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There’s No Limit To What Junk King Can Haul From Your Bedford Hills Home

Things might seem a bit quieter around Bedford Hills because restrictions have been placed on gas-powered leaf blowers. At this time of year, they can only be used during the week between 8 AM and 6 PM. The new ordinance is the result of efforts made by the Bedford Leaf Blower Task Force. Did you even know there was a task force like this? All of this means that landscapers and homeowners might have to get rid of leaves the old-fashioned way by raking them up.


Although it might be limiting, this is the kind of regulation that is meant to make life a little bit better for everyone. Another way that homeowners can improve their property is to hire Junk King Tri County. These are professional junk haulers who don’t have any limits with regard to what they can take away from a home. As long as it isn’t a hazardous material, anything can go. What do you want to get rid of?

The main objective for Junk King is to help you remove your unwanted rubbish without you doing any work. That includes bringing stuff from down from a second floor or attic. It means you don’t have to bring anything out on to your porch or down to the curb. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your session is going to do all that work for you. Won’t it be nice to know you can get rid of those heavy items without putting your back at risk.

Along with the furniture and appliances from the inside of the house, you can add a lot of items from the outside. As you get your yards ready for winter, you might want to clear out gardening pots or patio furniture that might not survive the weather. The Junk King crews can even go a step further and bring down an old swing set or tool shed. That will certainly clear a lot of space in your yard. Whether you’ve got a long list or a short one of stuff to get hauled away from your Bedford Hills home, Junk King Tri County can make it happen today.

Where To Find Fast Junk Removal Services In Briarcliff Manor

The official geographical classification of Briarcliff Manor is as a village. It wouldn’t be hard to throw a party for all residents of Briarcliff Manor and have them show up in a football stadium with plenty of room to spare. As a village, there are limited services available for the residents. Fortunately, this isn’t a remote village. Help is standing by for all kinds of handyman type services. For junk hauling, you won’t have to wait long to get things removed from your Briarcliff Manor home. Just call Junk King Tri County.


Getting rid of junk becomes complicated when you try to do that job on your own. First, there is the lifting you have to think about. You might be able to handle a few boxes of clothes and some electronic equipment but if you want to get rid of bigger things like a sofa or refrigerator, then you are going to need help. You’re also going to need a truck to pack up with all the things you’re getting rid of. Finally, you would need to know where to take all this junk for a responsible disposal. Junk King provides all of that: A crew, a truck and the disposal and it all can happen for a flat fee.

Junk King’s pricing policy is based on how the truck is going to get packed up by the crew. They want to load everything into a small space so they’ll be able to make other pickups. These movers have been trained to size up any pile of stuff to know how it will fit on the truck. You can trust them to squeeze in everything tight and offer you the low price on the scale.

Considering you’ll have two movers and a truck, there won’t be a lot of limitations on what you can get rid of. That includes cleanup from a remodeling job. To get all the junk removed from your Briarcliff Manor home, just reach out the Junk King Tri County. They can make it happen fast.

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