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Going Beyond the “Out of Sight/Out of Mind” Mentality: Responsible Waste Management in Framingham, MA


The vast majority of individuals, homeowners, and business don’t think about where their trash ends up once it is picked up by the local waste management service. Though we may attempt to separate our recyclables and compost our organic kitchen waste, most of us rarely think about the final “resting place” for the hundreds of pounds of trash that we discard every year. Unfortunately, landfills across the country are quickly filling up and for residents of Framingham, MA, improper landfill practices have been shown to potentially cause serious public health crises. Below, we take a look at the current state of recycling in the state of Massachusetts. We then look at some of the serious problems with local landfills in the Middlesex and Worcester counties. Finally, we offer one simple solution to help businesses and individuals in Framingham reduce their waste footprint.


The State of Recycling in Massachusetts


According to one recent study, “Massachusetts generates 13.9 million tons of waste annually, of which 9.2 million tons are household and commercial waste, or municipal solid waste (MSW). Of the 13.9 million tons of waste generated annually, 52% (7.2 million tons) is recycled or diverted.” Though this does put Massachusetts among the states with the highest recycling rates, we are still well behind states like Maine, which have a recycling rate of 72 percent. Furthermore, the state of Massachusetts also had the second lowest amount of landfill waste per capita in the United States in 2019 with just over 16 tons of landfill waste per person.


Despite these statistics, there is a significant shortage of landfill space in the Commonwealth. One expert analyst stated that:


The landfills are full, and unfortunately the public won’t know it until it hits their wallets. We are producing major volumes of waste, and I think we can do better with it. We can’t create new landfills, and the facilities that we need to handle what we do cost billions of dollars.”


In fact, due to stricter zoning restrictions that make it close to impossible to open new landfills in Massachusetts, much of our State´s trash is actually being trucked to the neighboring state of New Hampshire. The lack of long-term solution for responsible waste management has been specifically felt by the residents of Framingham.


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The Toxic Legacy of Ashland, MA


Just down the street from Framingham, residents of Ashland, MA have suffered from years of contamination due to improper waste management practices. The Nyanza site, located in downtown Ashland, was a dumping ground for toxic dyes and other harmful chemicals for at least thirteen years in the 1960s and 1970s. According to one report, “before the EPA began cleanup, Ashland residents — especially children — would come into contact with contaminated water at the site. A 2006 state Department of Public Health assessment of the site found that those chemicals likely caused local residents to develop cancer, especially those who grew up in Ashland in the 1960s to the 1980s.”


Though most waste management companies avoid dumping toxic chemicals into our area landfills, electronic waste (e-waste) and other forms of waste still make their way into local dumps. Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and other serious contaminants may very well continue to seep into local groundwater sources. The legacy of the toxic waste buildup in downtown Ashland should remind all of us that responsible waste management is a task we all share in.


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Junk Removal Professionals to Help with Responsible Waste Management


junk removal in worcester


So how exactly can individuals, homeowners, and businesses in Framingham and the surrounding area safely deal with their waste streams without further contributing to the landfill crisis we are facing? Hiring a junk removal service is certainly one way to get rid of your regular trash and other bulky junk items. Unfortunately, many junk removal companies will simply haul the trash they pick up directly to the local landfill.


For residents and businesses of Framingham, Junk King of Worcester is the top-rated junk removal company in the region that offers full-service junk removal. This means that our junk removal technicians will do all the heavy lifting and hauling so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of moving your heavy and bulky junk out of your home and business. We offer both residential and commercial junk removal service to help our clients safely and efficiently get rid of old appliances, beds and mattresses, bulky furniture televisions, refrigerators and freezers, used hot tubs, all sorts of construction waste, e-waste, and more. Anything that is not classified toxic waste can be hauled away by our trucks! Furthermore, all or our team members wear masks and have been trained in COVID-19 prevention techniques to limit the risks to you and your family.


We are proud to say that over 60 percent of the junk items that we pick up are eventually donated or recycled. After years of working in the junk removal industry, we have developed a huge network of relationships with donation facilities, thrift stores, and recycling operations where we can ensure that the majority of your junk items stay out of local landfills. We know that bulky junk items take up a lot of space in the local landfill, and we also know that there are hundreds of families and other businesses that would be happy to renovate and put to use many junk items. We provide our full service junk removal to the following communities around Worcester County: Acton, Agawam, Arlington, Ashburnham, Belmont, Chicopee, Framingham, Grafton, Lancaster, Lexington, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Springfield Townsend, Waltham, Westborough, and Worcester. We can also offer our service to the Boston and Middlesex area.


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Why You Should Pick Junk King for all your Junk Removal Needs


Junk King Junk Removal


As the region´s top rated junk removal company, we offer our junk removal services to both residential and commercial customers. Whether you an individual that has dozens of bags of raked leaves that you want taken away as quickly as possible, or are a business owner needing to get rid of older computers and monitors taking up valuable office space, Junk King of Worcester County can help you will all of your junk removal needs. Our company provides superior value, service and effort, and can help you easily, efficiently and cost effectively free up space in your home or business without causing further environmental damage.


Besides being the greenest and most efficient junk removal service in the region, we are also proud to offer fair and transparent pricing mechanisms. For any junk removal need, you can simply call us at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK), at (978) 212-3973, or book our services online. We provide free, on-site estimates, and can often haul away your junk on the same day you contact us. Call Junk King of Worcester today to inquire for the most environmentally responsible junk removal option.




Top 4 Tips for Efficient E-Waste Removal in Worcester

Junk King Worchester


Every day, millions of cell phones, computers, TVs, printers, and other electronics and appliances are carelessly discarded as we constantly seek to purchase the latest technological innovation. According to one analysis, the average American spends around $1,200 each year on electronic gadgets each year. If we factor in new appliances as well, that figure most likely is significantly higher. But have you ever stopped to think where all those used appliances and electronics eventually end up? Only about 1/8th of all electronics and appliances are eventually recycled, meaning that an enormous amount of used phones, computers, electronics, and appliances eventually end up in local landfills.


This “e-waste” not only takes up an enormous amount of space in our already-overburdened landfills, but it also contains several potentially dangerous components that are classified as toxic waste. Up to 70 percent of all toxic elements in landfills across the United States come from the used electronics and appliances that we throw away, even though e-waste as a whole is only 2 percent of the total amount of waste sent to landfills each year.


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So What Exactly Is E-Waste? 


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines e-waste this way:


E-waste”, “electronic waste”, “e-scrap” and “end-of-life electronics” are terms often used to describe used electronics that are nearing the end of their useful life, and are discarded, donated, or given to a recycler. Though “e-waste” is the commonly used term, EPA considers e-waste to be a subset of used electronics and recognizes the inherent value of these materials that can be reused, refurbished, or recycled to minimize the actual waste that might end up in a landfill or improperly disposed of in an unprotected dump site either in the US or abroad.”


The used electronics and appliances that we discard are potentially dangerous to both human health and the local environment. Inside our used TVs, computers, phones, and other electronics you can find toxic components that are dangerous to human health, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, and lithium. In a landfill, these toxic elements can potentially leach into the soil and even local watersheds.


When these heavy metals and other dangerous toxic chemicals reach sources of groundwater, they eventually make their way into ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Eventually, the heavy metals lead to acidification and toxification of important water sources. Not only does this effectively poison the water for animals, plants, and other aquatic species, but it can also create serious health risks to human communities.


Perhaps ironically, many of these same heavy metals that poison the soil, water, and air when they are carelessly thrown into the dump, are actually worth millions of dollars! Cell phones and other electronic items have large amounts of precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and others. Just the cell phones that are thrown away by Americans every year contain an estimated $60 million in gold and silver.


Top Four Tips for Responsibly Getting Rid of E-Waste in Worcester 




E-waste is a ubiquitous source of toxic waste in our nation´s landfills. At the same time, it is composed of heavy metals that are extremely expensive. The combination of these two facts would make you think that there might be added economic incentive for recycling operations to take on e-waste materials. Fortunately, local governments, private recycling operations, electronics retailers, and independent junk removal companies are finally coming together to try and “solve” the e-waste problem. Below, we offer our top four tips for how individuals, homeowners, and business owners can efficiently and responsibly get rid of their e-waste items.


Tip #1: Donate your Used Electronics 


Despite the enormous growth of cell phone usage across the nation, an estimated 15 percent of adults in the United States do not own a cell phone. In our hyper-digitalized society, this can make it difficult to communicate, manage finances, hold a job, and do other everyday tasks. If you have a used phone, computer, TV, printer, or another type of electronic device, consider donating it to someone in need. For residents of Worcester, MA, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a great place to donate used electronic appliances where they will be refurbished and sold at a discounted price to neighbors in our region. This isn’t only a great way to keep your e-waste out of the landfill, but it also is a simple way to help members of our community who might not be able to afford new electronics.


Tip #2: Drop Off Your E-waste at Local Recycling Agencies 


Another way to responsibly get rid of your used electronics and appliances is to physically take them to local electronic recycling organizations. In the Worcester area, Recycling Works offers free recycling of all unwanted, outdated, or broken electronics, though you will have to take them to their brick and mortar locations.


Tip #3: Return Your Used Electronics to the Store Where You Bought Them


Another option for responsibly dealing with your e-waste is to take your used electronics back to the store where you originally bought them. Many electronics retail stores now offer free drop-off services for used phones, computers, and other similar items. The stores may try to refurbish the items for resale, or they will find a local recycler. In some cases, you may even be able to sell your used items for cash to the retail store.


e-waste recycling


Tip #4: Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company


Lastly, you can also hire a professional junk removal company to help you get rid of your e-waste items. This is perhaps the easiest and most efficient option as you simply have to call the company and set up a time for pickup. Junk King of Worcester County is the leading junk removal service in the region, offering our services to residents of the towns of Acton, Agawam, Arlington, Ashburnham, Belmont, Chicopee, Framingham, Grafton, Lancaster, Lexington, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Springfield, Townsend, Waltham, Westborough, and Worcester. We also service areas as far away as Boston and Middlesex.


Hiring Junk King for your e-waste removal makes sense if you have several appliances or electronics you want to dispose of, or if you simply don’t have the time or means to drive your e-waste to recycling centers or donation agencies. Junk King of Worcester can help you get rid of all your e-waste items in an environmentally friendly manner as we maintain a series of relationships with recycling centers and donation agencies around the region. If you are undergoing an extensive remodel or “de-cluttering” of your home, we also offer to both individuals and businesses an efficient and affordable way to get rid of used furniture, yard waste, appliances, hot tubs, construction debris, mattresses, and anything that is not classified as hazardous waste.


How to Hire Junk King of Worcester 


 As a full-service junk removal company, Junk King of Worcester provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to recycle all of your used appliances and electronics. You can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to donate, repurpose or recycle your e-waste. To get a free and transparent price estimate, call us at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK), or at (978) 212-3973. You can also send a text message with a picture of the junk you need to be removed at 1-737-888-5865. After you receive and accept the free estimate for the junk removal at your home or business, you can pick a 2-hour window for the company to come and help you get rid of your junk in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and timely manner!


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Reliable Junk Removal Services in Worcester


old fridges and stovesFor most homeowners, when a certain item in our households starts to get worn down or overused, we simply take it out to the curb and hope it gets picked up by the trash collection agency we pay. The problem with this “out of sight and out of mind mentality” is that there is a growing lack of landfill space across the country. According to one recent report that used data collected by the Waste Business Journal, “over the next five years, total landfill capacity in the U.S. is forecast to decrease by more than 15 percent. This means that by 2021 only 15 years of landfill capacity will remain. However, in some regions it could be only half that.” In the Northeastern states, this landfill capacity crisis is especially ominous, as the region is expected to lose about 30 percent of its total landfill capacity within the next 5 years.

So what exactly are people supposed to do with that unfixable refrigerator, or the 20-year old lumpy mattress sitting in an unused corner of their basement? Fortunately, there are several junk removal services across the country that can help individuals and homeowners find an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to get rid of the junk in their homes. Junk-King of Worcester County, Massachusetts offers fast, efficient, and eco-friendly junk removal for all of Worcester County and also the Boston and Middlesex areas.

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The Importance of Upgrading Certain Home Elements

The landfill scarcity statistics outlined in the introduction are certainly worrisome and will need to be addressed in the coming years. However, the lack of landfill space in many areas of the country does not mean that you should necessarily avoid purchasing new, large items for your home.

Let´s take the example of a refrigerator. That old, box-style refrigerator you inherited from your parents that is twenty (or more) years old might still be in working condition. However, it is most likely pushing up your energy bill and adding to your household carbon footprint. Older models of refrigerators most likely use anywhere between 1,700 kWh and 2,400 kWh of electricity every year. Newer, energy efficient models of refrigerators, on the other hand, only use about 450 kWh for a similarly sized model. In terms of economics savings, households can expect to save around $150 each year by simply upgrading to a more modern fridge. In terms of environmental impact, the energy savings from a more efficient refrigerator could save at least 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being emitted.

Furthermore, many older couches, beds, and other pieces of furniture were routinely coated in several types of flame retardant chemicals. Recent research is revealing that many of these flame retardants such as TDCPP, PentaBDE and OctaBDE are known cancer-causing agents. In fact, one recent study found that of 102 couches tested, cancerous toxic flame retardants were identified in 85 percent of them.

Protecting the health of your family and reducing your energy use and carbon footprint are a few of the commonsense reasons for upgrading certain elements of your home. And no matter how careful you are, things do tend to break and wear down over time. When you do need to get rid of a large item, however, is there an alternative to simply sending it to your local landfill?

The Opportunity for Recycling

The vast majority of things that we call “trash” can be recycled for future use. Returning to our example of the refrigerator, inside the large cooling case there is usually a decent amount of of steel, copper and aluminum; all of which are highly recyclable and generally in demand from recycling operations across the country. The shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator are made with either metal, plastic and/or glass that can also be recycled for future uses. Even the polyurethane foam that acts as insulation for the refrigerator can often be reutilized for other purposes.

The problem, of course, is that most municipal trash services will not pick up your refrigerator, even if you are able to drag it out to your curb. Trying to strap that old refrigerator onto the roof of your Toyota Prius to drive it down to the nearest recycling center is also probably not a great idea. Fortunately, junk removal services like Junk King Worcester offer an easy, efficient, and affordable way to help you get rid of large and bulky items like an older refrigerator. Junk King makes every possible attempt to donate or recycle the different items that they pick up from residents and homeowners across Worcester County in order to limit the pressure on our already-overburdened landfills.

junk removal service recycling

The Junk Removal Services Offered by Junk King Worcester

According to Countyoffice.org, there are only three operational landfills in Worcester County, Massachusetts. These landfills have to serve a population of well over 818,000 people covering an area of 1,511 square miles. This amounts to just one landfill per 272,749 people, and one landfill per 503 square miles. In the state of Massachusetts, Worcester County is ranked 10th of 14 counties in landfills per square mile. Given this reality, finding ways to limit the amount of trash you send to your local landfill should be an environmental priority for every person in the region.

Junk King of Worcester County is the leading junk removal service in the region, offering their services to residents of the towns of Acton, Agawam, Arlington, Ashburnham, Belmont, Chicopee, Framingham, Grafton, Lancaster, Lexington, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Springfield, Townsend, Waltham, Westborough, and Worcester. They also service areas as far away as Boston and Middlesex.

The company can help you get rid of your junk and bulky trash in an environmentally friendly manner, and accepts virtually everything except hazardous waste. For people in Worcester County, Junk King offers an efficient and affordable way to get rid of used furniture, old televisions, yard waste, appliances, hot tubs that need to be disposed of, mattresses, and more.

They also offer a safe e-waste disposal service. For new home builds or extensive remodels, the company also offers construction waste removal. They also can help with foreclosure clean outs.

Full Service Junk Removal

The professional junk removal technicians that work at Junk King Worcester will do all the heavy lifting and hauling, usually helping you get rid of your junk in under an hour.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

As a full service junk removal company, Junk King Atlanta North provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to recycle all of your used furniture. You can rest assured that the company will do its best to repurpose or recycle your old pieces. To get an estimate, you can call Junk King at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK), or at (978) 212-3973. You can also send a text message with a picture of the junk you need to be removed at 1-737-888-5865. After you receive and accept the free estimate for the junk removal at your home or business, you can pick a 2-hour window for the company to come and help you get rid of your junk in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and timely manner!

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5 Ways my Drop Off Dumpster Saved me Money in Worcester

Let’s face it: whenever you have more waste to deal with than what a household normally generates in a week, finding ways to rid yourself of it can be a troublesome affair. The difficulties grow with the amount of garbage, too. Whether you’re knocking down old drywall and renovating an investment property, or you’re doing a serious “deep clean” and downsizing your possessions, it’s all too easy to find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t have enough space to discard it all.

With a drop off dumpster placed on the property, your problems will be solved. It’s about more than the convenience of having a place to put bulky items or a large volume of waste, though. In fact, you’ll find that it’s an excellent way to save money too. Take a moment to consider five of the biggest ways a Worcester dumpster rental can keep more cash in your bank account where it belongs.
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1. You won’t have to pay more for someone else to handle disposal

Let’s say you’re working with a contractor on a project in your home or place of business. That project will generate all kinds of debris, and it needs somewhere to go at the end of the day. If you leave things up to your contractor, chances are they’ll jump at the opportunity to charge you a “disposal fee” for removing the junk on their own. This could add up rapidly if they charge the same fee for each day that they work and generate waste. With a dumpster rental in Worcester, on the other hand, you’re only paying once, and all the charges are clear from the start.

Drop Off DumpsterEven if you’re working on your own, you’ll end up in a similar situation if you have nowhere to dispose of the garbage. You could end up facing the need to ask others to come and haul the junk away for you. That means more fees and charges that can add up quickly. When you’re working with a company that can provide a rental dumpster instead, you know what you’re paying up front — and it’s often far less than all the other associated charges.

2. No need to spend cash on garbage bags or gasoline

Perhaps instead of paying for junk removal or having a contractor do the hauling, you decide to do it yourself. It’s likely that you won’t have enough space in your home’s garbage bin to dispose of it all, especially when it comes to bulky and heavy items. You may not have the opportunity to place it on the curb for bulk trash pickup services, either. That leaves you with one option: hauling it all to the local dump yourself. That is, of course, if they’ll even accept the materials you have to discard. You can likely expect to pay the dump some disposal fees for every trip that you make there.

This is where the cost of hauling the garbage yourself really begins to increase. Aside from the disposal fees, you’ll also be paying for heavy duty garbage bags to pack it all away before transport. Then you’ll need to factor in the cost of all the gasoline you’ll burn going to and from the drop-off point. Add it all up, and it can become quite a substantial expense. Compared to the cost of renting a dumpster, this method can prove to be much pricier.
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3. The right type of rental gives you financial flexibility

Depending on the type of drop off dumpster you choose to rent, you can save more money with this option as well. How? It all comes down to the ways various dumpster companies price their rentals for their local market. Sometimes, you will encounter businesses that charge based on the sizes of the different dumpsters available, the weight of the refuse you throw away, and other factors as well. This can come out to a substantial total, which at first glance might make you think a dumpster rental is actually not the option you want to choose.

However, keep in mind that other businesses don’t charge based on weight, and provide a dumpster of a reasonable size for most small to medium-sized projects. Instead of weight-based charges, it is all about the amount that you fill up the trash receptacle. In other words, if your project produces less garbage than you expect and you fill up less than half of the total dumpster volume, you won’t have to pay full price. Even a full load typically has a more competitive price than other dumpster providers that seem to want to nickel and dime customers at every turn. By choosing a more flexible option, you can save money and still accomplish the job with the same level of dependability.

4. You can dodge fines or fees for improper disposals

Maybe you decide to risk it and dump the garbage on the curb for municipal pickup anyway. What happens when it turns out that isn’t allowed? City codes may restrict the amount or location of dumping carried out by those in residential and commercial properties. You could find yourself slapped with fines as punishment for placing garbage where your locale says it is prohibited. You must be especially careful when the waste produced by your work includes some type of hazardous material, which requires special disposal. While dumpster companies typically won’t take hazardous waste either, they will accept almost everything else. Don’t run the risk of a write-up and the associated fines when you can rent a temporary dumpster and have it hauled away professionally instead.

5. Avoid costly delays that put a project behind schedule

In some cases, disposal of debris is an essential task to complete before a project can move forward. For example, in an interior demolition, you may need to clear away the trash from one stage of the project before you can proceed with the next stage. What happens if you have nowhere to put it all, or if you have to wait on someone else to come in and handle the cleanup job? Delays. Time is money, especially when contractors are on the clock and delaying a project to deal with disposal problems is almost like lighting money on fire.

With a dumpster rental, that’s not the case. As soon as the waste is generated, you or your work partners can carry it all out of the property to the conveniently located dumpster. When you throw things away as the project proceeds, you won’t run into the same types of delays you would otherwise. With the ability to call for a fresh dumpster to replace one that you’ve already filled up, you can keep downtime to a minimum and power through the hardest parts of the work. The result is a project that’s easier to keep not only on time, but on budget as well.
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Find a drop off dumpster that works for you

With these reasons in mind, the benefits of opting for a drop off dumpster should be clear for all to see. Whether it is a renovation project at home or a small construction project, you’ll find there are many ways to save money when you opt for a rental over the other potential options. Plus you can enjoy knowing that the right company will do their part to keep the planet green by recycling everything that doesn’t need to go into a landfill. Take the time to evaluate all the options for your project, and then choose the one that fits your needs best.


Dumpsters to Rent for Your Kitchen Renovation in Worcester

In most cases, the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house. There is a reason that most prospective buyers head to the kitchen first. The quality of a kitchen—its counters, its fixtures, its appliances, its use of space—tends to inform most decisions about whether to buy a house. A gorgeous kitchen can serve as a place for food preparation, dining, entertaining, working, and enjoying leisure time in your Worcester home. For all these reasons and more, renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking—one that can be simplified significantly by looking into dumpsters to rent before you start your big project.

Demolition and Dumpsters

Dumpsters to Rent If you are undertaking a kitchen renovation, congratulations are in order. This kind of remodeling can be exceedingly complicated and expensive, but it also tends to be the most rewarding renovation you can do. Adding functionality to your kitchen by changing the way space is used is well worth the effort of a renovation. Turning your kitchen into a place where you enjoy spending time is well worth the effort of a renovation. Adding value and appeal to your kitchen so you can improve your sale prospects is well worth the effort of a renovation. Regardless of why you are embarking on a kitchen remodel, there is probably a big reward waiting for you at the end of the process.

First, though, comes the beginning of the process. If you are looking for dumpsters to rent in Worcester, you are probably past the earliest of those stages—such as planning and design. However, you are also probably nearing the demolition stage, which is where having a dumpster on hand can make your life easier.

Indeed, if you are weighing the pros and cons of renting a dumpster, all you need to do is think through the demolition process. Most kitchen remodels involve gutting considerable segments of the room—if not the entire space. You might be tearing out flooring or dispensing with old, outdated countertops. You might be ditching old appliances or cabinets that have clearly seen better days. You might even be knocking down walls to create a more open concept space. After all, open concept kitchens are all the rage these days.

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The point is that these demolition processes create a lot of debris and other waste. Whether you are managing your renovation as a DIY project or hiring contractors to handle the work, you want the process to be able to roll along smoothly. For a DIY project, a quick-moving demolition process will mean quicker project completion. If you’ve hired a crew for the job, moving faster might even save you money. Either way, you will want to rent a dumpster, because having a dumpster on site will significantly speed up the demolition process.

Think of it this way: without a dumpster on your property, where is all that debris going to go? Where is your construction crew going to pile discarded drywall or flooring? Where are your old appliances going to go to make way for the new ones? What are you going to do with those unwanted cabinets or unneeded countertops as you await their replacements?

The answer is simple: put everything in the dumpster. A dumpster saves you or your crew from having to move debris around as the project moves forward. You needn’t even spare a thought for where all the stuff is going to go because it can all go right into the dumpster. If you position the dumpster correctly, your project team might even be able to toss debris out the window or glass slider and into the open bin. The speed and productivity gains to be made here are significant, and they will rewrite the narrative of your kitchen renovation.

Deciding Which Dumpsters to Rent

The key, of course, is renting the right dumpster—or at least going through the right dumpster company for your rental. Contrary to popular belief, not all dumpster rental businesses are the same. Here are a few of the pitfalls you will have to navigate as you shop for a rental:

the do you really need it checklist

  • Not all dumpster companies accept construction debris: In most cases, dumpster rental companies have a “restricted item” list that you need to follow. Some just ban toxic or hazardous waste. Others forbid items that are commonly banned from landfills, such as mattresses or tires. Some, though, don’t accept construction waste or require you to rent specific dumpsters for this type of garbage. To avoid confusion or hassle, you want to rent a dumpster from a company that has as few restrictions as possible. That way, you will be able to deposit everything—from construction waste to old appliances to the stuff you forgot was hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinets—into the same dumpster.

  • Dumpster sizes vary: One of the more frustrating aspects of renting a dumpster is how much dumpster sizes vary. How can you pick between a 10-cubic yard dumpster and a 40-cubic yard bin if you have no idea how much space all the debris from your renovation will occupy? To make matters worse, these companies typically bill based on flat rates, which means if you rent a 30-yard dumpster and only use 10 cubic yards of space, you still pay the full price. In most cases, kitchen renovations won’t require more than 12 cubic yards of space. Still, try to find a dumpster rental company that bills based the amount of space you use rather than based on dumpster size. That way, you will get the most bang for your buck and won’t worry needlessly about sizing.

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  • Recycling isn’t common: Some of the junk from your renovation—the discarded drywall and flooring—probably isn’t reusable. Much of it, though, could be salvaged and reused for other purposes, or at very least saved from the landfill for proper recycling. In particular, the appliances you are replacing probably still have some life left in them. The bad news is that most dumpster companies take your junk directly to the landfill. The good news is you can still find a few companies that will sort your junk after they pick it up, pulling out items that can be reused or recycled. If you want to make sure your old dishwasher isn’t headed to the nearest landfill, keep an eye out for one of these green junk removal businesses.

Navigating these pitfalls will help you find the right dumpster rental for your renovation. From there, things should go smoothly. You’ll be able to schedule a date for dumpster delivery, work through your demolition project, and then watch as all the junk is hauled away from your property for good. Just make sure you give yourself and your team enough time to execute the full demolition before scheduling the dumpster rental company to pick up your bin. Pricing will fluctuate based on how long you need to keep your dumpster, but it’s better to keep the bin for a day longer than you think you might need it than for your bin to get picked up before you are done demolishing.

Renovations can be stressful, expensive, and difficult to plan from a logistical standpoint. If you’re thinking about dumpsters to rent, though, you are on the right track. A rental dumpster will simplify the process, expedite progress toward project completion, and make it easier for you to sit back and enjoy your kitchen’s gradual transformation into something beautiful. Start shopping for your dumpster rental today!

Fire Up Your Restaurant Business With These Marketing Ideas

Have you hit a slump with your restaurant business? There are always seasonal lows but if a slump persists, then you could be facing some serious consequences. It might be time to re-energize your restaurant business by implementing a few of these savvy marketing ideas.


Create a Recipe Book

If you have loyal customers that already rave about your dishes, then why not share them in a recipe book. Although this might take a little effort and the need to hire an outside creative force, you’ll find that publishing is a lot easier these days. Your recipe book cannot only be sold online through your own website but you can have it available as giveaway presents for those exceptional customers.

Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards have become very popular way of buying a present for someone. The person buying the gift card from your restaurant could be giving it to a new customer. They want to share all the good things they’ve enjoyed about your eatery. Most often, those customers will be coming in alone. They’ll also become repeat customers if you do everything right.

Have Your Chef Meet the Patrons

Just as you should constantly go through the restaurant making sure everyone is having a good time you should encourage your Chef to do the same thing. Customers will enjoy meeting with the person responsible for cooking their delicious meal. If you can set up a special Chef’s table in the kitchen, then all the better.

Post Videos Online

Hopefully, you’re already sharing food photos of all your delicious meals. You should also think about posting videos as well. You can give viewers a tour of your restaurant and interview various staff members. You can also add together customer comments after they finish their meals. These don’t have to be long “movies.” But it’s a great way to show everyone that your restaurant is a fun place to have dinner or lunch.

Offer Online Ordering

If you offer take-out services, then your guests should be able to order online. You don’t want to make things complicated for them or they’ll go somewhere else. Once you have set up your system it’s a good idea to order food yourself just to see how easy it is. That something you should do in a regular basis.

As new customers come in, make sure they are experiencing your restaurant at its very best. Not only does that include what comes out of the kitchen but what they see in the front of the house. You have to be especially diligent with regard to cleanliness. If you have some big furniture items, kitchen appliances and other bulky rubbish, then you need to bring in Junk King Worcester. One call will set up an appointment that will have strong movers lifting and loading all that unwanted clutter no time at all. Keep your restaurant rubbish free with help from Junk King Worcester.

First DIY Projects For New Homeowners

Congratulations! You’ve just moved into your new home. It’s a moment certainly worth celebrating. Now it is time to get to work. In addition to unpacking all the boxes, you’ve got a brand new set of “to-do” items that you should knock out right away. From this moment forward, you’re in charge. There is no landlord to call up when things go wrong. That’s why it’s vital you stay on top of the maintenance. You also want to look for ways to bring your monthly costs down. You’re already paying a big mortgage. Do you really want to add to that monthly nut? Here are some terrific projects that every new homeowner should jump on ASAP:


Lower Your Hot Water Temperature

The best temp for your hottest water should be 120 degrees. The previous owner might have dialed up that number a bit. While you’re at it, you might also check the water pressure. Yes, we all like a strong flow in our shower. However, higher pressure could result in damage to your pipes. Do you want to deal with that headache?

Check Your Insulation

You might have already done this as part of the inspection. Now that you’re in the house, you want to make sure you unfinished attic has a fresh coating of insulation. You can also add a water heater blanket around that unit. The little amount you’ll pay for this blanket will come back in a lower heating bill many times over. If you have any exposed water pipes, give them a good insulation wrapping as well.

Look For Leaks

There are two types of leaks you should be on the prowl for in your new home. These would be water and air. The water leaks are easy to trace. Take the time to go through all the bathroom and kitchen sinks, the laundry hooks up and toilets. Make sure there isn’t a drop of water coming from any of those fixtures. If so, jump on the repair right away. The same goes for a running toilet. Catch it if you can. As for air leaks, these would be found around window casements and doors. Those leaks, however small, are letting warm air out and cold air in. That will have you ratcheting up the thermostat when you don’t need to.

Make a Check List

There are also ongoing maintenance items like swapping out batteries in fire alarms, changing air filters in vents and flushing out the septic system. Create a checklist, set alarm reminders on your phone and you’ll be on top of things.

Get Rid Of the Rubbish

Once you finish unpacking you might have discovered that you brought with you a lot of rubbish from your old place. That is understandable the focus was to just make sure everything was brought on the moving truck. But you certainly don’t want to start a new life in a new home with old junk. One call to Junk King Worcester can take care that. They’ll send over a team of professional movers that has been licensed, bonded and insured. They will quickly lift and load all the rubbish items you want to get rid of. Make sure your new home is junk free with help from Junk King Worcester.

How To Prepare For A Power Blackout

You will find out very quickly how dependent you are on electricity when there is a power blackout. Usually, these happen as the result of a storm bringing down a power line. But they can also occur at peak energy use during the summer when everyone is cranking their AC and straining the electric grid. Here’s what you need to do to be prepared for the next power blackout.


Have A Flashlight In Every Room

You don’t know where you’ll be when the blackout occurs. It might happen in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. Either way every room in your home should have a designated flashlight. Along with that flashlight, you should have backup batteries for them.

Use Candles Sparingly

Once you fire up the flashlight, you may be inclined to light some candles. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you keep and watch on them. You shouldn’t leave a room for any long period of time with candles burning. And make sure there is nothing near them that is flammable.

Don’t Go Into the Refrigerator

When the power goes out your refrigerator shuts down but that doesn’t mean the food is going to instantly spoil. Instead, it is acting like a huge cooler. But every time you open the door is when you let out the cold air. Wait at least an hour or two before rating the freezer for ice cream. That should go first!

Stay Away From Windows

If the power goes out and the storm is still raging, then you should gather the family in the middle of the house away from windows. If pets are having a hard time with the storm, then you might want to put them in their carrier cases where they can calm down.

Check On Neighbors

Once the storm has stopped you can go outside to check on your neighbors. However, if you see a downed power line turn around and go right back inside. Wait for the authorities to come and deal with that.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

There’s no telling how long the power will stay out. Hopefully, you won’t be stumbling around in the dark. You can minimize the risk for accidents by making sure all the clutter is removed from your home. That is especially true down the basement if you have to go down there to check for flooding or inspect the electrical breakers. Getting rid of that clutter is easy when you put Junk King Worcester on the job. They’ll send over a pair of capable movers and a big truck. That’s all you need to get rid of just about anything in your home regardless of size or weight. This team won’t have any trouble carry those things up from the basement or down from upstairs. Before the next blackout, let Junk King Worcester help you get rid of all your unwanted clutter.

How To Enjoy A Worcester Staycation

Have you ever had the feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation? That usually happens when you get stressed out over all the travel and lackluster accommodations. As the old saying goes, there’s no place like home and that’s just where you can have a wonderful staycation. Here’s what you can do to enjoy your Worcester staycation:


Lose Time and Unplug

One of the best things about a vacation is losing all sense of time. You can do that around your house by literally hiding all your clocks. You’re on vacation, why you need to know what time it is? As for your phone, put it on mute. You can always check your messages whenever you get around to it. It’s time to unplug.

Go Off the Grid

Along with unplugging your phone, you may want to give yourself a vacation from the news and social media. You don’t need to check in with twitter or Facebook and you certainly don’t have to have 24-hour news cycle going in the background. The world will get along without you for a week!

Get Dinner Delivered Every Night

You certainly don’t want to cook on your staycation. Think of all the money you’ll be saving on hotel and airfares. That would be only a fraction of what it would cost to get dinner delivered every night to your home. Explore those menus you haven’t tried yet. Indulge in the appetizers. If you get a little stir crazy, you can always go out for a nice breakfast.

Go On a Reading Binge

Since you’ve unplugged you up and have a lot of time in your hands. If you were flying or hanging out at the beach, then chances are you would be catching up when you’re reading. You can do that on your staycation as well. Go find a nice park and spread out a blanket. Or set up a hammock in the backyard.

Get a Massage

There will many great massage therapist in the area that will come right to your home. That way you can get a relaxing massage without having to face traffic. Sounds great!

Get Your House Clean

Since you’re going to be spending your staycation at home, you want to start with a clean house. Why not hire a cleaning service to go through your place top to bottom? As for getting rid of some big clutter that’s taking up space in your closets, garage and basement that is a job that can be given to Junk King Worcester. This might be a task you’ve been putting off for a while but its perfect assignment to give to these junk hauling professionals. Just imagine how much you’ll enjoy your staycation after Junk King Worcester has cleared out all your unwanted clutter.

How To Make Your New Roommate Feel Welcome

Having a new roommate is going to require a period of adjustment. This is especially true if you haven’t lived with someone before other than your family. A roommate means you’ll be able to save money on finances. It also means you’ll have help around the house for everything from taking care of pets to bringing in the mail when you go on vacation. There are some things you could do to make your new roommate feel welcome and ensure that you get off on the right foot. Here’s what you could try:


Host a Dinner Party

A great way to make your roommate feel welcome is to host a dinner party in their honor. You could invite your friends and their friends since they will all be hanging out together eventually. Cooking together in the kitchen is also a terrific way to bond. You might have tasty recipes or cooking tips to share.

Decorate Together

Your apartment may already be decorated to your taste but now that you have a roommate, you’ll want to blend in some of their things as well. You could discover that some of their keepsakes, photos and artwork would look great in your living room. This is a fun project to do together.

Invite Their Family Over

If your roommate has family in the city, then they would probably like to meet you. You can throw a backyard barbecue to show off the apartment. You’ll probably be hearing plenty of stories about them soon enough!

Go Grocery Shopping Together

Now that you have a roommate it might make sense to cook meals together. It can be cheaper to cook for two and have leftovers. If your roommate is new to the neighborhood, then they will definitely want to know the best places to shop for things like groceries. Take them on your next trip to the grocery store and shop together. You could find that sharing expenses on some staples like paper towels and soap will help save you money as well.

Clear Out Some of Your Clutter

Your roommate will probably have a lot of things that they want to put into storage. Whether it is their own closet or storage, you have the apartment it would be nice to make room for them by clearing out some of your clutter. This is a good opportunity for you to go through all your stuff and decide exactly what you want to hang onto. They may even be bigger items like old furniture or e-waste that you want to get rid of. All of that can be turned over to Junk King Worcester. These are the professional junk haulers who can eat efficiently load up all the things you want to get rid of in a single session. Making room for your roommate is the best thing you can to make them feel welcome. Junk King Worcester can help.

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