Make More Storage Space In Your Shed

No matter how big your home is when you moved in, storage is the first thing you need more of. This is why closets and garages fill up so quickly. You might have added a backyard shed to your property for additional storage space. It makes perfect sense to use the shed for gardening tools and equipment. This is also a good spot for outdoor toys and winter sporting goods. Over time, that shed can fill up with stuff just as quickly as the garage. Are you ready to make more room in your shed? Then you’re ready for a session with Junk King Richmond.


Junk King Richmond specializes in removing those bulky objects you can’t toss out into the trash. An old rider lawnmower would definitely fit into this category. So would rusty rakes, hedge trimmers and snow blowers. It could be the only reason you’re holding onto that stuff is because you can’t simply throw it away. That is where Junk King Richmond can be a huge help.

When you set up a junk removal session, Junk King is going to dispatch a team of movers. Think of this hard-working crew as the ultimate problem solvers. Their goal is to get everything you want tossed out onto the back of their truck. When it comes to packing up a truck, the Junk King teams know no rivals. That matters because it is how they pack the truck that will impact what you ultimately pay. The less space your junk takes up, the lower the amount. You’ll know that the price is before the work begins.

Clearing out your shed of unwanted rubbish might be the big mission but you can put the Junk King crew on a bunch of little missions as well. They can just as easily load up any old furniture or electronics you want disposed off from the inside of the house. Junk King Richmond is also a company that wants to keep things green, even in the middle of winter. That’s why they’ll happily drop your stuff off at a recycling center or charity. It’s all about avoiding a trip to the landfill. Open up more storage in your backyard shed and the rest of your house with help from Junk King Richmond. It can happen today.

How To Add Value To Your Home Appraisal

We all hope our homes will increase in value. The only way to know for sure is to get a certified appraisal. Most folks think that an appraisal just covers the location and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It actually goes a bit deeper, which is why you should consider taking some proactive steps to add value to your home appraisal. Here’s how to get it done:


Boost Your Curb Appeal

How “fresh” does your home look from the outside? A good power washing can work wonders as long as that washing doesn’t take off the paint. You can also boost your curb appeal by placing fresh flowers throughout the area. You don’t have to plant the flowers but place container gardens. Yes, you can take those containers with you when you move!

Around the back of the house, make sure the grill is clean, the lawn is mowed and the patio furniture cushions are wiped down.

Make a List of Improvements

What improvements have you made over the years? Have you repainted walls? Put down new carpeting? Remodeled a bathroom or kitchen? All of those improvements should be documented. You don’t have to show the appraiser “before and after” photos but you can provide permits and invoices for those projects.

Pull the Comps

There was a time when only real estate agents could obtain comparable prices (comps) for homes in your neighborhood. Now that information is readily available to you online. Those comps can provide a good baseline for your home’s value.

Don’t Be Pushy

When your appraiser shows up, greet them warmly, ask if they need anything and then let them do their thing. Those files you can provide at the end of their inspection. You don’t need to follow them around the house unless they ask for a tour.

Get Rid of Junk

You have to make sure your home is clean. Yes, that is totally cosmetic but it goes a long way towards adding value through your appraisal. In additional to traditional dusting and mopping you want to get rid of your junk. This would be all the clutter you would probably get rid of if you have movers and a truck. That is exactly what Junk King Richmond is going to provide. One session with Junk King Richmond is all it will take to get your home ready for an appraisal.


Important Recycling Facts

Recycling touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Even those people who do zero recycling still get the benefits from the efforts of those who do. Not only does recycling have an impact on our energy use but going green means finding alternatives for common things that make lives better. Consider these important recycling facts:


Think about the air we breathe on a regular basis and not just outdoors. The EPA estimates indoor levels of pollutants, on average, are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor. That translates into 50% of all illnesses that are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air.

What about cleaning solutions? There are areas of concern there as well. One out of every three cleaning chemicals used in US schools has been shown to cause health or environmental problems. That is why it is important that we switch to greener cleaning products. Do you know what your kid’s school uses to keep things clean? Around the house, you could be exposed to over sixty-two chemicals in the cleaning products that you use.

One way to help the environment is to save trees. Trees purify the air and prevent global warming by absorbing up to 800 lbs. of CO2 every year. Trees also intercept up to 36% of the rainfall around them, minimizing floods and water pollution caused by storm water runoff. That makes recycling paper even more vital. One ton of recycled paper translates into at least 17 trees being saved. Doesn’t sound like a lot until you consider we recycle billions of tons of paper each year.

What about water use? That is another area where recycling and conservation can make a big difference. The average American uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water a day while two thirds of the people in the world use less than 13 gallons per day. Even if you managed to wash one less load of laundry each month, you can save nearly 360 gallons of water per year.

Are there other ways you can recycle around the house? Think about who to hire when tossing out big items like furniture, appliances and e-waste. The best recycling partner for that type of junk removal is Junk King Richmond. They’re dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect out of landfills as possible. Recycling your junk isn’t complicated when you give that job to Junk King Richmond.

Tips For Having A Safe Holiday

It has long been said that Christmas is for kids. With all that is going on during this time of year, it is important to keep kid safety in mind. A lot of new things will be introduced to your kids over the holidays. Here are some tips for having a safe holiday that everyone can enjoy.


The Right Age

Every toy that is sold today comes with an age range. This helps parents decide what toy is appropriate for their young ones. A lot of this has to do with choking hazards. Toys and games with small parts become a tempting target to taste for young ones. Even if you buy a toy that is right for a ten-year-old, the two-year-old will get their hands on it, too.

The age range also helps with frustration. Some toys need special skills to operate and a young one could become frustrated when they can’t figure things out. That is just adding much more stress on Christmas morning!

Keep Batteries Away

Every parent knows the importance of having batteries ready on Christmas morning. It’s a good idea to stock up before the big day. Many toys operate with button batteries. These need to be watched over carefully as they pose a choking hazard for young ones.

Don’t Forget Helmets

If this is the Christmas of a new bike or scooter, then it should also be the Christmas of a safety helmet. Get your kid in the habit of wearing their helmet every time they go out for ride.

Take Extra Precaution in the Kitchen

The holidays a time of lot of baking and cooking in the kitchen. Although your child might have access to the kitchen they need to be constantly watched especially when you’ve got pots on the stove. It helps if you can turn those pot handles away from the edge and out of reach of the younger ones. You should also avoid putting foods on your open oven door to cool off. That’s too easy to tip over. As your kids get older, you can certainly invite them to help you cook and that’s when you get the teach them even more important safety lessons.

Remove Clutter

Removing rubbish and clutter from your home helps decrease the risk of fire hazards. This is especially true up in the attic and down the basement where you might have a lot of things in storage that have dried out. That’s a perfect job for J this was a unk King Richmond. The two-man crew from Junk King will happily go up and down the stairs to get to all the things you want taken away. Removing clutter frees up space in your home and reduces the risk of accidents. Count on Junk King Richmond to help you have a safe holiday.


How To Make Your Holidays Junk Free

Holidays are a time for tradition. What you make for special dinners, how you decorate and where you visit are all part of a tradition that goes back for years. Of course, there is nothing wrong with starting the occasional new tradition. That is especially true when there are kids in the picture. Elf on a shelf, anyone? In the next few weeks, you have a chance to lay out all your holiday plans and begin coordinating with the rest of the family. You can start by getting your own house in order. The decorations need to be taken out of storage and the rest of your unwanted junk needs to be cleared out. Junk King Richmond can’t help with hanging lights but they can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to removing unwanted clutter.


Having guests come over for the holidays shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ll know exactly when everyone is showing up. That means you don’t need to cram clutter into the closet or garage at the last minute. Of course, those storage areas might already be overflowing with clutter. That should be the first areas to sort through before the Junk King crew shows up.

Sorting through all your stuff will probably take up the most time for this process but it will be time well spent. As for the bigger stuff you might want to get rid of like an old sofa or recliner, you can leave that right where it is. The Junk King crew will pick it up right on the spot. That is what you’re hiring them for, right?

You shouldn’t feel guilty about tossing out some items that might still be useful to someone else. That’s because Junk King will go out of their way to make sure you items can be dropped off at a charity. That way they can be put back into circulation and kept out of a dump.

Once Junk King Richmond has worked their “magic” you can focus on getting your home ready for the guests. All it takes is one call to Junk King Richmond to make your home junk free for the holidays.

Keep Your Business Junk Free With A Regular Junk Removal Sessions

The success of a business can be tied to its loyal customer base. These are the clients that keep coming back to provide a dependable source of revenue. Of course, a business can only thrive if they expand that customer base. The number one way to attract new customers and keep those old customers happy is to continue to provide excellent service regardless of the product you’re selling. The other way is to make sure your business establishment is always properly maintained. A regular junk removal session with Junk King Richmond can do wonders for keeping your place clear of rubbish.

From start to finish, Junk King Richmond is a professional operation. You’ll notice this when you call to set up your appointment. When you let them know that you want to become a regular customer with ongoing junk removal sessions, then they will clear their schedule to make sure you are accommodated. They understand that operating your business comes with certain restrictions. It might not benefit you to have junk hauled out of your establishment while their customers there. That’s why Junk King can show up at off hours were on the weekends.


The first appointment you will know exactly how Junk King operates. They’ll be sending over a two-man crew who will be doing all the heavy lifting for you. This is a team that shows up with a friendly attitude and they are also great problem solvers. How heavy something is or how bulky it is won’t be an issue for them. The load can be something as big as a freezer or small is a sewing machine.

You can also depend on a consistent pricing policy. Junk King Richmond is fee is always based upon how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. That might change every week but what won’t change is how the crews pack the truck. They want to get as much stuff in as little space as possible. You’ll be benefiting from the low end of the price scale when they do that. And it is something you can count on! Keep your business clutter free with regular junk removal appointments from Junk King Richmond.

Let Junk King Handle Your Estate Cleanout

There’s a lot of history in Richmond. Most of that history can be found in homes. Every piece of furniture keepsake has a story to tell. That is why you have to be diligent when it comes to handling an estate cleanout. You may be overwhelmed with the task at first. You’ll need to go through every room in a home and sort to the things that you want to keep. That might leave you with a lot of things that need to be tossed out. You’ll find that it is easy to take care of an estate cleanout when you put a company like Junk King Richmond on the job.


Junk King Richmond has a lot of experience with estate cleanouts. The moving crews that will be assigned to your task will be able to size up the scope of the job with one look. They’ll need to see everything that you want to get rid of in order to assess not only how much truck space you’ll need but how much it will cost. There basing that price on how the going to fit everything onto the truck. This is an estimate of whether you use one third, one fourth, or the whole truck bed. You won’t be charged extra for additional movers. That’s good when you consider that some estate cleanouts require at least six guys and three trucks.

Once a price of been agreed to the crew will spring into action. Because they’re doing all the work, you don’t have to concern yourself with gathering up all the furniture into a pile in one room. The Junk King crew will climb stairs up to the attic and down to the basement in order to clear out all your unwanted items. You only have to make those trips wants to tell them what needs to go. Leave the rest to them.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Richmond could be repurposed. They would much rather drop your stuff off at a charity than the landfill. You don’t have to designate which items could be donated. The Junk King crews will do that automatically. An estate cleanout doesn’t have to be complicated. Just hire Junk King Richmond to get it done.

Junk King Richmond Customers Post More Positive Reviews

The best way to find out how accompanies doing is to ask their customers. Obviously, it’s not practical for you to call up every one of those customers. Instead, there are plenty of outlets online that you can read reviews about any business. It’s clear from reading these customer posts for Junk King Richmond that this is one junk hauling service that is getting the job done right.


“The price is reasonable. The men do an amazing job of clearing up all the debris and junk from the back of the house. They are polite, respectful and work hard and fast. This is the second time I’ve used them and each time just keeps getting better.” – Lynne D., Richmond

It doesn’t matter to junk King whether you’ve got something in the backyard, down the basement, up in the attic or out of the garage. All they care about is making sure everything you want removed is gone in a single session.

“Very quick/easy/efficient/reasonable service! Very personable capable young men – Jared & Dillon removed my furniture items very easily & pleasantly! We have no other help! Will definitely use your services again & will recommend to others! Thank you very much!” – L.F., Henrico

If it takes two movers to bring something into your home, then it will take two movers to take it out again. That is exactly what Junk King Richmond is going to provide to you. These are workers who have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of heavy objects. Don’t hesitate to ask them to remove anything regardless of size or weight.

“Great services! The young men were polite and professional and the work was completed quickly. Will call again if I need similar services and will definitely refer them!” – Amanda J., Richmond

“I called around 10 pm on Thursday night. Your staff was there at 8:30 am the next morning. They took 30 minutes and completed removing all my junk. They were professional and very nice. They provided me an extremely fair price.” – K.T., Henrico

Junk King Richmond prides itself on its rapid response. You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your junk when Junk King Richmond is just a phone call away.

Will Your Home Be Ready For Fall?

You may not like how fast summer flew by but fall is now almost upon us. This is when things start to get really busy as you head into the holidays. It starts with getting your home ready for Halloween and ends with the ball dropping a New Year’s Eve. That’s why it’s important to do as much prep work now before things get too hectic. Here’s what needs to get done:


Rain Gutter Cleaning

The big priority is getting your rain gutters cleaned. This is a somewhat arduous task that requires a ladder, a pair of work gloves and plenty of trash bags. It might work best as a two-man operation. One person goes up the ladder while the other one holds the bag down below. Once the rain gutter is clear, you might want to hose it down and make sure the spout is flowing as well.

Check the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation can be structural or cosmetic. If you see a crack, then it’s a good idea to patch it up. If this is something that’s outside of your handyman wheelhouse, then bring in a professional contractor who knows their way around patching cement.

Cleaning the chimney

A fireplace is a great feature for any home. But if it is full of ash and soot, then it’s not going to be a very pleasant experience to light a fire in there. There are some brushes that you can use on your own to clean out the chimney from inside the living room. This can be a very messy proposition, which means make sure everything gets covered with old sheets or plastic.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

Your furnace needs to be in proper working order. You’ll notice when you turn it on for the first time there might be a funky smell coming from the vents. That should clear up very quickly. It will help to make sure you keep the vent filters clean as well. As for this furnace itself, if it hasn’t been professionally serviced then you should definitely consider contacting the company who installed in the first place and have them come do a cleanup job.

Get Rid of Your Rubbish

Getting rid of rubbish is another good idea to do in the fall for the hot they start. That rubbish can take on many forms from yard debris to unwanted clutter from your garage. Go through your entire property and identify the things you want taken away then give Junk King Richmond a call. They’ll spring into action and dispatch a team of movers and truck to your location for fast junk removal. It’s the easiest way to handle this big type of job. Start the fall with a serious junk removal session from Junk King Richmond.

Great Things To Do While The Kid Is Away At College

Now that you have dropped your kid off at college you may be asking yourself, “What am I supposed to do?” For the first time in 18 years, you don’t have to schedule your day around carpooling, afterschool practice or packing lunches. Of course, you didn’t mind doing all those things and you probably miss them but now is the time to refocus your attention on some of the things you might have been putting off while raising the kids. They’ll be fine in college. Here are some great things to do while there a way:


Take up a Hobby

Perhaps there is something that you use to do back in the day that you could go back to. Did you enjoy taking photographs or spinning pottery? Maybe you enjoyed sewing or other arts and crafts. Those are the kinds of things you can return to now you have some free time on your hands. You can also start a new hobby. Did you ever want to learn how to play the piano? Build a ship in a bottle? Go for it.


Traveling is the number one thing that many parents do after their kids go off to college. You don’t have to go around the world but there might be some fun weekend trips to go on. Perhaps it’s time to book that crews adventure you always dreamt about. Think of this vacation as a reward for all the hauled work you did getting your kid off to college. That is definitely something that should be celebrated.


If you miss being around your kid, then there are plenty of opportunities where you could be help other kids. There are always programs at the local library for afterschool reading. You could even get a job at a preschool or day care center.

Organize Your Home

This is also a perfect time to organize your home. Start with the junk drawer in your kitchen and expand to your closet, basement, garage and attic. You should go on a quest for all the unwanted clutter that is taking up valuable space in your house. It doesn’t just have to be old computers but also futons, sofas, mattresses, appliances and any other household goods you know you’re not going to use again. All of that stuff could fill up a truck and that’s just what Junk King Richmond can provide. They’ll also be sending over a crew to do all the lifting and loading. You can just sit back and watch all that rubbish leave your home for good. You can always count on Junk King Richmond to help organize your home by hauling away the junk.

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