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12 Low-Cost Redecorating Ideas For Your Home To Reduce Junk Removal

12 Low-Cost Redecorating Ideas For Your Home To Reduce Junk Removal

Every home can use some junk removal and a make-over once in a while. But making that happen on a budget can be a challenge.

 Fortunately, there is no shortage of great tips and ideas for making your redecorating efforts affordable and unique. With some found objects or existing pieces, a little imagination, and maybe a bit of paint or hardware, you can create a delightful variety of decorating touches for your home.

12 Ideas For Redecorating On a Budget

Redecorating can be a low-cost, budget-friendly alternative to remodeling or renovating your home. This is especially true if all you want is a new look, or a fresh feel to your current home. While it is certainly possible to hire a decorator, or spend thousands on new furniture, window treatments, or carpets and drapes, there are alternatives.

Here are a dozen quick ideas that can transform your home into a quaint, comfy sanctuary or a lively, colorful hang-out.

Furniture Items

1. Repurpose, Don't Remove, Old Furniture

Old wooden chairs can be transformed into side tables or makeshift bookshelves. Casters added to old crates or small wooden tables can create mobile pieces with new possibilities. Old doors can be laid across wooden sawhorses to make a sturdy table or workbench.

2. Wooden Boxes as Furniture

Old wooden crates or boxes can be stacked and attached to create a modular bookshelf. Three or four crates stacked in odd arrangements can be utilized as side tables or under-the-counter storage cubbies. A series of small wooden boxes can be attached in a row on a wall to serve as display shelves.

3. Buy Used Items at an Estate Sale

Estate sales can be a treasure trove of quality, used furniture and other types of household items that can often be purchased for low bids. In addition, you can often find a variety of unwanted odds and ends that can be used to decorate your own home or as embellishments on old furniture items.

Ideas With Paint

4. Paint Your Front Door

This is not an original idea, of course, but instead of a fresh coat of the same color, try jazzing up your entryway by painting your door an unusual shade of blue or green. You want to be careful not to pick to bold or bizarre of a color though - it should complement your house color while standing out in a visually appealing manner.

5. Paint Some Ceilings

Often a room will retain the same ceiling color throughout the life of the house. But a smooth or paneled ceiling makes a great canvas and a slightly nuanced shade that brightens the room, stands out from the walls, and draws the eyes upwards in a subtle fashion can change the whole room.

6. Add a Chair Rail and a Second Color

Chair rail molding can be had in a self-stick variety that makes installation quick and simple. Before putting up your chair rail, mark a line on the walls that will be hidden by the molding, and then paint either the lower or upper portion of the wall a complementary shade to create a two-toned look that will accentuate the chair rail.




Consider Your Walls

7. Create Your Own "Wallpaper"

Buy or make your own stencils then create a pattern for them that can be used on a wall. With a little creativity and patience you can create a faux-wallpaper effect with your own unique design. Not a bad transformation with just a little paint and some strategically placed poster board.

8. DIY Wall Treatments

Custom drapes can be costly and a new paint job is both costly and labor intensive. However, some inspired arrangements of inexpensive canvas drop clothes can produce striking drapery effects. And if raw canvas is not your style, they can be painted any color and hung on walls to create a textured visual offset. 

9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A tall mirror can be situated against a wall to create a sense of openness in a room. Almost any room can be enhanced and given a larger sense of space by placing a large mirror with a vintage frame on one wall. Avoid having mirrors facing each other on opposite walls as this can be visually distracting when standing between them. 

Artistic Alternatives

10. Family Photos Gallery

Actually, any photos you particularly admire can work for this, but having a common theme is best. Get a collection of images all printed the same size and put them in identical individual frames. Once they are all framed - preferably 10 to 12 of them - arrange them on one wall in two rows or in a grid. Simple, but striking.

11. Scrapbook Coffee Table

Revitalize an old coffee table with a custom cut piece of glass or Plexiglas under a "collage" of photos you want to display. The photos can be personal pictures of the family, etc., or found images that work together to suggest a theme or common feature.  When you get bored with them simply change them out for new ones!

12. DIY Artwork Pieces

Use favorite images from an old calendar or children's book, or a collection of old LP album covers ( yes, the vinyl ones) and frame them individually in identical frames. Like the family photo gallery, these are best displayed in rows or in a grid as the balanced geometric arrangement is bold and easy to scan. 

Your Best Team for Your Redecorating Junk Removal

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12 Low-Cost Redecorating Ideas For Your Home To Reduce Junk Removal


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