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5 Pieces of Old Furniture Likely to be Found in Your Home

5 Pieces of Old Furniture Likely to be Found in Your Home

For those of us who own a house or apartment, furniture is a very big part of our lives. The type of furniture in your house decides the atmosphere that you spend most of your life in.

This means furniture is what you look at, what you sit and sleep in, and what you use on an everyday basis. It's pretty clear - furniture plays a big part in our lives whether we like to admit or not.

This is why it's so difficult to get rid of old furniture. You've spent all those years spending everyday with a piece of furniture, when the time comes to get rid of the item it can often be quite difficult. You might make excuses for years, but eventually the time comes when that old piece of furniture needs to get hauled out to bring in the new. Here is a list of five pieces of old furniture that are probably sitting around your house right now that you need to get rid of:

  1. Arm Chair: We all know how great a good ole' armchair can be. It could be lazy boy recliner in front of the TV, or a padded rocking chair by the fireplace. This is where a person can sit down, read a good book, look out the window, or tell a story. This is the chair that feels 'just right' because you've been sitting in it for so long. Some of the best memories of our lives have been told from that old chair. However, if anyone from the outside looks at your old chair they can see it with open eyes: it has rips along the side, stains on the surface, and splinters on the wood. It's time to get rid of that old chair.
  2. Bed: We spend one third of our lives sleeping, often in a bed that we've had for nearly a decade. That old bed can provide the perfect respite after a long day's work. However, because of many years' use, the bed is starting to break down. It isn't providing the back support it used to, and it creaks in the middle of the night and often wakes you up. It's time to get a new, better bed that will suit all your needs.
  3. Family Couch: The old family couch is the centerpiece of every home. This is where your family gathers to watch TV, chat, read the newspaper, or play games. There are a lot of great memories on that family couch. However, the couch has been through new children, puppies and wear and tear, making it look like something out of 'Mad Max.' It's time to find a new centerpiece to your home.
  4. Piano: Pianos last for quite a while. You might have gotten the baby grand when you moved into the home, and it's been there for fifteen to twenty years. Your whole family has gone through a set of lessons on it, and you can tell from the sound. Although you can retune a piano to have it fixed up, eventually worn wood and mechanics can permanently affect the sound quality. Perhaps it’s time to pick out a new baby grand, or even a great sound electronic piano.
  5. Pool / Ping Pong Table: These classic basement games can be found in homes across the county. Pool and Ping Pong tables have provided countless hours of fun for your family in friends, from day long tournaments to one on one grudge matches. However, old equipment can really start to affect the quality of the game. Those bumps in your pool table and chips in your table tennis table can cause more than a few plays to go awry, as you've likely noticed. New tables have drastically gone down in price lately, so it's the perfect time to pick one up.

Make sure you don't hurt yourself trying to haul these heavy old pieces of furniture out of your house. Junk King can efficiently and affordably pick that old junk up for you. Call 1-888-888-JUNK or book online to schedule a free on site estimate.

5 Pieces of Old Furniture Likely to be Found in Your Home


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