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Monthly Archives:

Tips For Smart Storeroom Organizing

How many times have you thought, “I need a bigger inventory storeroom?” You might say that every time you get a new shipment of stock. A business that grows needs more room for inventory but it also needs a storeroom that is organized from top to bottom. Before you move into a huge warehouse, start with these smart storeroom organizing tips and see how much room that will open up:


Use Stackable Shelf Bins

Depending on the type of inventory you’re carrying, you might benefit from utilizing stackable shelf bins. These can also be color coordinated to fit the various items you’re stocking. They might also be more practical them keeping everything in the cardboard box that it arrived in.

Make the Shipping Station Efficient

If shipping inventory out from your storeroom is part of your business, then this area needs a to be focused on efficiency. Break down each step of the shipping process from box building to label making. Are all the materials located within easy reach of the station? Would it help to pre-build boxes? What is part of the packing process that holds up the line the most? Anywhere you can tighten up the process will help with the efficiency.

Place Like Items Together

Again, this speaks to the type of inventory you’re carrying but it makes sense to group things together. In a furniture storeroom, there should be one aisle for chairs, one aisle for tables, one aisle for beds, etc. The goal is to be able to send in any employee to retrieve what is needed without having to ask for directions.

Keep it Clean

There are two approaches you can take with keeping a clean storeroom. Both have merit. The first is the “clean as you go” system. This means any mess that is created with packing and unpacking, gets cleaned the moment the mess is created. The other option would be to stop all work a half-hour before a shift ends and dedicate that time to cleaning everything. Your workers will be in a better position to tell you what works best for them.

Beyond the trash, there could also be a lot more clutter and rubbish that should be removed from your storeroom. This is when you might want to bring in outside help from a company like Junk King Worcester. They’ll be able to haul away all the damaged and unsellable inventory. There is no reason to hold onto it if it can’t ever be sold. Regular rubbish removal sessions with Junk King Worcester will go a long way towards keeping your storeroom clean and organized.

Junk King Can Help With A Cardboard Box Problem

How many times a day do you come in contact with a cardboard box? If you work in any kind of retail store or restaurant, then it is a safe bet you’re dealing with something being delivered in a cardboard box every day. Shopping in a grocery store might have you navigating around cardboard boxes as goods are being unloaded onto a shelf. At home, there could be a package waiting for you that you ordered from an online store. Small cardboard boxes are usually broken up and stuffed into the recycling bin. However, when the boxes are bigger or too numerous to fit in the bin, then you’ve got a cardboard box problem on your hands. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Worcester.


Junk King is happy to stand by their motto of, “we do all the work.” With a cardboard box problem, some of that work might include breaking down the boxes in order to stack them on the truck. The Junk King crew has no problem with stomping cardboard to get it onto the truck. They also have no problem dismantling a set of bookshelves, an entertainment center or even a hot tub if that is what you want to get rid of. It is all part of their daily work.

That daily work also includes making drop offs of collected stuff to recycling centers or charities. With the cardboard boxes, you’ll definitely want Junk King to get those recycled. You might be surprised at just what else that you’re getting rid of that can be recycled. Of course, you don’t have to concern yourself with sorting through your items. The Junk King crews are all trained to handle that from the start.

It might help for your business to set up a regular removal session with Junk King. That kind of work can have a positive impact around any storage room or warehouse. All your cardboard box problems and junk hauling needs can be solved with a single call to Junk King Worcester. Make it happen today.

Couch Removal in Worcester

Junk King does many things well when it comes to clearing up your space. That includes Worcester couch removal services. We’ve been in business for over a decade now and in that time we’ve built up a loyal following of valuable clients.They come to us with a variety of needs including coach removal. Our team of experts is fully insured and highly trained. All you need to do is tell us where that old couch is and we’ll remove it in a safe manner.

What’s more, we will even recycle what we can. Junk King is very proud of the fact that everything that we remove goes to a central hub to be sorted. One of our priorities is making sure that we lessen our carbon footprint and avoid landfill where ever possible.

Here’s a few of the ways we accomplish that goal:

By taking advantage of technology. Just because we might be removing junk from your house doesn’t mean that we need to use old-fashioned methods to do it. With a simple click of a mouse, you can order our services from the comfort of your own home. Booking online is easy and you can even send us a text photo of the old sofa you want gone to get an accurate quote.

By being transparent. When you use us for your Worcester couch removal needs, you’re getting upfront pricing and great service. We have a price guarantee and several excellent ways for you to book us. For example, you can book online or call us and even text us a photograph of the couch that you want to remove.
One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is that technology moves faster than people’s ability to throw stuff out. That’s why we have a variety of other services that include getting rid of old televisions.

One of the reasons that we stand head and shoulders above the competition is our television removal services eco friendly. In other words, we recycle what we can.Electronic waste is another item that can take up a lot of space in your home and office. Making sure that you don’t increase the amount of electronics in a landfill is as easy as calling or texting us today.

Remember, couch removal is just one of the things we do for you.

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