk removal companies in the area for a number of reasons. Whether you have a single appliance or piece of furniture that’s no longer in great condition or want to completely clean out your basement or garage, we can help. Here are a few of the reasons why you should turn to Junk King of St. Paul when you need someone to haul away large junk.

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We Do All the Hard Work

Need to get your dead refrigerator out of your home? What can you do if you’re just one person and don’t have anyone you can call to help? With Junk King St. Paul, you don’t have to worry about that. We will get everything you want to be hauled away out of your home. Just tell us what needs to go and leave the rest to us. It doesn’t matter how big or small, how light or heavy. We can get it out of your home for you.

Even if you think you can get that old furniture or appliance out of your home, there’s no need to risk hurting yourself or damaging your home. Our team is trained to lift and carry items safely. We have the equipment and tools needed to get things out without damaging your walls, doorframes, or floors. Let us handle the hard part, so you don’t injure yourself. Even if the items are in your garage or shed, don’t worry about moving them.


We Take Just About Everything

Some junk removal services in St. Paul have limits on what they will take. The city, too, often won’t take certain items even on bulk trash day. Junk King, however, accepts just about everything. Whether it’s old furniture and broken appliances or yard waste and DIY construction debris, we can handle it. We will even take old mattresses, hot tubs, and electronics. The only thing we’re unable to take is any substance that’s classified as hazardous waste due to the safety of our team.

If you have something hazardous or believe it is hazardous, ask us about it. In some cases, we can tell you what to do to make the substance safe for us to haul. Paint, for example, is on the hazardous list if it’s still in its liquid form. However, if you mix leftover paint with cat litter or a paint hardener, we can take it once it has solidified. If there’s no way of making the material safe, we may be able to point you towards a hazardous waste disposal company that can help you.

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We’ll Clean Up After Landscaping and DIY Remodel Projects

Doing a lot of landscaping can leave you with a good amount of debris, too. What do you do with all of those shrubs you removed or that large tree you had to cut down? You might be able to keep some of the wood for your fireplace, but you may have no need for all of it. Stacking it up along your house or shed is like setting out an all-you-can-eat buffet for termites and creating a home for other insects and animals. Getting rid of all that wood, especially if you have a large amount of it, isn’t always easy.

Junk King will haul all of that away. Whether you’ve cut down a few small trees or a really large one, it can go in our truck. We’ll even haul away the debris from other landscaping projects, such as removing a paver patio, taking down an old deck, or demolishing an old shed.

After redoing your yard, you might be thinking about turning your DIY skills on the interior of your home. We help there, too. We will haul off your old cabinets, flooring, backsplash, shower enclosure, and whatever else you demolish. Home DIY can already be stressful, but Junk King aims to make at least one area a little easier on you by handling all your debris removal.


We Help with Whole House Cleanouts

Some of our clients have inherited homes or have made the commitment to overcome hoarder habits. Our team will assist you in getting everything out of the house. If you know the home furniture, appliances, and other large items are not anything you want to keep, we can come in and clean them out for you. If you want to keep some of the items, you can set aside the stuff you want and leave the rest for us.

We also help those moving or needing to clean out an apartment or assisted living unit. Again, just like with homes, you just tell us what you want to get rid of, and we do the rest. We aim to make the entire process as simple and easy for you as possible. Other companies may make you jump through hoops or have restrictions on what they can take or how much they will take at once, but Junk King doesn’t.

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We Donate What We Can

We know some people need to get rid of old furniture because it no longer has a place in their home. Other than being replaced, it’s still in good condition. Others may decide to upgrade their appliances even though the old ones still work. If you can’t find someone to take these items, you may end up calling a St. Paul’s junk removal company. Some of our competitors would simply take these items straight to the landfill regardless of their condition.

At Junk King, however, that’s not the case. We carefully sort through items and take out anything that can still be used. While you may no longer have a place for that chair or need your old washing machine, someone might. We will take anything we determine is still usable and pass it on to one of our partner charities in St. Paul. These organizations will clean the items and make sure they’re still in good condition, and they pass them along to individuals or organizations that can use them if they are.


We Recycle as Much as Possible

What about things that are obviously broken and cannot be used? We also try to keep them out of the landfill. In addition to partnering with organizations that help those in need, we also work with recycling companies in the area. These companies take anything we have that can be recycled. We even break down furniture and other items, removing the recyclable materials and sending them to be recycled, too.

By recycling as much as we possibly can, we’re reducing our reliance on the environment. Our goal is to ensure that we send nothing to the landfill. To that end, we send as much of our junk as possible to a construction transfer station. These stations use junk as a source of fuel, transforming the trash into energy. When it’s all said and done, the amount of junk we contribute to the landfill is very little at worst. Ideally, nothing from Junk King goes to the dump at all.


Our Pricing is Fully Transparent and Easy to Understand

If you get a quote from another junk hauling company, does that quote include all costs, fees, and other charges? If it doesn’t, do you know what you’ll be paying after everything is completed? At Junk King St. Paul, it’s never a question. We provide a fully transparent quote for every job, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying. If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask.

To get one of our free, no-obligation quotes, you must reach out to Junk King. You can call us, text photos of what you need hauled away or use our online price estimator. We can even come to your home and do an in-person estimate. That’s often necessary if you’ve got a lot of stuff you need us to haul away or have some unusual items that we haven’t handled before.

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Whenever you need to have junk hauled off, Junk King of St. Paul is here for you. Whether it’s one or two pieces of old furniture or a whole house full of trash, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865. You can also book through our website. We’re here to answer any questions you have and to make getting rid of junk easy!


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