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5 Fun Projects for Your Backyard

5 Fun Projects for Your Backyard


The weather is nice and everyone needs a little exercise, right? How about creating a few projects to get work done in the backyard? You can gather up family and friends and have some fun with it.

You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish when you have the manpower – and a junk removal company – at your disposal. Here are a few suggestions for fun projects you can do in your yard this summer.

  1. The Massive Clean-up: Don’t be afraid to call it massive. The bigger you make it sound, the more people you can bring into the fold to help you out with it. These types of clean-ups rarely end up being as big as they appear, but they make your backyard look so much better when you’re done. Clean out all the yard waste first. Pick up dead branches and any trash that’s lying around, mow and rake the lawn, and then call the junk removal company to haul it all away. Once it’s gone, you can set up the barbeque and have a party with everyone who helped.
  2. The Weekly Mow and Clean: Combine some outdoor activity with some indoor with the weekly mow and clean. Split your volunteers into two groups, one to mow the lawn and the other to clean out a garage, attic, or basement. You can even make it a contest if you want. First team to finish gets to enjoy some cold beers purchased by the other team. That should get everyone working at a fairly rapid pace.
  3. The Tom Sawyer Project – Painting the Fence: Remember how Tom got his friends to help him paint the fence? You can do the same thing. There’s no reason why you can’t invite a few friends or family members over and hand them paint brushes. Lay some drop cloths down and wear old clothes, though. These types of yard projects tend to get a little messy. It’s okay if it does. That’s what makes the project fun.
  4. Replace the Lawn: Are you tired of looking at that ragged patch of grass you used to call a lawn. Replace it. Dig up all the old grass and turn over the soil. Pull out any rocks, roots, stumps or chunks of concrete and have the junk removal company haul them off. You can rent heavy equipment to do it, or you can just get a whole lot of people to pitch in. Buy some pre-rolled sod and just lay it down when you’re done digging and leveling. Water it for a few days and you’ll have a brand new lawn to enjoy.
  5. Install a Pool: Tackle any of the projects above during the summer and you will decide you want a pool. Maybe reading this article has you thinking about it already. You can buy one at any number of local stores or shop online. You’ll need to clean the yard before you put it in, maybe do a massive clean like the one described in Project #1, but you might want to hire professionals for the actual install.

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5 Fun Projects for Your Backyard


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