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Get Ready for Your Renovations with Junk King Tarrant County

Junk King Dumpster Truck picking up after renovations

Common Renovation Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them


Junk King has served Northern America for over a decade and a half! We’ve seen it all in that time, from desperate hoarding to disaster cleanup efforts. These last 17 years—plus—have given our professionals expert training in all aspects of removal. We have the experience and equipment needed for any removal. 


Renovations present a potentially dangerous situation for the property owner. Though not life or death, many owners may run into pitfalls that can financially hobble them if left unattended or in conjunction with other financial obligations. Avoid these common renovation mistakes, and save yourself from a lot of stress and money loss: 


  • Don’t start projects in Summer or Winter. Choosing when to start the renovation can be challenging; Summer might be too hot, and Winter would end up too cold. Not the mention the rise in fire threat and the frozen ground. Instead, start your projects during the transitional seasons, and you’ll save the most money. 
  • Don’t order an exact amount of materials order extra. Always order more materials than you expect to need. A good rule of thumb for lumber is +10%, as all elements can dramatically damage lumber beyond use. Plus, ordering extra means you can put some away for later—when damage from wear and tear eventually occurs. 
  • Don’t waste time upgrading the wrong thing. Some trendsetters have convinced many property owners that all you need to update a room is a coat of paint; in reality, it’s possible to upgrade the wrong thing and end up with a room that missed the mark. 
  • Don’t neglect your property’s curb appeal during the renovation. One of the most common mistakes committed by property owners is forgetting the house’s facade during the renovation. This is the most important aspect of the renovation–the inside doesn’t matter if the outside is dilapidated. 




How to Avoid Costly Renovation Mistakes

Remodeling property is hard, not because materials are difficult to find—but because the wrong mistake can cost the owner thousands in the long run. Apart from the mistakes above, there are even more things to consider during every step of the renovation process. 


Calculate a Budget, and Plan for the Unexpected

A budget is the first thing a homeowner should decide when thinking about their renovations. Setting a budget before starting the process will help keep a realistic perspective. Additionally, having a plan in place for if things go pear-shaped is a great way to keep within budget and out of debt. 


Install New Appliances Immediately

It might be tempting to buy some new appliances before the renovation is complete, but you shouldn’t. One of the fastest ways a renovation can rack up costs is by new appliances being damaged during the process. Damage to new appliances usually occurs because they are left out for too long—they are, in a sense, completely exposed to abuse. 


Don’t Decorate with Trendy but Damaging Decor

First-time homeowners and savvy business owners may be interested in doing some internet sensation decor trends. This is always a good thing to avoid since any lasting damage will eat away at the property value. Things like growing plants out of pots mounted to a wall without proper drainage, having concentrated humidity, and poor ventilation are all problems. 


Research and Consult All Your Professional Options

Collect hard quotes from all the professionals in your local area. Chances are, at least one of them has the lowest price guarantee—we do!—the guarantee is important, as it ensures you get the lowest possible price for the services. If you take the time to research and ask questions, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.


Guide for Home Improvement with Low Budgets


Residents of Tarrant County Pay for City-Removal Options

Those homeowners of Tarrant County who can provide proof of residency can use the City’s removal options. When first becoming a property owner in the area, the homeowner should have been explained this process—but it is sometimes missed or forgotten in buying property. Essentially, the homeowner can use bulk item pick-ups a few times a year and are entitled to a few landfill drop-offs per year. In both cases, the loads are far smaller than what you might get with professionals, but they are a good option for a low budget. 


Consider Unconventional Methods with Caution

Although social media would disagree, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are not the best option for every situation. DIY projects are great, but some can cost more than the professionals in the first place. For example, up-cycled pallet couches went viral a few years ago, and since then, bugs and chemicals have entered many homes. This is due to some wanting to save even more money—so they take broken or old pallets home to DIY. Unfortunately, these pallets can house bugs, be saturated with chemicals, and threaten everyone in the house.




How to Choose the Best Home Improvements Contractor in Tarrant County


Go with the Company that Fits Your Needs 

Think of this as the equivalent of going to plumbers for plumbing and leaving real estate to the other guys. There’s no reason to hire a company that doesn’t fit your needs—when you could have everything you need to do with one guy. For example, if you are looking at disposal companies, pick one that will offer removals or drainage with it since those services will be an extra charge otherwise. 

Work with Certified Professionals 

Difficult or distressful removals require the assistance of professionals. Junk King’s professional removers are known for our top-rated and compassionate service. Not only that, but they’re also fully insured, permit-holding, trained, and equipped with the best tools in the industry. Working with professionals does more than guarantee green disposal, too; it guarantees a high level of service and standard. 


Commit to Doing Some Research

You don’t need to be an expert on the companies you are considering—but it wouldn’t hurt. Spend time looking at the prospective options, which will always pay off in the end. The more time spent researching, the more likely you’ll find the perfect service and cost for your situation. Consider these elements in your search: 


  • Will they provide you with a written estimate to compare to others? 
  • If you need a payment option, would you be eligible? 
  • Will they offer you a written warranty and go over the terms? 
  • Would they be able to give you property references from prior work? 
  • Do all the professionals have the right permits and licenses? 
  • Are their online reviews positive, mixed, poor, or too little? 
  • How does this company compare to others in the industry?

Renovation Clutter & Junk Removal Service with Junk King Tarrant County

When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling and renovation solutions are as easy as 1, 2, 3—point, and the junk is gone! There are two services to choose from; both are great solutions for eco-friendly junk removal and disposal. 


Junk King Full-Service | Big Red Trucks and Removal Crews

The most preferred service picked by property managers and business owners, Junk King’s full-service is the complete package for those who want a hands-off experience. Our removal teams, usually two people, will arrive at your property in one of our Big Red Trucks. These massive trucks can hold over six tons of junk, trash, and renovation debris. Our trucks are also 20% larger than the competitor’s option at the same price. That gives you more room for hauling and savings for your checking account. 


Junk King Self-Service | MINI Rental Dumpsters

The Junk King MINI dumpster is a preferred service for residential removals. MINIs are different from other dumpsters because they are smaller than the average professional option–which are often eyesores, huge, and disgusting. MINIs are small enough to fit within a residential driveway. However, their interior is big enough to hold 12-cubic yards of junk and trash. Further, since MINIs are made of heavy-duty steel, you can have multiple large appliances removed at once. 


Contact Junk King Tarrant County and Get Ready for Your Renovations

Contact us today to get a removal solution as soon as this evening. There are three ways to speak with our customer representatives—pick your favorite, and we’ll get to work. 





  • Call us at (682) 237-6200: speak with our top-rated customer service team and receive a quote over the phone, or ask to schedule an in-person assessment of your property. In-person assessments are the only way to obtain a written quote from Junk King. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888-5865: if you can get a picture of it, we can get you a quote. 



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