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Hoarder Cleanup Help in Stockton

Are you a hoarder? It’s an easy enough question for most people to answer except of course for the true hoarder. Those are the folks who don’t even recognize that they are surrounded by piles of trash and junk. That’s because in their mind everything in their possession has some value and can’t be thrown out. There are some indications that you might be leaning towards hoarding tendencies. For instance, do you keep clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Sure, you’ve got a favorite outfit that you keep tucked away for special occasions but if you can go through your closet and find clothes with the tags still on that are out of date or don’t fit then that’s a problem.

Another sign that hoarding might become an issue is when parts of every room becomes storage. Its one thing to cram you closets full of stuff but when you’ve got boxes overflowing into your living room and dining room then it’s an issue. It gets really bad when those rooms can no longer be used as they were intended. Of course the moment you stub your toe on something that should have been thrown away then you know it’s time to clear out the junk.

Finally, there are all those broken or out dated appliances and equipment that you still might be holding onto. You might think that toaster oven can be fixed one of these days. Or that the computer is something somebody might want to use. Guess what? It can’t and they won’t. That’s all e-waste and that has to be thrown out the right way which means recycling.

The good news is that help is standing by to get your home into a junk free zone. One call to Junk King of Stockton will set the removal plan into operation. You’ll make arrangements for a supervisor to visit your property to assess just how much junk you’re going to be getting rid of. They want to see how much space your junk is going to take up on their truck because that’s how much you’re going to be charged.

When you agree to the estimate that price is locked down and there will be no extra or hidden fees. Then you’ll make an appointment for the actual removal. On that day, a two-man Junk King Stockton crew will show up at the appointment time for all the lifting and loading. You just sit back and watch your junk disappear. Break the cycle of hoarding today with a call to Junk King. You’ll be glad that you did!

Stockton Hoarding: How To Get Rid of Junk

The awareness surrounding the issue of hoarding has grown since the reality series “Hoarders” and “Hoarders: Buried Alive” have gained in popularity. As a result, more folks are confronting their own hoarding tendencies and wondering whether or not it will ever get as bad as it shown on reality TV.
Here are some facts about hoarding: compulsive hoarding affects anywhere between 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US. Additionally, compulsive hoarding is often diagnosed as a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. That’s because upwards of 42% of the people with OCD have been found to also have a compulsion to hoard. A person who becomes an obsessive hoarder actually begins their collecting in childhood but is not until they become an adult that the issue grows in severity.
In many cases, hoarding is more about the fear surrounding the idea of throwing something away as opposed to collecting or saving an item. When a compulsive hoarder thinks about throwing something away it triggers anxiety which in turn causes them to want to hang onto that item. Quite often hoarding runs in families. It’s also frequently associated with other mental health disorders like depression, social anxiety or bipolar disorder. One thing that many hoarders have in common is that they hardly ever recognize their problem. It’s only when other family members or friends stage an intervention does the issue become real for them.
For hoarders who have reached that severe level, therapists are often brought into the home to help these folks develop more effective behavior patterns. This could mean working for hours on end to clean out even a single drawer in the kitchen.
Hopefully, your own “collecting” hasn’t gone this far that requires professional treatment. The reason many of us hold onto junk is simply because we don’t have the means to throw it away. That no longer has to be the case in Stockton when you can call up Junk King Stockton and schedule a major removal session.
The crew from Junk King Stockton are decluttering specialists. They can instantly size up any amount of discarded junk and know what it will take to cart it away. The real issue becomes whether or not you want to throw that stuff away. Ask yourself why are you holding onto that old sofa? Do you really need all those car parts in the garage? Is anyone ever going to use that old sporting equipment again? Could you ever make anything out of the scraps of lumber left over from that remodel job? When you realize that you’re holding onto junk for no good reason that’s the time to bring in Junk King. The Junk King crew are fully licensed and insured. These are exactly the kind of workers you want to bring into your home. What Junk King Stockton will leave behind is wide open spaces in your garage, attic and closets. What you do with that space is all up to you!
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