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Author Archives: Brandon Martin

Things To Clear Out For Roommate

Are you thinking about bringing a roommate into your home or apartment? Whether this will be a new experience or simply a new roommate, there are things you should do to get ready for them. A lot of that involves clearing out clutter. It’s a good time to take stock of all your stuff and decide what you can get rid of. Here’s what you need to clear out for your roommate:


Their Room

Your last roommate might have left a few things behind in their bedroom. Although you can offer them to your new roommate, chances are they would much rather have an empty space. That means you need to get rid of all the leftover furniture and other rubbish. If you’ve used this room as your own storage area, then it’s time to get rid of all the stuff you’re holding onto. Probably a safe bet that most of what you have in storage you could probably live without.

Their Closet

In addition to clearing out the bedroom, you also have to clear out the closet. Everyone wants a clean closet when they move in. There could be a communal closet in the hallway that you might want to offer your new roommate. That would mean clearing out at least half of the stuff you have in there now. That would seem fair since they’ll be paying half the rent.

Kitchen cabinet

Having a roommate means sharing common spaces like living room, bathroom and kitchen. Depending on their situation, your new roommate could either come with enough stuff to fully stock the kitchen or just a few mugs. You can make them feel welcome by clearing out a specific cabinet for their stuff. It may be smarter to have separate cabinets just to keep things apart.

Storage Unit

If you’re living space has an exterior storage unit or garage, then you might need to do some clearing out there as well. Your roommate will certainly have stuff they’ll want to put in storage.

This sounds like a lot of junk removal but thankfully, you don’t have to do this on your own. Help is just a phone call away to Junk King St. Petersburg. These professional junk haulers will send over a team of dedicated workers who can quickly remove all the things you want tossed out. The cost for their services is always based on how much space your stuff will take up on the truck. Make your roommate feel welcome with a junk clearing session from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Keep The Bugs Away With These Natural Homemade Repellents

The last thing you would want at your next summer party would be uninvited guests. That would be all the past and bugs who are out in full force during the summer. Back in the day, we thought nothing of spraying on the aerosol bug spray. Although there are a variety of safe chemical bug sprays, they are still chemicals. If you want to avoid a list of ingredients that reads like a chemistry exam, then consider making your own safe bug repellents. You might be surprised at the ingredients you can pull from your own kitchen cabinets to keep the bugs away.


Spice Powders

How often do you cook with garlic, cinnamon or cayenne pepper powder? If the answer is, “Quite a lot,” then you’ve probably got a good supply of these powders in your spice rack. It turns out that the little creepy crawlers don’t much care for the spices. You can sprinkle a heavy line of these powders around the foundation of your home to create a kind of anti-bug force field for the crawling variety like ants.

Vinegar and Herbs

Apple cider vinegar makes a terrific base for safe bug repellents. You might not appreciate having the smell of vinegar on your body. That is why you want to blend in herbs like mint, lavender, sage or thyme. Add a little water to a spray bottle that is half-full of the vinegar and top it off with your herb of choice. Let it all steep over night and you’ve got a wonderful repellent with zero chemicals.

Essentials Oils

You can also make another bug repellent mixture with vinegar and essential oils. Try 10-15 drops of mint, tea tree, spearmint, lemon, clove or eucalyptus in a spray bottle that is half vinegar and half water. Voila. Bug repellent that smells nice.

Witch Hazel

If you’re not crazy about using vinegar in your bug repellent, you can swap out Witch Hazel in the same recipes as mentioned above. This bug repellent might have a bit more of a “kick” when applied to the skin. Just beware of it stinging any cuts or scrapes.

Once you made your safe bug repellents, you can keep them around throughout the summer. They’re also great for camping and beach days. Before your backyard fun kicks into high gear, you want to make sure that your yard is clear of potential health hazards. That includes those things the kids have been having fun on for the last several years. An old trampoline could be very dangerous if it has become rusty or torn. Thankfully, Junk King St. Petersburg is standing by to lend a hand with that trampoline removal. They can also get rid of the rest of your yard debris in the same pick up appointment. The best way to have fun this summer in your backyard is to get rid of all the junk and the bugs.

Say Goodbye To All Your Junk With One Call To Junk King St. Petersburg

The EPA estimates of the average person creates 4 pounds of garbage every day. That means a family of four could get close to 20 pounds of garbage every day. Does that sound about right for your house? That garbage adds up but thankfully, it’s all picked up at least once a week. What about all of your junk? This a be all the things that are no longer being used or are broken that you still are holding onto. How much do you think all of that would weigh? Is that what has been stopping you from getting rid of it? Thankfully, weight is never a concern for Junk King St. Petersburg. Yes, the crews working for Junk King St. Petersburg wants to be careful lifting and loading your stuff but it doesn’t matter to them how heavy something is. All that matters is that you want to gone.


You may wonder how Junk King St. Petersburg charges for their junk removal if it is not by the pound. Junk King St. Petersburg’s pricing policy is based on volume. How much space your stuff will fill in the back of the truck is what measure they use. That is determined by the crew before they begin the work. They’ll have that estimate to get out just by looking over all your stuff. That’s because they are experts when it comes to packing up that truck. They can fit a lot in a little amount of space. That’s going to be good news for your bottom line.

Saying goodbye to all your junk doesn’t have to stop at the garage door. The Junk King St. Petersburg team can also do some amazing things around the backyard. This is a great way to get your garden is ready for planting.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King St. Petersburg might end up in someone else’s home in one form or another. Recycling and donating our huge part of Junk King St. Petersburg disposal policies. That should make you feel good about giving all your junk to them.

Are you ready to say goodbye to all of your junk? Junk King St. Petersburg is standing by to make it happen.

Take Down That Old Swing Set With Help From Junk King St. Petersburg

As you stare out across your backyard, how many things would you like to get removed? Is there a pile of lumber that is rotting away? Is there some rusty patio furniture that is seen better days? What about the old swing set that no one has played on in years? All of those things can easily be removed with one call to Junk King St. Petersburg. These are the professional junk haulers who have been helping homeowners clear out their yard of all kinds of debris. What can they do for you? Just about anything two strong movers and a truck can accomplish.


Perhaps the biggest thing you want to get rid of is that old swing set. This is not something that can easily be taken apart and tossed into your trashcan. Instead, that might be resting bolts and screws that need a little elbow grease before it can be taken down. There’s also the cement posts into the ground that need to be dug up. That all sounds like backbreaking work. But it’s not work you have to concern yourself with as long as you’ve hired Junk King St. Petersburg.

Before setting up your appointment Junk King St. Petersburg, you want to give them a general idea of exactly what they are removing. This is especially true when it comes to taking out an old swing set. Then you need to set aside some extra time to get the job done right. This doesn’t mean there to be at your house all day but it might take a little bit longer than loading up an old sofa or some boxes. Either way you will be paying extra for the labor. That’s all covered in the flat fee charge by Junk King St. Petersburg. And that is a fee that is based strictly on how much truck bed space your stuff will fill.

Even though getting rid of that old swing set is the main reason for calling Junk King St. Petersburg the work doesn’t have to stop there. You can have them anything from the inside of the house and that same trip. Just think of how much difference that can make when all the clutter is gone. Old swing set removal and rubbish hauling is a perfect job for Junk King St. Petersburg. Put them to work today.

A Great Home Improvement Project Would Be Getting Rid Of Your Junk With Help From Junk King St. Petersburg

A home improvement project can take many forms. Those projects can include planting, painting or clearing away junk. The first to you might want to tackle as a DIY project. As for the clearing away junk, that is a job best left for the pros from Junk King St. Petersburg. One call to these junk removal experts will have your home turned into a junk free zone in no time at all.


The hardest aspect of getting rid of your junk is actually deciding what to get rid of. You might have several items that you know right off the bat that you can toss out. This would be things like a couch down the basement that you no longer using or a busted appliances out in the garage that is beyond repair. But since you’ll have a big truck and two movers at your disposal, you can go a lot deeper. This is a great chance to clean out your closet of all your discarded outfits. You can also toss out sporting equipment that nobody is going to use again along with all kinds of electronics that you’ve since replaced. Now you can see how that junk pile can grow!

Junk King St. Petersburg makes scheduling a breeze. They ask you to pick the day and two-hour window that works best for your calendar. On the day the appointment, you’ll get update calls from the crew as they get closer to your house. Once they arrive, all you have to do is show them the things you want taken away. You have to bring anything down from upstairs or move it out to the driveway. That is what the Junk King St. Petersburg crew is for.

After they’ve looked over all the stuff you want to get rid of they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate based on how it’s all to fit on the truck. The Junk King St. Petersburg crew loves packing up that truck in as little space as possible. That allows them to make many pickups throughout the day. It also means you’ll be paying the low end of the price scale every time. Clearing away rubbish and clutter doesn’t have to be complicated when you hire Junk King St. Petersburg. That is a home improvement project you can get behind!

Junk King St. Petersburg Helps Clear The Yard For Your Garden

Not every garden has to be in the backyard. This is especially true when space is limited in the backyard or it’s covered in cement. A front your garden is a great option. It also allows you to show off your gardening skills. It doesn’t take much to turn a plot of soil and get it planted. If you want to clear out space in your front or backyard for garden then the best help you could get is with Junk King St. Petersburg. They might not be able to pitch in with the shovel but they can do amazing work when it comes to removing all kinds of yard waste and debris.


The two-man crew assigned to your junk removal task from Junk King St. Petersburg won’t be afraid of a little dirty work in the yard. You can ask them to load up chunks of concrete, bricks, logs, sod or just plain dirt. Coincidently, those items can all be recycled if dropped off at the right spot and that’s just what Junk King St. Petersburg will do. Yes, even dirt can be recycled!

When the team is finished clearing out your yard they can set their sights on removing the clutter from the rest of your home. You just have to decide all the things you want to get rid of. Take full advantage of having two movers in a big truck. Think of how you could transform your garage or basement once all that unwanted rubbish is removed. You can finally get rid of the heavy sofa or futon. And all that outdated electronic gear can also be finally removed. Anything that doesn’t get recycled can be donated to a charity. This is just how Junk King likes to do business.

The cost for hiring your own crew, renting your own truck and taking up all your time is going to be a lot more expensive than what Junk King St. Petersburg will charge. There fee is always based upon how much room your stuff will fill in the back of the truck. It could be one third, one half or the whole truck. There’s a price attached to each one of those sizes and you’ll know that price before the work begins. To get your garden growing, start with a junk clearing session from Junk King St. Petersburg today.

Junk King St. Petersburg Helps Keep The Clutter Out Of Your Business

It is not inconceivable that patrons to your restaurant look forward all week to paying you a visit on the weekend. If you establish a loyal base of customers, then they will happily be bringing their friends to your café. This is a great way to get out the word about your business and expand your customer base. Whether someone has been to your place a dozen times or is coming in for the first time you still have to make a positive first impression. That can be a challenge if your business has the sense of being cluttered.


You might think that your decor is kitschy but in reality it might be a turnoff to many folks who don’t want to feel like they’re having lunch in someone’s attic. There’s also a lot of clutter that could be piling up in a storeroom or behind the restaurant. Those can occasionally catch the attention of a customer and that would be a turnoff as well. Any clutter you can’t fit into a dumpster needs to be hauled away by a professional crew. That would be the team from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Junk King St. Petersburg is all the work with junk removal from start to finish. That work is taken care of by the two-man crew that will be assigned to the task. Every junk removal session comes with these two movers regardless of how many things you’re throwing out. Even if you’re just getting rid of a bunch of old boxes that can be handled by one mover, Junk King would prefer to give you two movers to make sure the job goes as swiftly as possible.

When you schedule an appointment with Junk King St. Petersburg, you’ll be asked to pick the date that works best for your calendar. You will also be asked to set aside a two-hour window within the day. It certainly won’t take two hours to clear out all the stuff you want to get rid of. But that is there to allow the crews plenty of time to get the one appointment to the next. If you’re ready to go with your junk, then you could also ask for same day pickup.

Think of how much better your business will look once all the clutter is removed. Junk King St. Petersburg can make that happen in no time at all.

Junk King St. Petersburg Helps With Spring Cleaning In A Big Way

The best approach to take to spring cleaning is “all hands on deck.” That means getting your entire family involved regardless of their age. That is often easier said than done especially when it comes to cleaning. You could turn your adolescence loose in their own room with the instructions to clean it up only to come back hours later to find they got distracted with a videogame. It might help to put a timer on them that is tied to a reward. Maybe there’s a movie everybody wants to go to but unless they clean and up before the show starts, that won’t be happening. Although they might grumble eventually they will get around to doing what you ask. Of course, for your spring cleaning to be totally complete you need to hire Junk King St. Petersburg.

Junk King St. Petersburg is a professional junk hauling service that always uses the “all hands on deck” approach. With them that means two strong movers assigned to every junk removal task. This is a crew that will arrive for your junk removal session in a big truck capable of holding anything you want to toss out. It’s a professional team that has been licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them totally trustworthy.


When the Junk King St. Petersburg team shows up you’ll take them to the house pointing out all the things you want removed. You should know in advance that the crew is going to do all the work. That includes carrying anything down from upstairs. You shouldn’t move a stick of furniture or box of shoes. Just leave it all for Junk King St. Petersburg.

The crew won’t just be tossing things on to the back of the truck. Instead, they will be packing with precision. The aim is to use up as little space as possible on that truck. This allows them to make several pickups throughout the course the day. It also provides you with the opportunity of paying the low end of the price scale. That’s because Junk King St. Petersburg prices are based strictly on volume as it relates to your stuff on the truck. Simply put, you’re not to find a better deal for junk hauling in town. The best way to finish off your spring cleaning is with a junk removal session from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Count On Junk King St. Petersburg For Quick Apartment Clean Up

Once you give in your notice to leave your current apartment, the race is on. That means you have 30 days to pack up everything you own, arrange for movers and do all the things you’re supposed to do when moving into a new home. Your focus is entirely on moving ahead and not looking behind. That’s why it can get frustrating to deal with the apartment clean up of your old space. But this is something that has to be done in order for you to get back your full security deposit.


As you pack up all your things, you may realize you got a lot of stuff that you don’t want to take with you. There is nothing wrong with that but you just can’t leave it behind. That’s where Junk King St. Petersburg comes into play. One call to these professional junk haulers in your apartment clean up will be taking care of once and for all.

A lot of things don’t matter to Junk King St. Petersburg. It doesn’t matter to them if they need to climb up several flights of stairs to get to your stuff. It doesn’t matter to them how heavy something might be or how bulky it is. All the does matter is that you’re completely satisfied with the job is done. They’ll even sweep up the space before they leave. That’s one less thing you have to do at your apartment!

The added benefit of hiring Junk King St. Petersburg for your apartment clean up is that you won’t be paying to have your movers carry that stuff into your new house. It doesn’t make any sense to bring in stuff that you just to cram into a positive forget about. This is a great chance to take advantage of a two-man crew and big truck to haul away all the unwanted furniture, appliances, clothing and other items that you not going to ever use again.

The cost for this amazing work is surprisingly affordable. Junk King St. Petersburg only charges a flat rate depending upon how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know this cost before the work begins. Taking care of your apartment clean up is easy when you have Junk King St. Petersburg on your side.

Clear The Last Of Your Holiday Clutter With Help From Junk King St. Petersburg

Throughout the Christmas season, we are constantly reminded to keep the Christmas spirit alive throughout the year. This is a thing that is hammered home in many Christmas movies and shared on many Christmas cards. It is a very noble approach to the holiday season but one that is difficult to maintain at times. Part of the reason is that we don’t have the constant reminders like all the Christmas decorations. When you see the lights and a Christmas tree decorated, you can’t help it be in a good mood. That could be a good argument for keeping up a Christmas tree all year round!


As you move into the New Year, it might help to clear away some of the clutter left over from the holidays. This won’t necessarily put you in the Christmas spirit but it will certainly make your living environment cozier. To get that job done you just need to call Junk King St. Petersburg.

Junk King St. Petersburg is a reliable junk hauling service that has been called on by homeowners, apartment renters and business owners alike. The growing list of satisfied customers know that Junk King St. Petersburg doesn’t have any limitations with regard to weight or size when it comes to taking away unwanted rubbish. You could ask them to remove a treadmill from the garage or piano in the living. They’ll take just as much care with those big tasks as they will with removing an old television or computer. Their main objective is to make sure everything you want to get rid of is gone in a single session and that you’re completely satisfied.

Part of the customer satisfaction has to do with how Junk King St. Petersburg disposes of the things they collect. Everyone appreciates the fact that Junk King St. Petersburg does a great job with recycling and donating. This might mean extra work for the crews as they make several drop offs to clear a truck but it’s all in their line of work. Junk King St. Petersburg is leading the way to keep the air and water around the area as clean as possible. When you add it all up, it’s clear that the best option for junk hauling is with Junk King St. Petersburg.

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