Monthly Archives: April 2012

Add Junk Removal to your Warm Weather Preparation List

The temperatures are starting to rise again and the snow, what little there was this year, is melting away. Are you ready for spring and summer? Has the cleaning bug hit your home yet? It’s time to make a list and get ready for milder days. BBQs, badminton nets, and pick-up basketball games are all signs of spring, and summer to follow. Look around the house and outside at your driveway and yard? Are you ready for the season? Is the outside as clean as indoors is? Maybe you should add some junk removal to your to-do list.

Let’s talk about that list. Every year you look at what needs to be done and you do the same things all over again. Are you caught in an endless cycle of clean, clutter, clean, clutter, etc? How about this year you permanently remove some of those items you usually just push aside? You’re never going to use that broken down lawnmower again. Stop fooling yourself.

Some useless items you can bag up or throw into a trash can and have them removed. Others require the help of a professional junk removal company like Junk King.  Junk King provides an experienced hauling team who can haul things away and dispose of them properly, like those old appliances stacked behind the garage. You haven’t thrown them away because the city trash collectors won’t take them. Meanwhile, they’re poisoning your land, the main reason why they can’t be put into a landfill in the first place. Try Junk King’s junk hauling and recycling services. It’s better for the health of you and your family, not to mention it will increase your property value.

Consider this for a suggestion. Don’t put it aside when you can throw it away. There are dozens of items in your home that you can easily get rid of and never miss again. Have the junk removal pros load up one truckload and you’ll clear enough space in your home to house a large dog. You always wanted a pet, didn’t you? Here’s your chance. Make room and you can have a new addition to the family. Or, you could just make room so you can have – more room. What a concept!

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking of it as spring cleaning chore and start thinking of it as spring cleansing. You have too much stuff and it will get in the way of all those warm weather activities you’re planning. Don’t move it down to the basement or into the attic. Don’t fill up your garage with equipment you’ll never use again. Get a Junk King to get rid of the clutter for you and have the spring and summer you always dreamed of – one where nothing gets in the way of what you truly want to do in your yard or home.