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Monthly Archives:

Junk King Is Keeping Baldwin Place Junk Free

What is your preferred cleaning schedule? Do you do a maintenance cleaning once a week or a deep cleaning once a month? Are you the only one cleaning or does the whole family pitch in? Keeping a home clean isn’t complicated if you’re just doing the “basics.” But what about when you need to get things taken out of your home that can’t be hauled away by the garbage crews? That kind of cleanup requires the helping hands provided by Junk King Tri County. These are the junk hauling pros that are helping keep Baldwin Place a junk free community.


You probably see those big things in your home that you want to get rid of at least once a day. Whether you’re going through the garage to get into the house or taking a load of laundry down into the basement, there are probably random pieces of furniture, appliances and boxes of stuff that you can do without. Now imagine for a moment all that unwanted rubbish was suddenly gone. That is exactly what can happen when you’ve hired Junk King.

Your junk removal session will be staffed by two very capable movers. This is a team that not only has been licensed and insured but will always show up with a positive attitude. The Junk King squad is going to do all the work. That includes bring up those things from the basement that you want to get rid of. Don’t feel guilty about asking the team to move something heavy. They do this kind of work every day and they’ll make it look effortless.

The Junk King crews are also trained to spot anything you’re getting rid of that could be donated or recycled. You might have some suggestions about this but the Junk King crews will make it happen automatically as part of the junk removal package. It might only take one session with Junk King to get rid of all your stuff but there a many customers who like to focus on clearing the garage in one session and the attic in the next. Whatever works for you, will work for Junk King. Getting rid of the junk from your Baldwin Place home has never been easier thanks to the help you can get from Junk King Tri County.

Reliable Cleanup Services For Danbury

Last June, Danbury residents were still cleaning out from a storm that hit in May. That single May storm resulted in over $18 million in damage including toppled power lines and trees. Typically, it falls to city services to handle a lot of the clean up on public roads and sidewalks but this time the city workers were caught off guard by the severity of the storm. The result is that homeowners and businesses found themselves contending with mounds of storm debris long after the storm faded. In situations like this, it is often more practical to hire outside help for cleanup. That is where a company like Junk King Tri County can make a big difference around Danbury.


Junk King understands the need for a rapid response in these types of situations. In some cases, folks are blocked from getting out of their driveway. There could also be flooding in a basement that creates a health hazard. Junk King can spring into action with one phone call. Every session is staffed by two capable movers. This crew can do a lot when it comes to getting rid of fallen tree limbs. They can also help pull up carpets in a flooded basement and see to it that and water-soaked furniture is brought outside. All of that work can usually happen within 24 hours after making the first call to Junk King. If Junk King crews are close by and there is room on their trucks, then you might also be able to have a same day pickup.

You don’t have to wait for a storm to hire Junk King. They provide that same level of quick response for any type of junk removal. The crews are great at problem solving like whether something has to be dismantled before it can be carried out of the house. Maybe it’s a structure in the backyard like a gazebo, shed or playground set that you want to come down. The Junk King crews can handle that with ease. For reliable cleanup and junk hauling in Danbury, you can always count on Junk King Tri County to get the job done.

Businesses Look to Our Tri County Garage Cleanout Services

Small business owners are pleasantly surprised to find that we have Tri-County garage cleanout services especially geared toward them. These services are staffed by expert team members. We know how important it is to offer junk removal services so businesses can concentrate on growing their client lists and making money.

Back in 2005, two friends got together and started the Junk King business. They immediately saw need when it came to helping local small businesses. As smaller enterprises were heading towards the Internet digitizing, big filing cabinets full of paper and older antiquated machines were being left to collect dust in garages.

Fast-forward. Junk King is now the industry-leading Tri-County garage cleanout company for several very good reasons. Not only do we have the highest quality of customer service anywhere, our rates are affordable.

There’s a few other very good reasons why you should choose us beyond what we can do for that garage space you used for your business that’s just collecting old electronics.

Here are just a few of the other advantages you get when you use our services:

We stick to schedule. Junk King has always had a wonderful reputation for either delivering rental bins or showing up to take away your business junk on time. We run our business the same way you do and pride ourselves on being prompt and efficient.

We are flexible. Junk King also understands that business needs to have a variety of different payment plans. That’s why we are proud to offer you several different options that are geared specifically towards your enterprise. Why not ask us about the flexibility and user-friendliness of one of our business accounts?

We are Insured. Being a business ourselves, we understand the importance of making sure all the small details are looked after. It’s important to get the peace of mind for your business of knowing that our staff members are all fully insured as soon as they walk on your property.

Our services are perfect for a variety of different businesses. We can be an excellent team member that can show up basically with the click of a mouse or after a quick phone call. Our Tri-County garage cleanout services are great for real estate professionals who are looking to clean out foreclosed homes.

Our services are also an excellent way to cleanout those storage units that have been abandoned. Those are just two examples of the many different varieties of businesses that our Tri-County garage cleanout services can work with.

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