About Junk King's Foreclosure and Estate Cleanout Services

One integral part to selling a home is ensuring that the house is cleaned up and looking good for prospective buyers. Specifically, in the case of foreclosures, ensuring that all the previous tenant’s property has been removed from the home prior to putting it up for sale makes a big difference.

Whether you are a real estate agent or homeowner that is attempting to make a sale, you know that getting rid of all that junk can be a hefty job. Not only do you need to haul heavy items out of the home, you also need to ensure that the home isn’t damaged in the process.

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Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean out service so you don’t need to worry about cleaning out the home. Our hauling professionals will ensure that all furniture, appliances, carpets, debris or anything else is out of the home so that you can concentrate on making a sale.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean out service. tweet this

Not only are we foreclosure cleanout pros, we specialize in all sorts of junk removal including.

Learn more about foreclosure and estate cleanout.

How can you get us on the site for foreclosure or estate clean out services? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. You make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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Our professional and insured hauling team will show up at the home we call 15 minutes before we arrive on and we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your items takes up in our truck. You point and we haul all items into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

Not only are we foreclosure cleanout pros, we specialize in all sorts of junk removal including:

Cleanout Services for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Landlords

Landlords, Realtors® and other real estate professionals understand that preparing foreclosed properties for sale can mean dealing with whatever the former homeowners have left behind.

Unfortunately, many of these prior residents believe they have little reason to leave their foreclosed home in decent condition when they vacate the property.

This is why there will always be a need for foreclosure cleanout businesses.

In addition to cleaning and repairing a foreclosed property, a different challenge is the task of hauling away any old furniture, appliances, unwanted items and other junk left behind by the former owners.

Because the nature of REOs, short sales and foreclosure transactions are complex and time-sensitive, banks and Realtors® often need cleaners on short notice and the clean out work needs to be completed with a strict turn-around time-frame.

Which is why foreclosure and estate cleanouts are such crucial tasks to understand.

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What is a Foreclosure Cleanout?

Foreclosed homes need a lot of preparation before they are ready for an open house. Many Realtors® and banks with a large inventory of properties will hire services to come and clean these properties for them. These services can also include minor landscaping and repairs.

But sometimes this isn’t enough.

Foreclosed homes need a lot of preparation before they are ready for an open house. Many Realtors® and banks with a large inventory of properties will hire services to come and clean these properties for them. tweet this

While cleaning and repairing a property is essential and usually included in the cleanout process, many businesses do not provide for hauling away large debris that was left behind.

The truth is that many foreclosed properties are often left with trash, abandoned furniture and other property that the previous homeowners didn't attempt to remove and haul off. Consequently, that task falls to the Realtor® or some other representative of the bank or finance company that now holds the property.

An option for these professionals is to hire a foreclosure cleanout service. Typically, a foreclosure cleanout involves hauling away old furniture, discarded appliances, unwanted household goods and other debris that was left behind by former owners.

In fact, pretty much anything that needs to be removed and disposed of properly can be taken care of by a reputable foreclosure cleanout service like Junk King. With the exception of hazardous waste, we are trained to pick up, haul, and dispose of, well, pretty much everything!

And we do this quickly, efficiently and without damaging the interior of the property in any way. Our crews are fully insured and trained, which means we get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

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Estate Cleanouts

In life, there are a few unfortunate events that require an estate cleanout service. Typically, there are four common reasons for cleaning out one’s property - or that of a family member.

  • Downsizing due to major lifestyle changes
  • The death of a parent or other family member
  • A divorce settlement
  • And overwhelming debt

According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day, with many boomers finally reaching 65 by 2030. tweet this

The U.S. population is getting older. According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day, with many boomers finally reaching 65 by 2030. This translates into nearly seven baby boomers turning 65 every minute. This also means that there are large numbers of homeowners who find themselves needing to downsize their lifestyles or are simply passing away.

More often than not, estate cleanouts occur because of the death of the homeowner. But not everyone who find themselves needing help cleaning out their properties are surviving spouses or children. Instead, these are people who must liquidate their assets as part of a divorce settlement, or because they want to move to take a new job in another location.

However, whatever the reasons for an estate cleanout, most people find that the task of hauling out furniture, appliances, and other household goods can be especially challenging. It’s not unusual for an elderly parent or grandparent to have accumulated a year’s worth of belongings. These things are likely to be found filling up both the house and the garage and this is in addition to any rented storage units, or storage sheds on their own property.

Using Estate Sale Services

An estate liquidator is the professional usually called to conduct an estate sale. While members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators must meet certain education or experience requirements, most liquidators have no formal training. In fact, almost anyone can set themselves in business as an estate liquidator.

Consequently, you should take time to research a prospective estate liquidator. This is an emotional event and the situation is usually stressful enough without having to deal with an unprofessional vendor.

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If you are considering an estate sale, there are some key tips that can help you or your client manage this stressful task:

Find and set aside all financial documents. Locate and secure any wills, trusts and related documents. This might include such things as:

  • Burial trusts
  • Insurance policies
  • Real estate deeds and titles
  • Bank statements
  • Stock certificates
  • 401(k) records
  • Tax returns and receipts

Look for any photos and other family memorabilia. These items have little value outside of the family, but they are irreplaceable for family members.

Donate or consider selling unwanted clothing. Most clothing has little value, unless they are vintage items. Donating usable items is another option for these items.

Search all spaces thoroughly. Take the time to look through everything thoroughly. For example, the pockets in clothing, drawers, high shelves, every container, etc.

...look through everything thoroughly. For example, the pockets in clothing, drawers, high shelves, every container, etc. tweet this

The work involved in preparing for an estate sale can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. While some tasks are monotonous and time-consuming - such as sorting through paperwork - there are other tasks such as cleaning and moving furniture. When it comes to cleaning out and hauling away the large items and debris, the services of a professional estate cleanout service such as Junk King can be invaluable.

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Eviction Cleanouts

If you’re a property manager you know that preparing a vacated rental home for new tenants requires a great deal of work. There can be repairs, cleaning, possibly new carpet and paint, and it all adds up. But sometimes the previous tenants will leave unwanted items and junk behind.

This means you also have to deal with the task of junk removal and hauling.

Apartments Need Cleanouts, Too

Although most prior tenants leave an apartment clean and empty, there are always a few who leave behind things. Apartment cleanouts usually involves furniture, old mattresses, piles of clothes and garbage or large amounts of junk that must be removed and disposed of.

It is estimated that there more than 44,000,000 households that are renter-occupied. That’s over one-third of the population and, while a large number of single-family homes are being rented, most of those households are apartments. And renters tend to move frequently, as well.

In fact, according to the Census Bureau, almost 25 percent of renters have lived in a different location during the previous year. And one out of 10 moves are made because of job transfers.

Someone Has to Get Rid of the Junk

Cleaning out apartments can be a tough task that requires hard work. And when old furniture and other large junk items get left behind, someone has to haul these bulky items through hallways and sometimes, down stairs.

It’s unfortunate when a landlord has to dispose of a tenant’s possessions. And when a renter leaves because of an eviction it can be a difficult experience for everyone. In these situations, many tenants never fully clean the apartments before the leave. This is true for renters who break their leases and move out without notice, as well.

The same thing can occur with rental homes. Although larger property management companies usually have the resources to handle these situations, many property managers have to spend their own time and money to get rid of the junk.

And, unfortunately, most of the abandoned items are seen as worthless “junk” the tenants didn’t bother taking and now needs to be gotten rid of.

Property Management Involves Cleanouts

Property managers and rental professionals also work with rental homes, vacation properties, duplexes, triplexes, and other types of leased properties. Tenants might fill these rentals with large amounts of furniture and belongings which end up getting left behind when they move out.

As every property manager knows, each day the rental property sits unoccupied is a day without rental income. tweet this

And, like apartment managers, they can be overwhelmed by the task of junk hauling. Since these units can’t be leased until the junk is removed and the property is cleaned. As every property manager knows, each day the rental property sits unoccupied is a day without rental income.

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Recycling During a Foreclosure Cleanout

Junk disposal does not always mean going into landfills. In fact, junk hauling and junk disposal can actually contribute to recycling efforts when done correctly. Because there can be a wide variety of items involved in a foreclosure cleanout.

Although recycling is a common practice, according to a study by Yale University and the EPA, as a country we still recycle less than 22 percent of our discarded waste. Yet, most residential waste management companies require separating recyclables. But household waste is one thing. Old furniture, appliances and large household items can be recycled as well.

the do you really need it checklist

Although it may not be apparent to most of us, it’s been shown that almost everything that ends up in the waste stream can be recycled or reused. And there are a number of common materials in large junk items that are prime candidates for recycling.

By being aware of these materials and being intentional with our junk disposal practices we can make a huge difference. Foreclosure cleanouts can generate large amounts of trash and junk, and most of it is made of recyclable material. The point here is that not everything that gets hauled away during a foreclosure cleanout will go to the dump, especially when you have Junk King handle it for you.

Junk King is proud to be North America’s greenest junk removal service. In 2205 we pioneered recycling-based junk removal and have been striving to be greener ever since. We sort the items we haul away with every foreclosure cleanout for metals, e-waste, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture and appliances, in our recycling warehouses.

But “being green” also means we donate, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothing, toys, baby cribs and strollers to office furniture and supplies. We run many of our trucks run on biodiesel, a domestically produced fuel made from more environmentally safe non-petroleum, renewable resources. Junk King is committed to continuing to lead the way to help keep our planet clean, green and beautiful for generations yet to come.

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Foreclosure Cleanout FAQs

Do you offer labor and trucks to remove items from a foreclosure?

Yes, sometimes in a foreclosure situation there is a lot of junk and debris left behind which must be removed to prepare for sale. Junk King has trained professionals who have years of experience performing foreclosure cleanouts and janitorial cleaning services on foreclosed homes.

Junk King has trained professionals who have years of experience performing foreclosure cleanouts and janitorial cleaning services. tweet this

When we perform a trash out on a foreclosed home, we clear the entire house and yard of any junk, clutter or debris lying around. We will even take junk or old appliances that are not connected, broken or outdated if you want them gone. Junk King can also rip out carpeting, tear down drywall, or perform other demo services upon request.

If you need a foreclosure sales cleaning, we can provide a thorough janitorial service to get the home looking clean and smelling fresh. There are no foreclosure cleanout companies who understand foreclosure trash outs better! Call Junk King now to schedule your foreclosure cleanout service.

What can you remove from a foreclosure cleanout?

When it comes to foreclosure clean-outs, you never know what you could be walking into. As a real estate agent or new home owner, you could have a foreclosure that is full of junk and clutter all over the house and yard. At Junk King, we understand what it takes to get a home back in good condition and ready for sale.

We start by removing all the trash and debris on the inside and outside of the home. We collect all the junk in heavy duty trash bags and load them into our dump trucks to take to the landfill. Then we prepare to load any items that can be donated or salvaged as well as any broken appliances or lawn equipment that can be recycled. We even remove large items like junked cars, boats or above ground pools that are infested with bacteria.

If you have any other questions about what can be removed from a foreclosure home, give us a call at Junk King today.

Do you offer eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean out services?

At Junk King, we provide eco-friendly foreclosure and estate sale clean out services by limiting the amount of items we take to the landfill. When things like furniture, clothes, books, lawn tools, working electronics and small appliances are left behind in a foreclosure, Junk King will donate these items to local charities and shelters rather than just throwing them away in a dumpster.

Any broken appliances or metal junk that we haul away will be taken to a local recycling center where the scrap metal will be broken down properly and sorted.

Whenever Junk King performs a janitorial service on a foreclosure home, we use green cleaning products and materials to perform a thorough, entire-house disinfecting and cleaning. Call Junk King right now for all your eco-friendly foreclosure clean-out needs.

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Large Item Removal

Have to remove large items like furniture and appliances can be quite a task. In addition to breaking down and carrying these heavy items out of the house, they have to be disposed of properly. Most cities do not allow furniture items to be left on the curb and arranging for your trash hauling company to pick up items - assuming they will - it’s often inconvenient and you still have to do all the heavy lifting.

If you are cleaning out a foreclosed home or conducting an estate cleanout, what do you do with old appliances that don't work and can't be donated? And what about the old furniture that no one would want and was left behind?

Sometimes, the best option is to simply have them removed and disposed of. But if you've decided to toss out the old, broken-down appliances or unwanted furniture, what are your options?

In most situations, you have three options:

  • You can use your own truck or a rental to haul the appliances or furniture to the local landfill. This isn’t an option for everyone, however, and it’s hard and dangerous work.
  • A second option is to hire someone to haul the items away. This is an easy approach if you can find someone reliable. But there are also landfill fees to consider.
  • A better approach to have a professional foreclosure cleanout service like Junk King haul away these large items for recycling.

This option makes sense, too, when you consider that many counties and municipalities have enacted Zero Waste and Landfill Diversion initiatives to increase recycling efforts and reduce overall waste and landfill use.

Having us take these large items often makes more sense than trying to donate them, since the equipment is close to breaking down if they haven’t already. Even large appliances like refrigerators are candidates for professional recycling. Hiring a professional firm for large junk removal items like appliances or furniture makes sense as there’s no easier way to get rid of them.

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Household Junk and Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is usually associated with chemical factories or other industries, but the fact is that vast amounts of household junk and debris contains hazardous materials. This is something to be aware of when cleaning out a foreclosed home, or a recently vacated rental or estate.

Anything that might be considered hazardous waste should never end up in a landfill or the water system. If disposed of incorrectly, hazardous waste can destroy habitats, pollute water, and cause human illness. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that they’re dealing with hazardous materials.

When cleaning out a property it’s important to watch for old paint cans containing paint residue, left-over commercial cleaners, adhesives, and even old motor oil. These are all examples of hazardous wastes that, if simply poured down a drain, can harm the environment. Not to mention that it’s illegal.

The EPA states that anything that can catch fire, explode, react, or has corrosive or toxic properties is considered hazardous waste. Here are some examples of hazardous waste:

  • Adhesives
  • Certain types of paint
  • Oil filters and used oil
  • Batteries
  • Antifreeze
  • Household cleaners and polishes
  • Insecticides

Here’s how to correctly dispose of hazardous household waste:

  • Check for any local guidelines on how to dispose of hazardous waste in your area.
  • You can take old batteries to a battery recycling center.
  • Take expired medications to pharmacy that is authorized to dispose of them.
  • Ask local law enforcement officials how to dispose of ammunition or explosives.
  • Take empty gas bottles to a natural gas or propane supplier.

We Can Advise You on Hazardous Waste

At Junk King, we provide professional junk and trash out services and we know it can be confusing to determine what constitutes as hazardous waste and how to dispose of it. This is why we can advise you on how to dispose of all your dangerous waste safely.

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Outsourcing versus DIY

Foreclosure cleanouts are a necessary part of a real estate professional's job. But looking into professional house cleanout services is a great idea.

Foreclosure cleanouts are a necessary part of a real estate professional's job. But looking into professional house cleanout services is a great idea. tweet this

While a minor house cleaning is almost always necessary to put a foreclosed property on the market, there is often a need for a major foreclosure cleanout, as well. But is that a task for the Realtor® or property manager, or should it be outsourced?

Three Advantages of Outsourcing Foreclosure Cleanouts

  1. Minimize your cleanup and disposal costs
    Once you figure in your time and expenses, you’ll find that it’s far more cost effective to outsource the work to a reliable and professional company. A professional foreclosure cleanout crew can get the job done quicker, better and for less money.
  2. Eliminate time spent with clean up and “dump runs”.
    Instead of spending your valuable time cleaning up a house full of trash and hauling it all off to the local dump or landfill, you should be working on tasks that produce revenue for you.
  3. Contribute to reuse and recycling
    Recycling is a great practice and a good idea and is often required. But recycling furniture and appliances is time consuming and requires work. Having a professional foreclosure cleanout company handle it is far better than simply “throwing it away”.

Choosing the Right Firm for Foreclosure Cleanouts

Once you've decided to outsource the debris removal for your foreclosed home, you need to choose a firm is the right one for the job.

Junk King is the leading business to business junk removal service in North America and our real estate junk removal services take care of this cleanout process for you. It’s one big task off your to-do list and it’s a big step toward getting your property ready to sell or rent.

Speed, Reliability and Quality Service for Foreclosure Cleanouts

We understand that as a real estate professional you need your homes to be pristine and you want to be able to list them as quickly as you can. We also understand that you appreciate hassle-free services and really can’t afford to have problems with a property.

Junk King offers fast and friendly junk hauling with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices. We recycle or donate 60% or more of the junk we collect including household debris, furniture and appliances, and even clothing and personal items. Real estate ventures can proudly call Junk King their green partner for real estate junk removal.

We are Insured and Offer Post-Escrow Payment

Junk King handles junk removal services for real estate professionals across the U.S. and we are the highest rated service brand in the nation. You can depend on Junk King for speed, reliability and for the peace of mind that comes with getting your property ready fast.

Our team specializes in large waste removal and trash hauling. We can be on location in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion. If you have questions about what we do or what we believe, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).

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