The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rubbish Is To Bring In Junk King Birmingham

The idea behind a yard sale is to not only get rid of all your unwanted rubbish but also to make some money while doing it. Unfortunately, quite often will spend money to promote your yard sale, give up an entire day and still be stuck with all that rubbish. Then you’re going to have to drag it back into your house and there will sit until the next yard sale. A much better option would be to hire Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk removal experts never met a pile of rubbish that they couldn’t make disappear.


A yard show only works if there are a lot of potential customers. If you’re holding your yard sale during the weekend with rain, then you won’t see hardly anybody. If you live on the street without a lot of traffic, then it’s great for your comfort but not so great for your yard sale. Plus, there’s all that effort of sorting through everything you want to get rid of and attaching a price to it. That doesn’t mean you will get that money either. Most yard sale shoppers like to bargain. You might be so frustrated that you’re willing to just give it away by the end of your sale.

When you hire Junk King Birmingham, you’ll still have to do that sorting but instead of bringing everything down to the front lawn just leave it right where it is. The two-man moving crew assigned to your junk task will be picking it up right from the spot. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be where it is located. These Junk King Birmingham crews will climb any amount of stairs and lift any piece of furniture, appliance or other bulky item.

You don’t have to feel guilty about turning over all your unwanted items to Junk King Birmingham. That’s because that stuff won’t automatically be trashed. Instead, it could end up at a charity where it can go to families in need. Junk King Birmingham isn’t concerned about the condition of what they are going to take from your. They know many organizations that can fix up things like old sofas, tables and chairs. When you want to get serious about getting rid of your rubbish then Junk King Birmingham is the only call to make.

Junk King Birmingham Is Your Perfect Recycling Partner

Birmingham has set a course for itself to become a zero waste city by the year 2035. To get there will need to increase the current recycling rate of 30% up to 70%. The ultimate goal is to eliminate any waste going to a landfill. There are a lot of ways people can help the city achieve this goal beyond their kitchen recycling. Small things like refusing a receipt at a store or restaurant or making sure you don’t waste food are simple ways to become a “zero hero.” Another way is to make sure that whatever you throw out that isn’t in the recycling bin can also be recycled. That is where partnering up with Junk King Birmingham can make a huge difference. These are the professional junk haulers who have been dedicated to a zero waste approach of disposal since they first began collecting junk.


Before Junk King Birmingham collected one truckload of rubbish, they set up a partnership with many recycling centers and charities throughout the area. They have identified exactly which of these organizations can take in all the particular things you might be throwing out. There could be one recycling center for e-waste and another for scrap metal. As for the charitable donations, there many organizations that would be happy to take in your old furniture, clothing, appliances and other household goods. Those can all be refurbished and cleaned up in order to benefit someone else in need.

The kind of junk recycling provided by Junk King Birmingham isn’t limited to the stuff they removed from your home. They can also recycle things like concrete, bricks, would, yard waste and even dirt.

It might be that the Junk King Birmingham crew will take a single truckload of collected rubbish and make several stops in order to clear that truck. Obviously, this all happens long after they’ve removed your items. But you won’t be charged any extra for the service. It’s all part of the complete junk removal package offered by Junk King Birmingham. That price is based strictly on volume and not weight. Shop around and you’re sure to discover that Junk King Birmingham offers the most affordable and fairest prices for this type of work. You take care of your kitchen recycling and let Junk King Birmingham handle all your junk recycling.

For Dependable Junk And Trash Hauling Call On Junk King Birmingham

Every so often, we are faced with a trash overflow situation. The most common time this happens is the day after Christmas. That’s when you can see all kinds of boxes and bags of gift wrap stuffed into trashcans to the point where you can’t close the lid! You could also have a trash overflow situation after a party or family gathering. Of course, any time you set out to declutter your home there is going to be a need for additional trashcans. Then there is the question of all those items that could be classified as junk. This would be things like furniture, appliances, sporting equipment and clothing that you’re never going to use again. Those things won’t be easy to get rid of in the weekly trash pickup. This definitely sounds like a job Junk King Birmingham!


One call to Junk King Birmingham puts a plan into action that will have your home transformed into a junk free zone in no time at all. When you set up your appointment, it will help to tell the Junk King representative the size of your cleanup. You don’t need to give them an itemized list. They just want to know whether they’re dealing with a simple job or a hoarder level cleanup. Junk King Birmingham can certainly handle both scenarios. Although with the hoarder cleanup they might want to send over additional team members to make sure everything can be removed in a single appointment.

Once that crew arrives for your scheduled appointment you’ll take them on a tour of all the stuff you want to get rid of. These could be things that have been gathered in your garage or are scattered around the property. You’re hiring Junk King Birmingham to do all the work and that means picking up anything and everything right from the spot.

After they’ve evaluated all the things you want to get rid of, they can provide you with an estimate for your fee. That will be determined by how tightly they think they can pack up the truck. This is something that Junk King crews are experts at. And that translates into great prices for your junk removal job. Take care of your trash overflow and junk pile up the right way by hiring Junk King Birmingham.

Don’t Try DIY Junk Removal. Give That Job To Junk King Birmingham

There are many jobs around your home that would be considered the perfect DIY kind of project. You have probably already replaced filters in your heating system, stopped a leaky faucet or painted rooms. When it comes to junk removal this is where DIY becomes a bit more complicated. It’s not as if you could run off to the closest hardware store to take care of this problem. Instead, you’ll want to bring in the pros from junk King Birmingham. These are the dedicated junk removal specialists who have been helping homeowners achieve junk free status for years.


To handle junk removal you need three things: manpower, truck space and time. The manpower is to help you get those heavy objects taken out of your home. If it took two movers brought in your sofa or refrigerator, then it’s going to take two movers to take them out again. That is simple math! Although you may be physically able to lift something heavy, you might not be able to have the skills to maneuver it downstairs or around tight corners. That’s the kind of experience you can count on when you hire teams from Junk King Birmingham.

As for truck space, that crew will be rolling up in a huge truck big enough to hold whatever you want to throw out. That team is expert at packing up that truck. That will matter on your final bill because Junk King determines the fee based upon how much space your junk will occupy on that truck. It all comes down to a matter of volume and not weight. You should never be charged by the pound for this kind of work.

Finally, there is the time factor to consider. You work hard all week and earn the right to take it easy on the weekend. If you were to take on junk removal as a DIY project, then you can expect to lose your entire day off. You would need to devote time to find a crew of day laborers rent a truck, load up your junk and then drive around looking for proper place to dispose of all your junk. When that’s all done you still have to take the rental truck back! Taking care of junk removal doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is hire Junk King Birmingham from the start.

Convert Your Garage Into A Fix It Spot With Help From Junk King Birmingham

Do you live with a tinkerer? That is someone who loves taking apart things and putting them back together again. Maybe that describes you. If so, then there’s probably an area that is dedicated as the “fix it spot” in your home. Usually this would be the garage. It’s the perfect place to set up a workbench and some storage shelves to take care of all those DIY projects. Of course, it’s also very easy for this “fix it spot” to become overwhelmed with rubbish. Too often, a tinkerer might start a project only to put it aside for a new project. Before you know it, that garage can be overrun with car parts, lumber, tools and other scattered items. If that sounds like your garage, then you might want to bring in Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk removal specialists that can have your garage cleared out in no time at all.


The crews working for Junk King Birmingham love a good garage clean out. That’s because they only have to back the truck up to the garage door and start loading. Even though they’ll never complain about climbing stairs, it is still nice to have the occasional “quick” removal. Your job in this task is to make sure you know exactly what you want taken away. You don’t want to have that crew sitting around why you sort through boxes. Instead, take an hour to go through all the things you can live without that have accumulated in your garage over the years. You can place them all in a central pile ready for pickup from the Junk King Birmingham crew.

Once that team has made short work of clearing out the rubbish from your garage they can tackle the rest of the house. Once again, you only have to decide what you want gone and leave it right where it is. The Junk King movers will pick it up right from the spot and carry it down any amount of stairs. If you need something taken apart first, then that won’t be a problem either. The sooner Junk King clears out all that rubbish the sooner you can make your fix it spot more efficient. One call to Junk King Birmingham can truly transform your garage and home. Make that call today!

Junk King Birmingham Helps Clear Out The Clutter From Your Child’s Bedroom

There will come a time in the growth of your child when he or she outgrows the crib. You’ll know this happens when they start climbing out of that crib and sneaking into your bed to spend the night. At that point, you can try to convince them that the crib is the only place they should be sleeping or make the switch to their first bed. If the switch is happening, then there will probably be a lot of other clutter that will need to be removed from that bedroom. Although you might want to hang onto some of those items for keepsakes, a lot of that stuff could be donated to a charity that can make sure they get put to use again. That is where Junk King Birmingham can be a huge help. Not only will they clear out all the clutter from your child’s bedroom but they can also make sure whatever you’re tossing out won’t go to waste.


Getting your kid to sort through all the stuff in their room can be a challenging event. However, if you take that approach that their toys, books, clothing and furniture will be helping out another young kid they might get behind the project. They would also be enthusiastic about sorting through stuff if they see you sorting through all the clutter in your closet.

It won’t matter to Junk King Birmingham how much stuff you want to toss out. You can get rid of a few boxes or an entire bedroom’s worth of furnishings. They’re still going to send over a very capable two-man moving crew and huge truck to get the job done. This is the team who will gladly climb any amount of steps to remove things from upstairs bedrooms. They can also be called upon to take apart a bulky crib or dresser in order for it to fit out the door.

Along with all that fantastic junk hauling from the inside of your house, that same Junk King crew can do amazing things around the front and back yards. This is a terrific chance to finally get rid of any piles of lumber, stones or other unwanted yard waste. A single appointment with Junk King Birmingham is all it takes to get rid of all your unwanted stuff!

Enjoy Your Next Long Weekend With Help From Junk King Birmingham

Are you the type of person who likes to plan out your weekend or do you prefer to go with the flow? There are benefits with both approaches. Planning your weekend can help you make reservations at your favorite restaurant or set up a fun getaway. “Going with the flow” could mean exploring more of Birmingham and discovering some of those places you never knew existed. Of course, nothing ruins a long weekend more than having to work around the house.


Yes, those chores have to get done but do they have to be done on the weekend? Actually, there’s a way to knock off a big chore by bringing in Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk removal professionals who can take care of clearing your home of all kinds of unwanted clutter in less time than would take to enjoy a cup of coffee!

As you walk around your home, you’ll probably see plenty of things you be happy to get rid of. Some of these might be old pieces of furniture or big appliances you’re keeping in storage out in the garage. It could be a lot of stuff that you can’t see unless you open your closet door or look under the bed. This is where many folks keep all their stuff. It’s amazing how much of this stuff can actually be tossed out and never missed.

Your job before the Junk King crew shows up is to pick out all the things you want taken away. You don’t have to bring anything down from upstairs or haul something out to the driveway. Leave that for the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal task. Knowing that you have that extra manpower help could certainly change your list of what you want taken away. In other words, anything heavy or bulky can finally be gone!

The Junk King crew doesn’t have to stop their work on the inside of your house. They can also provide some terrific cleanup around the backyard. This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of all those piles of rusting auto-parts or leftover construction materials. The best way to enjoy your long weekend is not to work at all. Instead, let Junk King Birmingham do all the work of junk hauling for you!

Don’t Be Embarrassed By Your Junk. Hire Junk King Birmingham To Get Rid Of All Of It

Every home has one or two things that the homeowner would like to keep “hidden” from guests. This could be a hallway closet that has been crammed by so much stuff you couldn’t even fit a pair of shoes in there. There could also be cosmetic fixes like chipping paint or worn out linoleum that you’d like to replace. Those things are all minor and nothing to be embarrassed about because every house has them. The same could be said for a certain amount of clutter. Whether it is out in the garage, down in the basement or up in the attic every home has its fair share of unwanted items that could probably be tossed out. Instead of being embarrassed by all your junk why not hire Junk King Birmingham to get rid of it in a single session?


Junk King Birmingham starts out every junk removal appointment by dispatching a pair of licensed and insured movers. This is the team who is going to do all the lifting and loading work at your property. They are a very friendly duo who don’t really care what you’re throwing out. It could be just a few boxes or an entire home worth of furnishings. All they are focused on is making sure that everything you want gone will be removed in that single appointment.

That removal work could also include dismantling certain things in order to fit them out the door. That could be something like a huge entertainment center that you’re replacing or a big piece of gym equipment that nobody is using. That same team can even manage getting a piano out of your home if that’s what you want!

You can also put the crew from Junk King Birmingham to work around your back and front yard. This is the quickest way to clear out all that yard waste that is creating an eyesore on your property. Once again, it doesn’t matter what you want to throw out whether it is piles of rotting lumber or stacks of broken bricks. The Junk King crew will quickly and safely load all of that stuff onto their truck. One call to Junk King Birmingham can turn your home into a junk free zone! Put them to work today!

Junk King Birmingham Helps Get Your Home Clutter Free This Summer

This is the time of year when many schools wind down and kids go on the much anticipated summer vacation. As for mom and dad, they still have to go to work every day. There vacation comes with a long weekend or time set aside for family trip. That is why days off like Saturdays and Sundays are so precious. Those days off should be spent relaxing and enjoying time with the family and not being overwhelmed with household chores. That’s not to say that work around the house can be forgotten. But if you have the chance to bring in help, then why not take advantage of that? When it comes to getting rid of clutter around your home the best partner you could hire would be Junk King Birmingham.


Only you can decide what would be deemed clutter around your home. The small things like newspapers, magazines and scattered articles of clothing are easy to categorize as clutter. That’s not what you want to bring Junk King Birmingham in to help with. Instead, it’s all the big stuff that is cluttering up your home like old furniture that nobody sits on or clothing that nobody wears. That kind of stuff is just taking up valuable space in your home. One call to Junk King Birmingham can make it disappear for good!

There are some folks who feel guilty about tossing out items that still could be used. You won’t have to feel guilty with Junk King Birmingham on the job. They don’t like to see anything go to waste. That’s why they would rather go the extra mile and drop off your items to a charitable organization rather than going straight to the dump. These charities specialize in fixing up furniture and repairing appliances to make them useful again. It’s a great way to recycle unwanted items without wasting energy.

Best of all, those special drop offs aren’t going to cost you any extra fees. It’s all included in the complete junk removal package offered by Junk King Birmingham. Just think of how much better things will be around the house once all that clutter is gone. Hire Junk King Birmingham for your decluttering team. You’ll be glad you did.

Junk King Birmingham Powers Up Your Backyard Makeover Today

Backyards were invented for summer. Whether you have acres of lawn behind your home or just a small patio you still want to spend the time to get it ready for all that great grilling and hanging out under the stars. No matter what kind of designs you might have for your backyard one thing is for sure: You’re going to need to haul away a lot of unwanted items. One call to Junk King Birmingham can help power up your backyard makeover.


You might want to start with clearing away all the organic things that have overgrown in your backyard. These can be tree branches that need pruning, shrubs that need pulling or weeds that need whacking. Although the capable crew from Junk King Birmingham might not be able to push a lawnmower for you or climb a tree to cut down a branch they can certainly take care of removing the remains of those jobs. As for the weed whacking, if you have a yard that is completely overrun with growth then maybe Junk King’s crew could help with that. Just describe your issue when you call to set up your appointment and watch how easy it will be for junk King Birmingham to solve your problem!

The other things you’ll need to get rid of our all the items you brought into your yard over the years. This might be a great opportunity to get rid of the swing set that nobody is using or the hot tub that is broken and taking up too much space. Maybe you want to replace your wooden deck or concrete patio. All the demolition is going to create a heaping pile of concrete and wood. That can all be cleared away with help from the team from Junk King Birmingham in a single appointment.

A lot of this yard clearing could be considered “backbreaking work.” That is exactly why you want to hire Junk King. They going to provide you with the crew that will do all the actual lifting and loading. Your back will never be at risk with Junk King on the job! Get started on your backyard makeover today by calling Junk King Birmingham. Your fantastic summer is waiting!

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