Time To Get Help For Your Post-Christmas Clean Up

When it comes to getting ready for the holidays, everyone seems to be in a helpful mood. Family members know when asked to clean the house is because company is coming over and that always means a good time. Of course, helping with gift wrapping implies that you might also be on the receiving end of those gifts! After all the hard work of getting ready for the holidays, we tend to get a little fatigued. It’s hard to muster up a lot of enthusiasm to pack up all the decorations. But that is exactly what has to be done along with some other post-Christmas cleanup chores. You might discover that one of the best partners for your post-Christmas cleanup is Junk King Birmingham. They’ll help you clear the home of any unwanted holiday clutter and that’s a great way to kick off the new year.


Obviously, if you can stuff your trashcan with all the empty boxes and gift wrapping then a large portion of your post-Christmas cleanup task will be done. But there could also be a lot more things you want to get rid of that will require some moving assistance. We are talking about things like a recliner, loveseat, futon, bedroom set, dining chairs, dining room table, baby furniture, bookshelves or an entertainment center. Those the kind of furniture pieces that you might want to be replacing soon. Nothing will speed up the process like creating an empty space where the new piece needs to go!

With Junk King on the job, you’ll never put your back at risk. The moving crew is going to pick up everything right from where it is presently situated. That includes anything that is upstairs or down in the basement. All you need to do is decide exactly what you want to get rid of. The next thing you have to do is decide when you want to get rid. You pick the day and the two-hour window that works best for your time and Junk King will do all they can to accommodate that. You like how fast they move.

Wrap up your holidays with a little post-Christmas cleanup help from Junk King Birmingham. It’s a great way to get the house back in order!

Take Care Christmas Tree And Junk Removal With One Call

Whether you do this right after New Year’s Day or a few days later, taking down the Christmas tree signifies the end of the holiday season. All of the ornaments and decorations will be neatly packed up and placed back into storage for next year. All that remains is that empty Christmas tree. There are some municipal services that might provide a pickup but only under their conditions. That means getting the tree out to the curb on a specific day and time. That might not be feasible. But there is one way you can get rid of your Christmas tree and the rest of your unwanted junk with one call. That would be a call to Junk King Birmingham.

christmas-tree 2

The Junk King way of junk removal is simple: they do all the work. They’re going to send over a two-man moving crew who is going to do all the lifting and loading. That means they’ll pick up anything from where it is currently at in your home and carefully carried out of the house loaded onto the truck. The old Christmas tree would certainly fit into that category. While it is true that there will probably be a trail of needles falling off the tree, the Junk King crew will probably sweep them up, too!

As long as you have those two movers in the truck taking away the Christmas tree then why not put him to work around the rest of the house? This is a terrific opportunity to get ready for the new year by removing all your unwanted clutter. Putting the decorations back will probably remind you of your limited storage space. Is that because you have too many things that you don’t need? Now is the time to get rid of all the old electronics, computers, monitors, clothing, sporting equipment and toys that are never going to be used again. All that can be turned over to junk King for fast disposal.

“Fast” is the operative word with Junk King. This is a team that likes to get in and get out as quickly as possible with every session. That doesn’t mean there move so fast as to be careless but they know how important your time is and they don’t want to tie up any more your day and needed. Most sessions are completed within 20 to 30 minutes. Can you spare that much time to get rid of all the unwanted clutter from your home?

When you’re ready to get rid of your Christmas tree and the rest of your unwanted stuff, Junk King Birmingham be ready to help.

Get The Rubbish Out Of The Guestroom Today

Having out of town guests stay over for the holidays is always fun but it requires a bit of extra work on your part. You want to make them feel at home even though they don’t want you to make a fuss. The first thing you need to do is to make sure they’ve got a cozy room to call their own. Somewhere buried under boxes of stuff is that guestroom bed. It is time to get serious about all the stuff you’ve been storing in your guestroom since the last time a guest stayed over. Do you really need that stuff? If the answer is, “No,” then it is time to bring in the team from Junk King Birmingham. They can help get your guestroom ready in no time at all.


Any room in a home can become a kind of storage locker but the room that isn’t being used all the time is the most likely destination for all of the family’s unwanted clutter. When the team from Junk King arrives for the scheduled appointment, you can literally just stand at the door and point to all the things you want them to cart away. What you’re getting rid of doesn’t just have to be big pieces of furniture. Clearing out a dozen boxes of old clothes, books, toys and other household items can make a huge difference. And the Junk King crews don’t have to be confined to just the guestroom. They can work all through the house clearing out the stuff you’re done with.

When you surrender an item to Junk King, you’re not relegating it to a trash heap. Most of what Junk King collects gets diverted away from landfills and instead ends up at a charity thrift store or recycling center. This is the preferred disposal method for Junk King and it has been since 2005 when they started collecting junk.

Are you ready to get your guestroom cleared out of all the unwanted rubbish? Then you’re ready to bring in Junk King Birmingham to take care of that task.

A Junk King Session Makes A Great Gift

Although we all like getting gifts, there is a great satisfaction with giving a great gift, too. It shows that you know the person you’re giving too sometimes better than they know themselves. This holiday season, perhaps you can consider a rather unique gift of a junk removal session from Junk King Birmingham. That is something a loved one would never expect but would be greatly appreciated.


Usually someone who is holding onto a lot of junk is someone who doesn’t have the means to get rid of it. Even if you could help with the moving of some of those items, you might not have a truck big enough to haul away everything that you want to get rid of. And you might not even know what to do with the stuff once it is loaded up. Junk King makes it easy. They’ll provide the moving crew and the truck. That allows you to get rid of just about anything in the home regardless of the size or weight. Junk King crews have loaded up pianos, sofas, refrigerators and even treadmills. They’ll certainly be able to handle whatever you need to get removed from a property.

If you’re giving the gift of a junk removal session from Junk King, then you probably don’t want to make it a total surprise. You shouldn’t have the crew roll up unannounced to your loved one’s home. Instead, let them know they’ll have a moving team at their disposal on a day and time that works best for their schedule. That will give them the time they need to sort through all the things in their home that they would want to get rid of. Remember, the Junk King crew is going to do all the work and that includes climbing as many stairs as they need to in order to get to the rubbish.

As for the disposal, Junk King knows where to make the drop offs that will be the most beneficial for Birmingham’s environment. Not every truckload is going to be dumped in a landfill. More often, it will be recycled or donated. A junk removal session from Junk King Birmingham makes for a wonderful gift. Set that up for someone special today.

Scary Junk Isn’t A Problem For Junk King

One of the scariest piles of junk you could ever imagine is a burning pile of tires. Not only does something like that release toxic fumes but it can burn for days and weeks without an end in sight. As a rule, junk yards can also be rather scary especially at night. You might also have some scary junk items around your home. They might not be a perilous as a pile of burning tires but an old water heater or washer down in the basement or a recliner that is stuck in recline can be downright scary. Those are the kinds of items that won’t be a problem for Junk King Birmingham to deal with.


With Junk King on the job, you can be assured that whatever scary junk you want to get rid of will be removed very efficiently and quickly. If you call Junk King today to set up your appointment, then there is a high likelihood that your junk will be cleared out by the following day. If you would prefer to get the items hauled away on a weekend, then you can lock down that time and date, too. You’re going to find that Junk King can be extremely accommodating.

Since the Junk King crew is going to be doing all the work for you, the scary junk you want to get rid of can literally be anywhere on your property. They crews won’t have any issues going up into the attic or down into the basement. They also have been known to crawl under porches to get at stuff. Weight, size or the “grime factor” won’t be an issue for the Junk King squad!

As for the cost, you can get an estimate of the price range by using the online pricing estimator. But that final fee can’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to look over everything for themselves. They’ll be judging the items on how it can get packed onto the truck and not by the weight.

Clearing out the scary junk from your home and yards is never a problem for the team from Junk King Birmingham. Put them on the task today!

Attic Or Basement Clearing Is No Problem For Junk King

When thinking about all the things that you have in storage in your home, would you say you’ve got more things up above in your attic or down below in your basement? Some of those things might have been put in those two spots by the original movers and that is where they remained. Are you ready to get rid of those items? Then you need to bring in Junk King Birmingham. They can take care of clearing out your attic or basement from start to finish.


The most challenging aspect with clearing out furniture or appliances from the attic or basement are the stairs. Quite often, these are narrow stairs that don’t provide a lot of space on either side. But if that item got there, then it can be removed. If simple lifting won’t do the trick, then the Junk King crews are prepared to take that item apart piece by piece. This is how they solve problems and take the hassle out of getting those bulk items out of your home.

The amount of times they have to make the trip up or down the stairs won’t be an issue to the Junk King crews either. They know that once you’ve made the decision to get rid of something that you want it gone as quickly as possible. Junk King is proud of the fact that most of their sessions are completed within 24-hours of your first contact. Call this morning and your attic or basement could be cleared by lunch time tomorrow.

The cost for this service will be based on just how much you’re getting rid of. That isn’t about how much that stuff weighs but how it will fit onto the truck. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with packing up their trucks. They can look over any assortment of items and know exactly how it will fit onto the truck. Their goal is to pack it up tight so you only pay the lesser amount. You’ll know the price before the work begins and there won’t be any surprise charges. Are you ready to get your attic or basement (or both!) cleared out today? One call to Junk King Birmingham gets it done.

Debris Removal Is Easy With Junk King On The Job

Contractors all across Birmingham are working through one of the busiest times of the year for them. Folks who want to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom would like to get that work completed by Thanksgiving. If the project begins in the next few weeks, then that is certainly doable with the right contractor. Are you setting up a remodel project in the coming weeks? You can help the process by arranging for debris removal with a little help from Junk King Birmingham.


No matter what kind of project you’re taking on, there is going to be some level of demolition. If it is just a matter of taking down cabinets or pulling up tiling, then that is a job you might be able to do on your own. What would be a challenge is what to do with all the debris you’re going to be creating. That is where Junk King comes into play. They’ll be able to dispatch a truck and a crew to facilitate the clean up at your property. You make a pile and Junk King removes the pile.

For this type of removal, scheduling is key. It probably will only take a few hours to clear out the space you’re remodeling. That would mean setting up a debris removal appointment with Junk King in the afternoon is ideal. You don’t want the work crew showing up the next morning and having to deal with that. The sooner you call into Junk King, the easier it will be to lock down the specific time that you want.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a remodeling demolition cleanup to hire Junk King. They can also quickly take care of the debris removal that consists of clutter from your garage or old furniture from down in your basement. How much more space could you reclaim with those kinds of things taken from your home. You might actually discover you have a spare room that can be put to better use! The best approach to debris removal starts and ends with Junk King Birmingham. Put them on the task today.

Take Care Of Appliance Removal Today

There are only two reasons why you should ever see a big kitchen appliance on a back porch. Either the kitchen flooring is being replaced or the appliance is being replaced. You might be able to slide that stove or fridge out onto the porch while the floor is renovated. But when it comes to replacing that appliance, the porch is as far as it can go if you don’t have movers and a big truck. Fortunately, that can be provided with one call to Junk King Birmingham. They can handle your appliance removal with ease.


The first thing you have to do with appliance removal is to unhook the device. That’s simple enough until you’re dealing with a gas stove. You want to make sure that the hookups are turned off properly. Junk King can handle that. As for turning it back on, you should set up an appointment with the gas company to make sure there are no leaks. A fridge that has an ice maker has to be unhooked from the plumbing in back. Again, this is something that the crews from Junk King have a lot of experience with.

Once the appliance has been unhooked, it needs to be safely removed from the kitchen and out of the house without causing any scrapes or scratches. The Junk King teams have all kinds of techniques for this type of work from using dollies, straps or plain muscle. Again, they have the experience with this type of removal that can prevent any damage to floors or walls. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to be a successful junk hauling company for over 12 years.

Many appliances can be recycled. Where they should be dropped off is something Junk King has already worked out. They could either be melted down at a recycling center or refurbished at a charity that specializes in that kind of work. Either way, that drop off helps protect the environment and is all part of the Junk King service.

Do you have anything else you want to get rid of besides the kitchen appliance? It can be loaded onto the same truck load. To take care of the problem with appliance removal and junk hauling, put Junk King Birmingham on the job and the problem will be solved.

Smart Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

The decision to buy a home should never be a fast one. Even if you make that commitment today, it might take several months before you’re actually ready to start applying for a loan. Of course, you could also have been planning to buy a home since your wedding day or first day on a new job. Any chance you get to save money, will help you get ready. Here are some other smart tips for first-time homebuyers:


Skip Auctions, Foreclosures and Bank Sales

For house flippers who have a lot of cash on hand, buying a foreclosed home at a bank sale or auction might make sense. What about first-time homebuyers? Yes, you might be able to find a property that is 20% under market value. However, the money you save on the purchase could be put right back in to make repairs. Too often these homes have been the subject of neglect. If the previous occupant didn’t have the money for a mortgage payment, they certainly didn’t have the money for repairs. You can still look at foreclosed property but unless you get a thorough inspection and the option to back out, don’t be tempted but something that is probably too good to be true.

Visit 20 Properties in Person

Thanks to online real estate sites, you could literally look through dozens if not hundreds of properties in an afternoon but that’s not the same as seeing them in person. Those online sites might help you put together a “favorites” list but you should expect to visit at least 20 homes before making a decision. Will you fall in love with the first one? Maybe and if it looks good, make an offer but then don’t drive yourself crazy continuing the search.

Look Everywhere

When you test drive a car, you check all the features, adjust the seat to your liking and even peek in the trunk. You should take this same approach with house hunting. Go into every room and spend a few minutes in each. Try out doors and drawers. Go down into the basement and up in the attic. Turn lights on and off. And walk the yard boundaries, too. Just be sure to separate cosmetic fixes from structural. You can repaint and wall but a musty smell in the basement means trouble.

After you’ve closed on your house, it’s time to start packing. This is when you want to schedule a session with Junk King Birmingham. They’re not going to help you pack as much as help you “not pack.” That means not packing old junk. All of that needs to stay out of your moving truck and your new home. First-time homebuyers should always put Junk King Birmingham to work for the junk move out before the big move in.

Get Kids Ready For A New School

All across the country kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents are cheering. For many kids, that return to school will mean seeing old friends in familiar settings. For some, it might mean starting in a completely new environment. Here is some good advice on how to get your kids ready for a new school:


New School Words

Along with everything else that will be new, your kids might be exposed to some new vocabulary on that first day of a new school. This is especially true when a preschooler is making the transition to kindergarten. It might help to come up with a list of words like register, assembly, bell or even principal that you can explain to your child before school begins.

Role Play

It might help to practice some role-playing with your kids when it comes to meeting new classmates. They should be comfortable asking other kids what their name is and what kinds of things they like to play with.

Asking For Help

Whenever the opportunity arises, you should encourage your child to ask for help. This can start with engaging clerks at a store or tour guides at the zoo. This will help build up their confidence and get them used to asking teachers for help in their new school.

Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

It is vital that you establish a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. There should be periodic meetings to track progress throughout the year. There is also drop off and pick up times that you can check in with how your little one is doing. Also, ask the teacher if there is anything you can contribute to the class like snacks or craft supplies. This is going to be a very important relationship.

Stay Organized at Home

It will probably take a few days to get the morning routine sorted out. It will help if  you’re organized there as well with regard to packing lunches, having school outfits picked out the night before and being prepared for any weather situations like rain. All of that means getting rid of clutter in order to make it easier to find things. That is where Junk King Birmingham comes into play. You show the Junk King crew all the things that are cluttering up your home and they quickly cart it out of your house. It is just that simple. Kick off your back to school prep with a decluttering session from Junk King Birmingham and everyone wins!