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Monthly Archives:

Start A Great Summer Staycation With A Home That’s Clear Of Rubbish

Have you ever gone camping in your backyard? It’s actually a fun way to spend a weekend with the kids who have never been camping before. It would be a challenge to pack everyone up and take them camping only to have them uncomfortable and complaining. At least if it happens in the backyard they can go back inside! That’s just one thing that you could do on a summer staycation. Think about all the other places in the Tri County area that like to explore for a day outing. Your staycation can be treated just like a regular vacation. That means you don’t have to go into work or answer emails from the job. You also don’t need to be working around the house. It might be better to take care of all the lingering tasks before the staycation starts. If you need rubbish removed as one of those tasks, then you need to put Junk King Tri County to work.

Pick Out the Rubbish

Junk King is going to send over to workers who will be doing all the lifting and loading for your rubbish removal task. From start to finish they are going to do all that has to be done in order to clear out whatever rubbish item that you designate. You might have some obvious choices already in mind that you would like to get rid of. Remember, with the Junk King crew you won’t have to be limited by how heavy something is or whether it is down in the basement. They can carry out anything regardless of size or location. You might also want to spend time out in the garage or sorting through your closets pull out even more rubbish. When you set your mind to the task, you’ll be amazed at just how much can actually get rid of!

No Surprises

Before the crew starts to load up your rubbish items, they are going to provide you with an estimate. This will be based upon how they intend to pack up everything on the truck. Will your junk fill up one half, one third of the whole truck? Whatever that estimate is it will be locked down. There will be any surprises at the end of the job cost you extra. That puts Junk King in the category of “fair and affordable.”

The best way to enjoy your summer staycation is in a home that is free of rubbish. Hire Junk King Tri County today to make that happen.

Junk King Tri County Customers Add More Rave Reviews

When was the last time you posted a review for a company you hired to perform a service for you? You should always let the company know how well they did or if there are areas of improvements they can work on. That is really the best way for them to excel at what they do. Junk King Tri County is happy when customers post reviews. There especially happy when it is proven that they’ve made a loyal customer for life. His with a few of those customers recently posted about Junk King:

“I decided Saturday at 12:00 noon to have our old hot tub and shed full of junk in the backyard removed. I called Junk King, and by Sunday 12:30 they were gone! The shed had been bolted to a wood base, which they left unmarked, and they hosed away 8 year’s worth of dirt from the ground on which the hot tub had sat. I’m happy with the job done and would not hesitate to call them again.” – Kevin F.

Junk King likes to move fast. This review is a good indication of just how fast they do operate. Most jobs are completed within 24 hours. That even goes for the challenging ones like clearing out a hot tub or dismantling the shed. Those are the kind of big jobs that are easily mastered by the experience crews from Junk King. Do you have something that big that you’d like to get rid of?

“I had this company do 2 jobs for me the past year. The first was to remove an old (and VERY large) AC. The other job was to remove an old mattress and box-spring w/frame. I booked online for a time slot within a 2-hour window. Both times they were very professional. They called about 10 minutes before arrival to inform me of their ETA. Both occasions they were on time and did the job quickly. Fair pricing both times as well. I’d gladly use them again and highly recommend them!” – Alicia G.

Junk King’s price policy is based on how they will act the truck with your stuff. The cost for the crews, the transportation and the disposal are all included in that one flat fee. It’s a very fair price for this type of work.

When you need junk hauled from your property you need to put Junk King Tri County to work. You’ll be writing your positive review, too!

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