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Give A Special Valentine’s Day Gift: Junk Removal With Junk King

Roses on Valentine’s Day are sure to make your special someone smile. Of course, those are kind of expected. It’s a tradition and nothing is wrong with that. However, if you want to really impress that special someone, then you might arrange to have their home transformed. You don’t have to give them a new kitchen. Instead, set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King. You’ll be amazed at how much improvement can be made when all that clutter is cleared out.


Want to know how Junk King operates? Here’s how some of your neighbors found the Junk King experience:

“The website was easy to use for online estimating and booking. Saturday availability and fair pricing sealed the deal. Ryan called me to tell me they were on the way near the opening of the time window I’d picked. The online estimate was extremely close to the price given once the guys saw my stuff. The guys were very courteous and good-natured about the task ahead of them, which was to remove an oversized and heavy antique sofa set from my apartment. They got it done quickly.” – Julie E., Richmond

Although the majority of junk removal calls handled by Junk King are at homes, they can certainly make a big difference with apartment renters. That is where space is really at a premium. It doesn’t matter how many flights of stairs need to be climbed, the crew from Junk King will get it done.

Julie also discovered that scheduling with Junk King is all about your time. Because there are crews always on the move, it could be easy to schedule a same-day pickup. However, if it works best for your junk removal to happen on the weekend, then that is when Junk King will make it work.

“The gentlemen were very polite, helpful and a pleasure to have helping us.”

“They were very prompt, friendly and willing to do anything to get to my “junk.” I highly recommend them!”

“You arrived when you said, the whole areas that I needed taken out was done quickly and without lot of problems.”

And those are just the reviews that came in last week! Image the smiles you can make this Valentine’s Day with junk removal from Junk King.

Toss Out Your Clutter With One Call To Junk King

Now that the first winter storm has blasted through Richmond, folks are already wishing for an early spring. Although you might be waiting several more weeks for warmer weather, you don’t have to wait to get your spring cleaning done. Why not jump on that task with a call to Junk King. They’ll be able to toss out your clutter without you lifting a finger.


The Junk King crews will be working all through the winter. They know that once you decide to get rid of your junk you shouldn’t have to wait. Before calling to set up your appointment. Take a few minutes to go through your house and decide which items you want carted away. Keep in mind that you’ll have that two man moving crew at your disposal. That means any heavy object can finally be removed. It doesn’t matter if that thing is upstairs or downstairs. Just tell Junk King you want it gone and gone it will be!

The crews working for Junk King have all been licensed, bonded and insured. This means they are totally professional. They’ve also been trained to spot any item that could be put to use once again. A chair with a broken leg. A sofa with busted springs. A table that is scratched up. All of those items can be fixed up with a little TLC. Junk King won’t be doing the refurbishing but they can see to it that your stuff ends up at a charity who specializes in that kind of work. That way your old stuff can benefit someone else instead of just going to rot away in a landfill.

The cost for Junk King’s service isn’t going to break the bank. They charge a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume with Junk King and not about weight. That will make a huge difference especially if you need some yard cleanup. Imagine being charged by the pound for bricks or chunks of concrete? That just doesn’t make sense. Junk King can clear that all away and you won’t have to move a pebble. Are you ready to toss out the clutter? Then Junk King will be ready for you.

Make Clearing the Clutter a New Year’s Resolution for 2016 in Richmond

What do you hope to accomplish in the New Year? The best approach to making New Year’s resolutions are to come up with ones that are realistic. Although it’s a great goal to make a million dollars by Valentine’s Day, it might not happen. On the other hand, clearing out the clutter from your home or apartment is easy to take care of especially when you hire Junk King. These are the junk removal pros who take all the hassle out of decluttering your living space.


Within the last couple of weeks, there have been many Richmond residents who got the jump on clearing the clutter with Junk King.

“Owner and crew very personable and honest hard working people. They earned my trust and impressed me with their eagerness for the job when they came for the estimate. Extremely satisfied with job and all involved. At end of job, I was personally thanked by all involved. I made the right choice and so can you. As far as would I refer them, I already have to a number of people. Thank you Bill and the boys,” writers Larrie Matthews from Richmond.

Larrie wasn’t alone in offering praise.

“Very professional. Fast and fair price.”

“Friendly, speedy, professional & efficient. Great job!”

“On time courteous staff. Expect the best service from this team.”

Those are just a handful of the comments that were posted before Christmas! They also point out all the great things about working with Junk King. This is a fast team. Most junk removal appointments are completed within 24 hours of first contact. Customers can also request a same-day pickup.

The team who will be handling your junk removal will consist of two very capable movers and yes, they are very friendly. You don’t have to feel guilty about asking them to go down into the basement or up on the second floor to bring out your unwanted stuff. They will gladly do that heavy lifting for you.

As for the fair pricing that is mentioned, Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how much space your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. One price covers everything from start to finish. If clearing the clutter from your home is on the agenda, then Junk King is the only call to make.

Santa Doesn’t Want To Visit a Cluttered Home In Richmond

Christmas Eve is a lot like the Super Bowl for Santa. This is the one night where a year’s worth of hard work comes to pay off. He has one shot at making it across the world to deliver toys to billions of kids on his nice list. Surprisingly, Santa always seems to come out a winner each year. Clearly, he has help for this job. That help would be from all those hard working elves and highflying reindeer. That’s the kind of support team that can Santa can count on. You can get your own version of a holiday support team from Junk King. This would be the perfect team to call in to help clean up your cluttered home. What a great treat for the holidays!

When you call to set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be assigned two hard working movers as a kind of personal elf team. These crewmembers have been licensed, bonded and insured. Even Santa’s elves can’t make that claim! The team from Junk King is happy to do all the work for you with regard to your junk removal needs. That means climbing any amount of stairs and lifting any heavy object. It could also mean taking apart something that is so bulky that it can’t fit out of the door.


All you have to do is point to something and watch it vanish before your eyes. That also includes any type of yard waste. Maybe you have a pile of construction materials left over from a remodeling job or roof-shingling project. Even a pile of unwanted stones and bricks can be loaded up on to the Junk King truck.

It’s clear that after everything is loaded, that Junk King truck is going to weigh a lot more. That is not something you have to worry about because you won’t be charged by the pound with Junk King. Instead, your rate will be based strictly on how much space your junk will take up on that truck. When you factor in the cost of the crews, the fuel for the truck and all the drop offs, you’ll see this is a very affordable rate. When it is time to take your home from cluttered to junk free, then it’s time to call Junk King.

Richmond Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holiday

How much business will you need to wrap up around the office before the holiday break? This year, Christmas falls on a Friday and when you factor in shutting down on Christmas Eve, you can anticipate enjoying a long holiday weekend. If your business will be shutting down over that break, then you’ll want to make sure all the orders are completed and the accounting is ready to close on the fiscal year. Along with those important tasks, you could add a junk removal session from Junk King. It will certainly be nice to come back from the holidays to a decluttered office!


Junk King specializes in all types of junk removal and that includes offices. As with your home, there is always one space in an office that becomes overflowing with unwanted stuff. It might be a storage closet, an abandoned cubicle or even an entire office. That is just wasting precious space you’re paying for. Plus, if you have clients coming through your workspace, then you don’t want them seeing all that clutter. One call to Junk King will make it all disappear!

You can set up your office junk removal at a time that works best for your business. Junk King can come by early in the morning, late in the afternoon or even on the weekend. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal task will be able to handle any of the lifting and loading. They’ll have plenty of experience working with service elevators, too!

A key factor to consider when hiring Junk King is how they’re going to get rid of things like old computers, printers and monitors. These are all classified as e-waste and need to be dropped off at a certified recycling center. Junk King will make sure that happens and you can get the credit for going “green!”

The cost for a Junk King session is very reasonable. You’ll only be charged a flat rate that is based on volume. The crew will present you with an estimate of how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck before the work begins. Once you sign off, all your office clutter will be quickly loaded. Get your office ready for the New Year with a clean out from Junk King.

Clear Out The Clutter And Make Room For Black Friday In Richmond

Which do you prefer to do over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend: Go shopping on Black Friday or hang up Christmas decorations? You could accomplish both tasks. Although the Black Friday shopping might be extremely exhausting especially if you decide to camp out in front of the store the night before! As for all the Christmas decorations, the first step is pulling them out of storage. That might be complicated when there are piles of junk standing between you and those lights. This is why hiring Junk King is really the best way to kick off your holiday. You can make room for all the stuff you’ll be buying on Black Friday and get rid of the junk that is stored with your decorations. That can all happen with one call to Junk King.


When you call to set up your junk removal appointment, you’ll be asked to provide a general sense of what you want to get rid of. This will help the staff determine just how much manpower and truck space you’ll need to get the job done. Every junk removal session starts with two capable movers and a truck big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings. For most appointments, that is all that is needed. However, sometimes folks need help with hoarder level cleanouts. For those jobs, Junk King will send over additional crews and extra trucks. No job is too big or too small for Junk King to handle!

Once the team from Junk King shows up at your house, you’ll show them all the things you want removed. Maybe you have one item to be taken from every room in your house. Perhaps the crew will need to make a dozen trips up and down the basement stairs. None of that will be a problem for them.

It also won’t be a problem for Junk King to make sure your stuff is disposed of in a responsible manner. That could mean making several extra drop offs to local charities. This is the time of year when those organizations are in need of all kinds of clothing, toys, books and other household goods. Junk King will see to it that those things get to the right folks. Kick off your holidays with some Black Friday shopping and Junk King junk removal. It’s a perfect combination!

Remove Dangerous Debris For Trick Or Treaters In Richmond

Full size or fun size? That is the question the savvy trick or treaters will be asking about your Halloween candy giveaway. If you are giving out full size bars, then you can bet the word will spread and you’ll have a very popular home for Halloween trick or treaters. Although Halloween is a lot of fun, it’s also the kind of holiday where the decorations shouldn’t linger. You might be able to get away with having Christmas lights up for a week after the big day, but spook skeletons and cobwebs just don’t look right days after Halloween. Once you pack up all the decorations you’re going to keep for next year, you could turn over the rest of the yard debris to Junk King. They’ll have you get turn your home from scary to nice in no time!

Junk King’s motto is, “They do all the work.” They mean that literally. They never want to see you lifting anything. Some folks feel guilty about asking for help lifting heavy objects but that is what Junk King is all about. You don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. These are very experienced movers who know how to lift and load objects of any size or weight.


Perhaps you think that is will cost too much to remove something heavy like stones or concrete. Even a sofa can weight a lot. Don’t worry. Junk King never charges by the pound. They only charge a flat fee based on how much space your junk is going to occupy in the back of the truck. This is a very fair price that is the best deal in Richmond for this type of service.

Along with removing all your yard debris, Junk King can make fast work of clearing out the clutter from the inside of your home. Just point to any piece of furniture, kitchen appliance or box of household goods and it will be taken out in a flash.

As your unwanted items are being loaded onto the truck, the crew will be keeping an eye out for anything that can be donated or recycled. They will happily make those extra drop offs in the name of going green! Debris removal and junk hauling is work best left for Junk King. Put them on that task today!

Declutter to Start Your Retirement in Richmond, VA

Many retirements kick off with a great party. After all, you have plenty to celebrate, right? You’ve worked most of your life and now it’s time to take it easy. That means spending more of your days with family and friends. It can also mean pursuing those hobbies you’ve been putting off for all those many work years. Obviously, you’ll be spending a lot more time around the house and you might start noticing things that never bothered you before. Namely, all the junk you’ve collected over the years. This doesn’t mean you’re living in squalor. But the moment you decide something has no more use, it becomes junk. When that happens, it is time to call in Junk King. They’ll make your declutter chore a thing of beauty.

The average junk removal session with Junk King can be handled by the two-man moving crew that will be dispatched to your property. This is a team who has experience in lifting heavy objects. They also know how to take something apart in order to get it on back of the truck. You don’t want to waste any of your retirement with junk removal. The team from Junk King is going to get in and get out fast. They’ll even sweep up behind themselves!

Before the crew shows up, you have to decide all the things you want taken away. The final cost will be presented to you once the crew has had a chance to size up all that junk for themselves. They’ll be estimating how much space your junk is going to occupy on the back of the truck. This is a price based on volume and not weight. Any company who wants to charge by the pound is not someone you want to work with!

Along with their fast removal, Junk King is also going to treat your junk right when it comes to disposal. Actually, they won’t so much “dispose” of your junk as try to find it another home. That could be with a charity that specializes in refurbishing furniture and appliances. It could also be with a recycling center that can repurpose raw materials. Turning your home declutter task to Junk King is a smart way to kick off your retirement.

Hit Zero Waste with Junk King Central Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth University has set its sights on becoming a zero waste campus. They hope to achieve that goal by doing things like providing containers for organic materials around all the eating areas. That will make for some great compost. They also plan to make smarter choices about transportation options and increasing recycling across the campus by up to 75%. The hope is that the efforts will not only result in a greener campus but it will inspire other institutions to adopt the same measures.

If you would like to get to zero waste around your home, then you’ll want to partner up with Junk King. This is the company who has been doing things the “green way” ever since they began their operations. For every junk removal appointment, Junk King provides a two-man moving crew. This is the team who is going to be doing all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to move anything from your home. Just leave it all right where it is.

That same Junk King crew will also be on the lookout for any item from your junk pile that can be repurposed. Junk King has set up partnerships with several recycling centers and charities around the Central Virginia area. They know exactly what these organizations are looking for and are happy to make sure your junk gets to the right place.

Don’t worry about paying extra for the recycling drop offs. In fact, Junk King avoids hefty dumping fees every time they divert junk from a landfill. They are happy to pass those savings onto you.

Junk King determines its rates based on volume. When the crew sizes up all your stuff, they’ll present you with an estimate that reflects how much space it will fill on the truck. It could be one-half, one third or the entire truck bed. This is a price that includes all the labor whether they are at your home for a few minutes or a few hours. Even if you’re tackling a hoarder type of cleanup, you’re still going to be charged by the truckload. Once you agree to the price, the crew will get to work and that fee is locked down. Getting to zero waste around your home is easy when you bring in Junk King.

College Student Cleanup Month in Richmond, VA

Have you gotten the first “homesick” call from your new college student? It is only natural that they miss being around loved ones in comfortable surroundings. The good news is that it shouldn’t take long for them to make the adjustment to college life. They will also probably learn a great appreciation for all the things you’ve done for them. The best thing you can do is encourage your kid to stick it out and make new friends. This education is going to have huge impact on the rest of their lives. Obviously, you’ll be going through your own period of adjustment. This can be a very exciting time as you get to indulge in all the things you’ve put off like traveling or new pastimes. Before you dive in, you could benefit from giving your home a thorough cleaning. To get that job done right, you might want to put Junk King on standby.


If you start with your college student cleanup of their room, you’ll probably come across a lot of things that can be tossed out from old clothes to old computers. Just make sure you let them know you’re cleaning up but they still have a place to come home to! Next, go through the rest of your house and target those things that are broken, worn down or just aren’t being used any more. When you’ve got Junk King on the job, you don’t have to move any of those items. Just make a list. The Junk King crew will take them up right from the spot where they’re at.

Thanks to the two-man moving crew provided by Junk King, there won’t be any limit to what you can have taken away. Anything that you don’t want from the basement up to the attic can go. Yes, the team from Junk King won’t have a problem climbing stairs!

Before the job starts, Junk King will present you with a fee based on an estimate of how much space your junk is going to need on the back of the truck. This is a one-time charge that covers everything including all the potential recycling drop offs. It’s also a price you’ll be very happy with! Taking care of your college student cleanup and home junk removal is easy when you give the job to Junk King.

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