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Bay Area Green Junk Removal

Making the commitment to be eco-friendly throughout your life can depend on the ‘green outlook’ of everyone around you. Junk King was formed in the Bay Area, so it’s second nature for us to try to help the environment around us by preventing junk from ending up in landfills.

Those who live in the Bay Area know that the culture and law facilitates an eco-friendly way of life.  For example, buying a fuel efficient vehicle allows Bay Area drivers to skip expensive bridge tolls. For those who want to forgoe driving altogether,  the Bay Area public transit system (Muni, Bart, CalTran) is extremely efficient and far reaching.

The city of San Francisco also recently launched a very agresssive recycling program to completely stop the use of landfills by 2020. This new legislation mandates that every residence and business utilize three color-coded bins for trash, recycling and compost. People who don’t comply with the city ordinance can face fines of up to $500.

Beyond the legal side of things, people in the Bay Area simply look for greener ways to live life. You don’t see people littering as much as other places, and the nearby state and national parks are fiercly protected by citizens and the local government.

Junk King has the goal to spread this ‘Bay Area Green Outlook’ to the rest of the country through our green junk removal program.  As new Junk King franchises open across the country, we hope to promote green living in each specific destination.