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Guide To Organizing Your Garage

Does your garage look like a disaster zone? Do you find it a challenge to get from the car to your kitchen door? Do you have a hard time finding the things been keeping in storage? If the answer is “yes” to any one of those questions, then clearly it’s time to get your garage organized. This will take a little time and effort on your part but the investment of an afternoon can make a huge difference in your garage. Here’s what you’ll need to do:


Remove Everything

In order for you to see exactly what you’re working with you’ll need to remove everything from the garage. Fortunately, you have a driveway that is designed for this very purpose. As you pull everything out you may want to put it into category piles. For instance one pile for sporting equipment and another for tools. Once that is completed, you can see exactly what should stay and what should go.

Make Use of the Walls

Your garage walls are the perfect spots for hanging up most of what you’re keeping in storage in there. You can either put up designated hooks directly into the wall or hang up large sections of pegboard. The advantage of having pegboard is that you can easily move around the hooks as you replace certain items. Once you’ve designated a hook for a particular item that is where it should go after every use. This is an important habit for you and your family to get into.

Cleanup the workbench

If you have a workbench in your garage, then it is a major culprit for clutter. There are plenty of options when it comes to organizing loose items like nails and screws. It might be helpful to buy a mini vac and keep it plugged in right on the workbench. Directly above the workbench could be another pegboard for your tools. Just to make things clear, once the tools are hung you can trace around them forming an outline so you and everyone else in the house knows exactly what goes where.

Use Rafter Space

If you are in need of extra storage space then look up. There are many shelving units designed specifically to hang from rafters. You can even DIY rafter storage with some sturdy chains, hooks and plywood.

Lose All the Rubbish

As you start to move things back into the garage from the driveway, you might discover that a lot of stuff is being left behind. This is all the rubbish that you should turn over the Junk King Phoenix. There two-man crew can quickly load up all of this unwanted clutter and make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner. You’ve spent the day cleaning out the garage. Now let Junk King Phoenix get rid of that rubbish once and for all.

Convert Your Garage Into A Home Theater

Thanks to the abundance of online streaming movies and television shows, you really don’t need to go to the movies anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t be without the movie going experience. Many homeowners have dedicated a space in their home to create the perfect home screening room. All this requires is a great sound and picture system along with some comfy chairs. It also helps if the space can be completely dark. A terrific spot in your home that can be converted into a screening room is your garage. One quick glance at Pinterest will show you all the possibilities. Before you get started, your first call should be to Junk King Phoenix. This is the team that will be able to clear out all the clutter and rubbish from your garage to make way for your movie theater.


A garage is a common place to put everything you can’t throw out in the garbage. This is where all the old computers, televisions, printers and monitors and up. It’s also where winter clothes that have been out grown and broken sporting equipment end up. As you go through these things, you might wonder why you’ve held onto them for so long. Thanks to the dedicated team from Junk King Phoenix you won’t have to keep them any longer. In fact, if you know exactly what you want to get rid of, then you might even have the advantage of a same-day pickup. You can call Junk King Phoenix at breakfast time and have all your junk gone before dinner.

Everything collected by Junk King Phoenix will have the opportunity to be repurposed. That means your stuff could be dropped off at a local charity thrift store. Not only will your items benefit a family in need but they could also help keep other people employed refurbishing them. It’s a perfect “circle of life” moment!

The cost for all this junk clearing is surprisingly affordable. Your flat fee that covers everything will be based upon how tightly the Junk King crew can pack up the truck with all your stuff. It’s all about volume. Get started on converting your garage into a screening room with a call to Junk King Phoenix today.