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The Benefits of Using Junk King for Your Junk Removal Needs in St. Paul

The Benefits of Using Junk King for Your Junk Removal Needs in St. Paul

2023-04-06 13:31:45

How much junk do you have around your house? Is your basement so full you can’t really get into it? Are your closets about to burst? How easy is it to park your car in the garage? These are all places junk gathers. Even if you can get your vehicle into the garage or navigate through the basement, you may still have some junk there that needs to go. What do you do with this stuff?

You do have a few options. St. Paul’s city bulk trash services can sometimes be the solution, but there are limits to what they will take. You also have to wait until bulk trash pickup day comes around. That means you’ll have to hold on to the junk until then. Another option is to take the stuff to the landfill yourself, but that’s a lot of work, too. Instead, just reach out to Junk King of St. Paul. Our crew is here to help you with everything from getting old appliances out of your home to disassembling busted hot tubs and loading them up.

Why should you work with Junk King St. Paul? Here are many of the benefits we provide.

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We Do the Heavy Lifting

One of the biggest downsides of using the city bulk trash service is that you’re at the whims of their schedule. Do you really want to have old furniture or appliances taking up space for several weeks or even a month? That can be annoying. If you forget to haul that junk out to the curb, you’ll have to wait until the next pickup date.

If you live by yourself, you may also have to get help if you can’t get the furniture, appliances, or other things down to the curb. If you’re not able to move these heavy things on your own and can’t easily find help, using the bulk trash service may not even be an option.

With Junk King, that’s not an issue. We do all of the heavy lifting. All you need to do is show us what you want us to take. You don’t have to move it at all. We can get that old refrigerator, dresser, sofa, or whatever else you want us to take no matter where it is. We will carefully get these things out of your home and load them up. It’s that simple. This is why many elderly people and those who live alone work with Junk King. We make junk hauling easy.

Junk is Gone when You Want it Gone

Another benefit Junk King has over the city bulk trash service is that you don’t have to wait for a specific day. We will get rid of junk right away or when it’s most convenient for you. We’ll work with your schedule. Whether you want us to come as soon as possible, need an afternoon pickup, or have any other specific time restrictions, just let us know. We will do everything

possible to make junk removal convenient.

When you arrange services with some companies, they may give you something like an eight-hour window or simply tell you their crew will be there on a certain date. When? They won’t give you a time. Junk King is different. We do jobs in two-hour blocks, so you won’t be waiting around all day. We will also give you a call 15 minutes before we arrive, giving you time to wrap up anything you’re doing. If there’s any kind of emergency that will prevent us from making it during the timeframe you’ve selected, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Our Junk Hauling Service Takes Nearly Everything

The city trash service and many other junk hauling companies have specific limits on what they will take. You may not be able to put any sort of construction debris in your trash bins, for example, or put out any of this type of trash for bulk pickup. What can you do with it? Call Junk King. Our crew can haul off just about anything. For safety reasons, we can’t deal with anything that’s classified as hazardous waste. Other than that, everything else is fair game. We can haul away furniture, old appliances, broken hot tubs, DIY construction debris, storm debris, and much more. Give us a call the next time a winter storm hits your area of Minnesota—we’ll be there to help you get rid of all those downed tree limbs and other junk.

We do more than take stuff inside your home, too. Have you decided that old gazebo needs to go, or do you have a shed that’s about to fall down? We can take care of these structures for you. Junk King demos sheds, gazebos, fences, and other backyard buildings. After we tear it down, we will load up the debris and get rid of it. We’ll even take away your entire fence if it needs replacing. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the job is—we’re here for all of your junk removal needs.

There’s No Need to Go to the Landfill

If you try to haul away all the junk you have at home yourself, you face a few different challenges. First, you have to have a vehicle large enough to haul furniture, appliances, and other debris. If you don’t own such a vehicle, you’ll have to borrow or rent one. Do you know anyone who has a truck and is willing to help you haul stuff to the dump? If not, you may end up renting a truck, and that is going to cost money. You then have to be very careful you don’t scratch up the truck bed or do any damage to the back window.

Second, you have the same problem you may have had when trying to move stuff to the curb: you’re going to need some help. Lifting up an old refrigerator or sectional sofa into a truck isn’t something everyone can do, especially by themselves. You’ll have to have help loading and unloading the truck. If you have to take several loads to the landfill, this quickly becomes an all-day project.

Junk King handles all the loading, and our trucks are large enough that we can do most jobs in one load. If you’re cleaning out an entire house, we can deal with that, too. We may have to bring in a second crew and another truck, but that’s no problem.

There’s No Need to Go to the Landfill

There Are No Hidden Fees

When you reach out to Junk King St. Paul for an estimate, we will include every potential fee and charge. You’ll know the maximum amount the job will cost. In some cases, it may cost less. If we do the quote over the phone or online, we will try to be as accurate as possible. However, some large jobs do require an in-person evaluation. We always do a final in-person quote for every job, even if we’ve already given you an estimate, because we want you to have the most accurate information possible. We will answer any questions you have about the cost and walk you through all the numbers before we start.

We Keep Junk Out of the Landfill

Landfills are beginning to run out of space. Even those that compact their garbage don’t have room for infinite amounts of trash. What happens when a landfill is full? There are a few options, but one thing almost always happens: another section of land is selected for garbage. Land isn’t infinite either, so we can’t keep doing that forever. There’s also the issue of what the junk in old landfills is doing to the soil and water.

That’s why Junk King St. Paul is dedicated to finding other solutions to garbage. The first step we take to accomplish this is to pull out whatever junk you’ve given us that’s not actually junk at all. Some people replace their furniture, but the old sofas, chairs, and other items are still usable. They may be scratched or have some stains on the fabric, but those in need can still make use of them. We will donate anything that can still be used to local organizations that help those who need assistance.

Our next step is to pull out recyclable materials. We work with various recycling plants in the area to ensure recyclable materials are given another life. We’ll even pull recyclable materials out of furniture and other items. Finally, whatever is leftover goes to an energy transfer station. Here, junk is used as fuel to generate more energy for homes and businesses in the area.

Want to Get Rid of Junk Today? Call Junk King St. Paul Now

Junk King is ready to help you reclaim your space, get rid of storm debris, or finally say goodbye to that old shed that’s been leaning over for years. Whether it’s one old chair or a whole house full of stuff, you can trust us to quickly and affordably haul away the junk that’s cluttering up your life. Call Junk King St. Paul today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865 to learn more.

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