Stockton Office Cleanout

A common site among your Stockton neighbors during the weekend are various yard sales. This is a great way for anyone to get rid of junk and maybe put a few dollars in their pocket. Anyone who is having a yard sale increases their chances of traffic by encouraging other neighbors to have a sale during the same weekend. If you can get the whole block engaged in one big community sale, you’ll be in really good shape to draw in potential customers. The one drawback with a yard sale is that whatever you don’t sell you have to drag back into your home at the end of the day. Of course, you can always throw all that junk away since you don’t want it any more but that’s not always practical. Instead, you’ll probably try again next weekend or when you get more junk!

Imagine if offices could have yard sales? There are many local businesses that occasionally will set up a table of goods to sell in front of their stores but corporate offices never get in on this act. That’s probably because whatever junk they have to get rid of should really be thrown out. Would you really be interested in buying a broken office chair? What about cubicle walls? A fax machine that doesn’t work anymore? All of those kinds of items are really meant for the trash heap. Ironically, offices seem to hold onto this junk as much as we hold onto our junk. Part of the reason comes down to a matter of ownership.

When a company buys a piece of office equipment, that item becomes the property of that company. It’s an asset. Yes, even the mini-fridge with leftover lunches is a company asset. Every purchase becomes a business expense that can be deducted and businesses lover their deductions! As time passes and the normal wear and tear occurs, those items can break down or fall out of use. What happens then? As an employee, you can’t simply throw away a “piece of property”  unless you have permission from upper management.  So, instead of going through the hassle of sending out memos and waiting for approvals, those unwanted office junk items are shoved into a storage room or empty cubicle. Want to know when they get cleared out? Usually when the big boss comes into town for a company review. Then it’s all hands on deck to clean out the offices.

If your office is ready to get rid of its junk, it might make smart business sense to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to accomplish this task. These are experienced movers who understand the nature of carrying out bulky objects from an office space. They’ll get the job done right and on time which is then something you can take credit for! Take the initiative and get your office cleaned up the right way!