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East Bay Refrigerator Disposal

School’s out which means the neighbors will soon be teeming with kids looking for things to do. Recently, a group of youngsters from East Bay took a bus trip up to Sacramento to champion a high-quality summer program for low-income neighborhoods. This is actually a very serious issue facing kids and is called the “summer slide.” A study has found that for kids who take the summer off from being engaged in learning tend to drift further away from developing the skills they’ll need when they return to school. This doesn’t mean that kids should stay in school year round (although some parents might like that!). Instead, they should be given the opportunity to enroll in programs that bring them structure and fun activity like sports, reading and field trips.
That’s just what those East Bay kids were doing as they toured the capital and got to ask lawmakers what their favorite summers were when they were kids. Everyone has a fond memory of vacations by the beach or up in the mountains. Maybe it was a cross country trip with the whole family packed into a RV. Whatever the memory, summer is definitely a time for kids to be outdoors engaged in all kinds of fun. The goal is to have a safe summer. Every 4th of July we’re reminded of the dangers of playing with fireworks with displays of department store mannequins getting blown up by firecrackers. However, there is another danger that could be found around neighborhoods in the form of abandoned refrigerators.
All it takes is one tragedy to release how crucial it is to properly dispose of your old refrigerators. Even putting an old fridge in your garage isn’t 100% full proof. There is simply no telling what kind of exploration a kid will get into over the summer. And don’t try saying, “Stay out of the garage.”  That’s just an open invitation to go there! The best course of action would be to hire a professional hauling company like Junk King to take away that refrigerator and dispose of it properly. Not only can you rest assured that you’re unused appliance won’t cause any harm; you’ll actually be in compliance with the law.
If you decide to keep that fridge then you either have to remove the door or padlock it. Taking off the door is easy but then you’ve got the door and the fridge sitting there collecting dust and rust. The padlock option is viable but the bigger question is why are you going to hold onto something that you’ll never use again? Do you really want to waste the storage space? One call and you can have the icebox taken away. And while you’re at it, you might also find several move large items worthy of the trash heap. Just because the junk haulers are taking away your fridge doesn’t mean they can’t also take away all your other trash!

East Bay Area Hauling – Clean Up the Community Clutter

On any given day, there’s a lot of action going down in the East Bay Area. The East Bay covers dozens of cities and communities, thousands of homes, hundreds of businesses and many thriving college campuses. Throw into the mix several first rate restaurants and cafes, night clubs, shopping centers and sports arenas and it’s easy to see why many people call the East Bay their home. Is it the perfect place to live? For most folks it is, but that doesn’t mean the East Bay isn’t without its issues. Even the Garden of Eden had some problems with unwarranted “guests.” There is one simple way to improve life around the East Bay and that would be if everyone decided to get rid of their junk. Hiring a local based East Bay hauling company can help make those kinds of improvements with very little effort.  That company is Junk King Alameda.
The first wave of junk that should be considered for removal is anything that could be officially deemed as an “eyesore.” This would be things like an old stove or fridge that is no longer in use but has ended up on the back porch. Tires and tire rims stacked up on the outside of the garage. Piles of lumber scraps leftover from a remodel job that are now just a home for spider and bugs. Do you have an eyesore like this in your neighborhood? More importantly, are you guilty of an eyesore? You can get rid of the guilt and the junk in one move. That move would be calling up a professional East Bay hauling company like Junk King.
As long as you’re clearing up the clutter from the exterior of your home there is no reason why you can’t continue the clearance with the interior. Think of all the eyesores you’re stuck with inside your East Bay home. In this category you could find furniture that has seen better days, desktop computers that are way beyond repair or boxes of books, shoes or clothes no one is ever going to use again. Your goal should be to fill up an entire truck with junk. Admit it; you could probably do that without any effort, right? If that’s really the case then hiring an East Bay junk removal team is critical.
When you decide to hire a professional team like Junk King East Bay, you can expect high standards when it comes to the work. Sure, they are moving junk but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it with a level of care. This would mean not having your walls banged up or your floors scuffed up. Sure you could rent your own oversize truck and pick up some day laborers hanging around Home Depot to do the work, but do you really want to invite these kinds of strangers in your home? Yes, the professional team will be strangers but the big difference there is that they will be bonded and insured. That makes a world of difference when it comes to who you let through the front door. Isn’t it time to make East Bay living even better by clearing out the clutter from your home?

Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

East Bay Junk Removal

When it comes to getting rid of your junk, there’s a new sheriff in town.  By “town” we mean the East Bay, CA and by “sheriff” we mean Junk King. As anyone will tell you, it’s good to be the king. In the world of junk removal, Junk King stands alone as one of the most competent and professionally organized junk hauling services available to the folks around the Bay Area. You might think it’s a strange concept to hire a company whose sole purpose is hauling junk, but once you understand how Junk King operates, you’ll quickly realize that they are the only true option for getting rid of all your unwanted stuff.
The first phase of the junk removal project is all on you. So, ask yourself what has to go? As you walk around your East Bay home or apartment you could probably identify a handful of items destined for removal. This could be worn out furniture like an old sofa, love seat or end table. It could also be an old mattress that was shoved in the basement or garage that has become home to some nasty bugs. What about a discarded kitchen appliance like a broken stove or dishwasher? Sure, you have a new model in the kitchen now, but that old one might have been shoved out to the backyard and is now just collecting rust.
The big items are easy to pick out, but look closer. What’s crammed in those closets or under beds or in attics? There could be boxes of old papers, magazines or files you no longer need. What about all those arts and craft projects that you’re never going to get around to finishing? Speaking of unfinished projects, do you live with a car tinkerer? How many scattered engine parts, bumpers, rims and tires have they accumulated over the years? Yes, all of that can be gone with one simple call to Junk King Alameda.
That’s the next phase – your Junk King free estimate call. If all you have is a piece or two then you can set up an appointment over the phone. But if you’ve got more to get rid of, then your best option is to have a Junk King team to come out to the homestead to do a free and complete survey. These guys are trained to know just how much can fit in a truck, how long the job will take and what it will cost. Once that is worked out, they’ll be able to haul it all off. Another great thing about how Junk King operates, they won’t keep you waiting all day like the cable or phone company. When they say they’ll be there, they’ll be there!
On the big day, the professional team of Junk King haulers shows up and gets the job done. Keep in mind that this crew is licensed and insured. These are exactly the kinds of workers you want coming into your home. As you wave good-bye to your junk, imagine what you can do with all that space!  For the best in East Bay Junk Removal, simply call Junk King at 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today.