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What To Do When Sheltering At Home

Folks all across the Tri County area are discovering what it means to have “too much time on their hands.” Sheltering-in-place is keeping everyone in their homes. That is actually letting folks discover a lot about themselves and what is available out in cyberspace. Here are some things you can do online when sheltering at home:

Tour Museums

A lot of museums have stepped up during the shut down and have created virtual tours of their exhibits. On some level, this is actually better than actually being there because you can take your time to marvel at all the art and history without feeling like you have to “move along.”

Research a New Topic

Is there are topic you’ve been curious about? Maybe it is a particular king or queen. Perhaps a famous battle. Now is your chance to become an expert on that topic. That vast knowledge of the world is waiting at your fingertips. Dive in!

Take up Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. They both are about learning how to focus and concentrate. They are also very soothing. And you can learn both practices online. Don’t be intimidated by the yoga poses. If you’re not used to stretching like that, then it will be awkward but every day you’ll go a little further. The same with the meditation. At first you won’t be able to “quiet your mind.” But soon, you’ll be able to slip into a meditative state and relax. Much needed these days!

Learn a New Language

When the sheltering-in-place is over, you could come out speaking a new language. Or maybe just enough to order your favorite cuisine. Again, there are plenty of courses online that can get you started.


You’ll find plenty of online hacks that can help you organize your home. This can be an ongoing project that you can do a little at a time. One closet a day perhaps. At the end of your organizing, your can set up a session with Junk King Tri County to help you get rid of all the unwanted clutter. We have put into place some new pickup policies that will help keep our customers and crews safe. Hiring Junk King Tri County to help you get rid of your junk will make a cozier home.

Junk King Tri County Customers Add More Reviews

Communication on the Internet is instantaneous. When you send an email is delivered right away and can be responded to just quickly. The same can be said for posting any review of a product or company. That can actually be very beneficial for any business who wants to promote their levels of satisfied customers. For the job of junk hauling, junk King Tri County has proven itself time and again to provide exceptional customer service for this type of work. The proof of that can be found with the many positive reviews posted by satisfied junk King customers. Here’s a small sample:

“Drivers arrived promptly. They removed everything quickly and efficiently for a fair price. Very courteous and pleasant.” – Suzanne C., Pleasantville

“Junk king was great. It was very easy to schedule an appointment. They were available right away to come look at what I needed removed. They offered a great price and the guys that came were friendly, professional and quick to get everything loaded. Highly recommend and will use them again when the need arises.” – Cory F., Tri County

Before junk King can lockdown a price they need to look over all of the things you want to get rid of. That will allow them to estimate how the truck be packed up. Whether it uses one third, one fourth, one half or the entire truck will determine the final price. You will always know what that flat fee is before the work begins. It is a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

“I had Junk Kings come to my Ossining home yesterday to move an excessively large television. It was big, bulky and very heavy and the guys figured out the best way to get it out of my house and believe me, it wasn’t easy. I’d use them again without question. The guys worked clean and courteous.” – Renee P., Ossining

“Great, fast, and professional work! Came right on time and was very commutative! Would highly recommend all to use.” – Bryan K, Peekskill

Junk King prides itself on its professionalism and efficiency. One rubbish removal session with junk King Tri County will turn you into a very satisfied customer!

The Holidays Will Be Brighter Without Rubbish In The House

What do you look forward to the most during the holidays? If you ask a kid that question, then the answer will most certainly be opening up presents on Christmas morning. Adults look forward to having time off from work and reconnecting with friends and family during holiday gatherings. It is also a lot of fun to get the home ready by decorating. This holiday you might want to make things brighter around your house by getting rid of all the rubbish and not just the things that you can throw out in the trash. It might be time for a big rubbish removal clearing with help from Junk King Tri County.

Your Moving Crew

Junk King is can provide you with your own moving crew. This will be at least two very capable movers who are going to do all the heavy lifting for you. On some appointments, Junk King sends over a third mover. You will be charged any extra for that labor. In fact, you won’t be charge for any labor. That is all included in the flat fee. This is a very helpful pricing structure especially if you have a major cleanup job that will take several hours. Most Junk King appointments only take less than 20 to 30 minutes. That often includes time to take apart things like entertainment centers or bookshelves. Often those pieces of furniture have been built inside a room but they are too large to remove without taking them apart. The Junk King team will be able to make that assessment once day have looked over everything.

That assessment will also include how they plan on packing up the truck. The Junk King teens have a lot of experience getting all kinds of furniture, appliances and boxes loaded onto their truck utilizing as little space as possible. The reason they do that is to make sure they have room for the next person pick up. It is also so that you can benefit from paying the low end of the price scale. This is why Junk King is the most popular junk hauling service in the area.

Your holidays will certainly be brighter when all the rubbish is gone from your home thanks to Junk King Tri County. Put them to work today.

Kick Off The Fall Season Without Rubbish In The House

The fall season is time for pumpkins, apple cider and raking leaves. It shouldn’t be a time for rubbish. This is why you should consider starting a new fall season tradition around the house. Along with all the other maintenance chores you need to take care of, you can add rubbish removal to the list. Thankfully, this is one of those chores that you won’t have to exert any effort with. Instead, you can give that job to the crew from Junk King Tri County. One session is all it will take to get every rubbish item hauled away from your home and yards.

Always Professional

The crew from Junk King that will be working for your appointment is always professional. They arrived with a friendly attitude that persist throughout the job. No matter what type of lifting and loading challenge you might present to them, they will always tackle that problem with a smile and that “no problem” attitude. That will reinforce your ability to ask the Junk King crew to take away any bulky or  heavy object from your home. You might feel guilty asking them to carry a big sofa up from the basement but you shouldn’t. This is the kind of work they do on a daily basis. They will make it look effortless.

Always Eco-friendly

Junk King is also a company that is always eco-friendly. They have adopted this disposal policy since they began collecting junk and rubbish over 14 years ago. That policy is anchored in the preference of making drop-offs to charities or recycling centers as opposed to landfills. If it were up to Junk King, then they would never go back to the landfill. They have developed terrific partnerships with charities and recycling facilities throughout the Tri County area. They know exactly what these places are looking for at any given time. You don’t have to sort the items that you are getting rid of into recycling piles. The Junk King crews have been trained to spot those items. They may even find some recyclables that you hadn’t even thought of!

Kickoff the fall season without any rubbish in the house. Junk King Tri County can help you with that goal.

Regular Junk Removal Sessions Keeps Rubbish Out Of The Home

How often do you have company over to the house? Your home might be the meeting place for the family and that could mean weekly gatherings for Sunday dinners or backyard BBQs. You might also be part of a book club that rotates meetings around  friends’ homes. You could also just have regular coffee klatches with a neighbor. All of this means is that your home can have a constant stream of visitors and that’s a good thing. It is what makes the house come alive. However, you probably don’t want those visitors exposed to your clutter. A quick “sweep” through the living room, kitchen and dining room can remove clutter items like jackets, backpacks and magazines but what about the big stuff? All that clutter in a garage or down in the basement can be an embarrassment. The best way to get that clutter out is with regular junk removal sessions set up with Junk King Tri County.

Sort First

The reason you might benefit from regular junk removal sessions is that it might take you awhile to sort through all the storage areas in your home. Junk King is happy to clear away everything you want removed in a single session. But if the goal is to get to everything then you’ll want to take the time to sort through the garage, basement, attic and closets. That sorting doesn’t have to be rushed. You can do the garage sorting on a Saturday and arrange for a session with Junk King on the following Monday. Then weeks later, take on the closets. Unless you’re moving, there is really no need to rush.

Truck Space

As for the pricing, each session will use the same fee structure. Junk King charges a flat rate based on how much space your stuff will fill up. One price covers everything including the drop offs to a recycling center or charity. One Junk King truck equals half a dozen pickups. That is a lot of room for junk!

It will only take a few regular junk removal sessions with Junk King Tri County to have your entire property clear of rubbish and debris. Set up your first session today.

Start A Great Summer Staycation With A Home That’s Clear Of Rubbish

Have you ever gone camping in your backyard? It’s actually a fun way to spend a weekend with the kids who have never been camping before. It would be a challenge to pack everyone up and take them camping only to have them uncomfortable and complaining. At least if it happens in the backyard they can go back inside! That’s just one thing that you could do on a summer staycation. Think about all the other places in the Tri County area that like to explore for a day outing. Your staycation can be treated just like a regular vacation. That means you don’t have to go into work or answer emails from the job. You also don’t need to be working around the house. It might be better to take care of all the lingering tasks before the staycation starts. If you need rubbish removed as one of those tasks, then you need to put Junk King Tri County to work.

Pick Out the Rubbish

Junk King is going to send over to workers who will be doing all the lifting and loading for your rubbish removal task. From start to finish they are going to do all that has to be done in order to clear out whatever rubbish item that you designate. You might have some obvious choices already in mind that you would like to get rid of. Remember, with the Junk King crew you won’t have to be limited by how heavy something is or whether it is down in the basement. They can carry out anything regardless of size or location. You might also want to spend time out in the garage or sorting through your closets pull out even more rubbish. When you set your mind to the task, you’ll be amazed at just how much can actually get rid of!

No Surprises

Before the crew starts to load up your rubbish items, they are going to provide you with an estimate. This will be based upon how they intend to pack up everything on the truck. Will your junk fill up one half, one third of the whole truck? Whatever that estimate is it will be locked down. There will be any surprises at the end of the job cost you extra. That puts Junk King in the category of “fair and affordable.”

The best way to enjoy your summer staycation is in a home that is free of rubbish. Hire Junk King Tri County today to make that happen.

Find Fast Hoarding Cleanup Help From Junk King

The word hoarding often connotes someone who is holding onto a lot of items to prevent other people from getting them. During WWII, hoarding was a major problem when food, metal and even gold shortages were rampant. Today, hoarding is less often about keeping things that other people want and instead just keeping rubbish. Some hoarders are coping with serious emotional issues that prevent them from throwing things out. For most of us, we tend to “hoard” simply because we don’t have the means to get rid of the stuff. That can all change with one call to Junk King Tri County. These are the junk hauling professionals who can provide fast hoarding cleanup help at all levels.

Sort Through the Storage

Hoarding situations in the average home accumulate in storage areas like the garage, basement or attic. There could also be a large amount of items crammed into a closet that should be dealt with. Before setting up your cleanup session with Junk King, you will want to dedicate the time to sorting through all those storage areas to find out what you should keep and what can be loaded onto the Junk King truck. The result might be dozens of boxes and bags of old clothing, shoes, toys, books, sporting equipment and other household goods. All of that will be gathered up by Junk King for swift removal but you don’t have to stop there.

The Big Stuff

Because Junk King is going to provide a moving team and that big truck, you will have the opportunity to get rid of the big stuff, too. That means any old sofa, recliner or dresser can be loaded up. You can also get rid of the broken appliances and unused electronics that might be cluttering up those store areas. Just imagine what your garage and basement looked like before you moved in. You can get back to that with help from Junk King.

Whether you book your session online or over the phone, Junk King is going to move fast. All of your clutter could be gone within 24-hours. If you need more sorting time, then lock down an appointment for first thing on Saturday morning.

Whether you’re dealing with a major or minor hoarding cleanup situation, you can always count on getting the right kind of rubbish removal help from Junk King.


Make Junk King Your Go To Junk Hauler

Every home has their list of “go to” professionals. You couldn’t survive without having a reliable plumber or auto mechanic that was just a phone call away. For general repair around the house it helps to have a dependable handyman. What about the issue of getting rid of rubbish? It is not just the things you can toss out into the trash. It is the big stuff like old furniture or kitchen appliances that require a professional junk hauler to remove from your home. When you need that kind of help, Junk King Tri County should be your go to junk hauler.

Junk King should be your junk hauler because of the dedication they bring to each and every junk removal session.  When it comes to removing junk, they’re going to do all the work. You don’t need to bring anything down to the street. It also won’t be a problem if you live in an apartment building without an elevator. Junk King crews will happily climb any flights of stairs they need to to get to the stuff you want removed. That includes going down into the basement. Just think of how many things you have down there like to get rid of. Now is your chance!

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. It would be a good idea to have a general since of what you toss out. You won’t have to lockdown that final list until the day of your appointment. That’s because the junk King crew will be able to lockdown your fee until they’ve had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They’re going to base that fee on how they pack up the truck. Will your items take up one third, one fourth, one half or the whole truck? There is a price associated with each of that volume count. To Junk King crew will always try to get as much of your stuff into his little space as possible so that you’re paying the low end of the price scale.

Hiring a junk hauler to get rid of your access rubbish shouldn’t be complicated. Just call in Junk King Tri County and watch how fast the work gets done.

The Best Approach For Junk Removal In Waterbury

Have you ever had a plumbing emergency that required you to shut off the water and wait for a plumber? Those usually happen when there is a clog that won’t clear or a pipe has burst. The worst would be a sewer backup. If you’ve avoided those kinds of emergencies, then count yourself lucky. It helps to have a good plumber standing by. You don’t want to call around on a weekend or later at night without knowing if you can trust the tech. That issue of trust comes into play with every type of service professional you hire whether it is a plumber, electrician or car mechanic. When it comes to junk removal, there is one company that has proven itself to be trustworthy from start to finish. That would be Junk King Tri County.


The crews working for Junk King can only be hired if they can be licensed and insured. Once they pass that compliance, there is the issue of attitude to consider. Junk King prides itself on having crews that are great problem solvers and friendly to work with. You won’t ever feel put out with Junk King. No matter what you need carted out of your house and loaded onto the truck, the crew will be doing the job with a smile.

There is also great consideration given to your schedule. Junk King appreciates how valuable your time is. They don’t want to tie up your day. That’s why they schedule appointments in two hour blocks. That gives the crew plenty of time to get from one job to the next. You’ll probably have the crew showing up early because they work very fast.

With regard to pricing, the professionalism extends there as well. Junk King takes a fair approach of charging a flat rate that is based on how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You’ll never hear, “That’s too heavy and it will cost you extra” from Junk King. The crew will work with you to lock down that price and once it is agreed on all the loading will begin. In not time at all, your home will be cleared of all your unwanted rubbish. For professional junk removal, you can trust Junk King Tri County to get the job done right every time.

Reliable Storm Debris Cleanup In Stamford

Before spring made its official arrival on the calendar, Stamford was blasted by nor’easter storms that knocked over trees, flooded streets and plunged residents into darkness without power. According to Mayor David Martin, “The amount of debris is more than we have seen in Stamford in years.”


Residents who had any fallen tree limbs or branches were told to drag them out to the curb for pickup by city crews. Unfortunately, those crews will only going to make one drive-by. If you didn’t get your debris down to the street, then you would be stuck with it. That is unless you bring in outside help from Junk King Tri County. These are the junk hauling professionals that you can always count on for fast storm cleanup. Best of all, you don’t have to drag anything to the curb. The Junk King crew will pick up anything right where it fell.

Storm cleanup isn’t just about picking up branches. If you had any flooding in your basement or garage, then you might want to get rid of those water-soaked items as well. Plus, any damage to things like patio furniture or fencing can also be picked up by the Junk King crew.

The cost for this service is very reasonable. Junk King charges a flat fee based on how your stuff is going to fill up the truck. The crews have a lot of experience with packing up that truck. They can look over anything amount of junk and debris and know how it will be loaded. They’ll present you with a written estimate before the work begins so everyone is on the same page. What if that debris takes up more room? You won’t be charged any extra.

You also don’t have to wait for a storm to put Junk King to work. They’re available throughout the week to help you get rid of any unwanted item in your home. That includes anything down in the basement. Remember, Junk King picks things up on the spot. You don’t ever have to put your back at risk with Junk King on the job. For reliable storm debris cleanup and fast junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Tri County.

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