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Old Treadmill Removal: Hire a Junk Removal Service to Help

Old Treadmill Removal

The Problem with Old Treadmills


It’s common knowledge that adults must take better care of themselves as they age. Often, this can result in the purchasing of expensive exercise equipment. Some of the most frequently picked beginner equipment are free weights, yoga mats, stationary bikes, and treadmills. However, unlike the other equipment listed, treadmills aren’t easy to eliminate when they become old, broken, or faulty. If you’re looking to get a treadmill removed, your best option may be to work with a professional removal service. 


What’s the Problem with My Old Treadmill


Treadmill quality varies depending on the machine’s make, year, and model—just like cars. The Cadillac equivalent for a treadmill may be Nordic Track, but that doesn’t mean they have the same issues. Treadmills, for example, are only meant to have a lifespan of about ten years, depending on their daily (or not-so-daily) use. This means that normal weekly use can result in a machine with a decade’s worth of life; that could turn out to be a great investment in the long term. 


If you suspect your old treadmill has a problem, it likely does. Between new technologies and constant updates, older treadmills may even refuse to work despite nothing being “wrong.” Further, there are specific signs that should tell you immediately that something is wrong: 


  • The displays are not working or responding
  • The machine runs at an inconsistent speed
  • The belt slips or slides against the running board
  • The elevation mechanisms are not engaging 
  • There is a burning smell when the machine is on


There are two ways the above symptoms may occur. Either there is too much friction from the belt, leading to broken deck, rollers, motor, or electronics; or the treadmill is particularly dirty, leading to failures of all those same parts. 


Regardless of why you want your treadmill removed, it’s important to know your options for old treadmill disposal. Not all removal companies can accept large electronics like treadmills or appliances—so do your research before choosing a company to oversee your old treadmill removal.




Problems Associated with Not Disposing of a Broken Treadmill


A Broken Treadmill is a Dangerous Machine to Continue to Use


There are cases where a treadmill may still be usable, even after sustaining damage or suffering broken parts. However, a broken treadmill becomes dangerous if some still attempt to use it. Not only can the machine’s parts fail further, but the failure of those parts can also result in collateral damage to your property or family. Also, broken treadmills can be a source of electrical fire—either at the plug-in or in the wiring. The proper disposal of old treadmills is important because it limits potential hazards from poor dismantling and disposal. 


Not Disposing of a Broken Treadmill will be a Continuous Hassle 


Even though our first inclination with a broken piece of equipment may be to put it away until we can fix it—that doesn’t work for a treadmill. They are too big to put away in a long-term closet, and if you put them into storage, they will be obsolete by the time they come out. Additionally, it’s important to remember all the movements the machine will undergo—when you redecorate, remodel, change up rooms, move, or clean. These big machines are great for a cardio workout but are a hassle when broken.


Old Treadmills are Unsightly, Bulky, and can be Slightly Embarrassing


Treadmills are typically large items, and the more expensive they are, the larger they can tend to be. The largest of these tend to factor in these size problems; as a result, many can fold upwards against their consoles. Unfortunately, although these treadmills insist this is the solution, they are still unsightly, bulky items in a room. Even worse, many people keep their treadmills in their guest rooms—but that can be slightly embarrassing with a judgmental family member or friends. 




How to Dispose of an Old Treadmill Safely


Sell it online using one of the many reselling websites. Only consider doing this if the machine is in good condition and relatively younger. If your machine is over eight years old, it will likely not be given any attention online. Of course, some manufacturers may buy back their products, but this will only happen in special circumstances. 


Give it to a family, community gym, shelter, or other organization. Sometimes the best way to dispose of an old treadmill safely is by giving it away. This is especially true for models without up-to-date technology or routine part failures. Donating your treadmill to an organization is the best way to know there’s still use. Alternatively, you can give it away to a place you know can utilize it—that might be the best option for most people.


Recycle the treadmill yourself, it can be intimidating at first, but the machine is already broken, so have at it. You can break it apart and separate the materials for the recycling center (that will cost you less); or you can take the whole machine to the recycling center (that will cost you more). To start with your recycling, it will help gather tools to take apart the console and connecting sections. 


Contact removal services—maybe the best answer to “how to dispose of an old treadmill” is to call for assistance. Removal services can help you with every step of the process, and services like Junk King can give you more bang for your buck. Not only will we take the treadmill for you, but we’ll also roll it out and dispose of it with a green disposal method. This means breaking it down into base materials for the recycling center, reusing it or its parts for something else, or donating it holistically. 


Always Dispose of Your Old Exercise Equipment Properly


When in Doubt, Call the Professionals for Removal Help


Treadmills are large, heavy machines—not everyone can lift their bases for storage, let alone manipulate them enough to move significantly. Junk King would always prefer you call us before attempting any junk removal that could result in injury, be it a pulled muscle, back, or sprain. Junk King prides itself on our professional removers; they are properly trained in proactive removal techniques and are fully insured even if something does happen to them. 


Businesses Prefer Junk King’s Full-Service Option


Our full-service option is the best in the business for many reasons. This service includes physical assistance from a two-person team of removal experts. Additionally, our experts will come to your property driving one of the giant Big Red Trucks Junk King is known for. The Big Red Truck is unlike anything else on the road and in the industry. It holds more than six tons of junk and can handle multiple appliances. Further, the current rate for its use is about $108 per ton. That’s great for heavy stuff like soil, concrete, or debris. 


Residential Homeowners Prefer Junk King’s Self-Service Option


On the other hand, our self-service option is a favorite for residential homeowners. This service includes the Junk King roll-away dumpster rental. Our dumpsters are more compact than traditional solutions, which has resulted in us naming them Junk King MINI dumpsters. However, don’t be fooled—there’s nothing small about the interior of a MINI. Made from molded steel, MINIs have an interior of 12-cubic yards and a weight capacity of about three tons. What does that mean for the residential homeowner? It means the MINI is small enough to fit in your driveway and strong enough to handle multiple appliances and all your junk in one load (which saves you money). 


Contact Junk King Tarrant Today to Get a Truck or MINI as Soon as Tonight


Junk King is North America’s greenest junk removal company—indeed, our green disposal methods set us apart from the rest as much as our customer service does. Our green approaches differ from other removal companies because we strive to recycle, reuse, or donate at least 60% of every haul we complete.


The recycling hub is a unique feature of Junk King. Other companies may have a sorting hub—but Junk King’s is equipped to break down complex items into their most useful base components. But having these useful abilities isn’t the only reason Junk King surpasses their recycling goals; it is also due to having the patience and experience to break down every complex item. This is the same premise that lets us take down stand-alone buildings. We have the patience and knowledge to get it done for you. 


When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling and old treadmill removal is as easy as 1, 2, 3—point, and the junk is gone! There are a few ways you can contact us; do it today to get a removal solution as soon as this evening. 





  • Call us at (871) 859-8747 to speak with a compassionate customer service person immediately; ask to schedule a no-obligation in-person assessment to receive a written quote. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888-5865 and receive a text back with your ballpark estimate. 
  • Stay online with our pricing calculator. Specially made for Junk King’s trucks and MINIs—explore your options and schedule a drop-off at the end of the wizard.



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