Make This Summer A Clutter Free Season

How much fun do you plan on having this summer? You might have a few things on the social calendar that you’re looking forward to. This is after all the season for vacations and weddings. But there is a lot to be said for the spontaneous dinner party gallery where friends and family can come over and hang out in the backyard on a warm summer’s night. You might even let the kids camp out in the backyard! All of this fun can be elevated when you take care of all the items on your to do list.

You certainly don’t want to invite folks over if there is a lot of clutter around the house and yards. Most of the clutter can probably find its place back in a closet or storage bin. But for the big stuff that can be thrown out and has no place in your home you need to bring in Junk King Tri County. These are the professional junk haulers never met a pile of rubbish they could get rid of.

Make it Count

When you hire Junk King you are really hiring a pair of movers. This will be your designated work crew. Their mission is simple: get rid of all your unwanted clutter. That means clutter of any size or weight. Only you can make the determination as to whether you want to get rid of something. If it is a piece of furniture that you’ve already replaced and are now storing down the basement or up in the attic, then clearly that can go. If it is some outfits that you are no longer going to wear again, then they can go as well. The same can be said for just about any item in your home, big or small. Remember, you’ll be getting two movers and a big truck. You can fill it up all the way or just part of the way. What will make the biggest difference around your house?

Landfill Alternatives

Getting rid of some of the clutter from your house might have you feeling guilty because those items could still be put to use. When you hire Junk King you don’t have to worry about that. That’s because junk King is dedicated to finding alternatives for dumping trash into the landfill. Those alternatives include charity drop-offs or deliveries to recycling centers. You have to make the distinction. Junk King crews know exactly which item to take to which place. It’s all part of the service.

Make this summer a season of no clutter with a little help from Junk King Tri County. Book your removal session today.