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5 reasons to outsource junk removal

5 reasons to outsource junk removal


While there are a lot of things related to home improvement that you can do yourself (and might even enjoy doing), junk removal is probably not one of them. It’s labor intensive, tedious, and at the end of the project you don’t produce anything new. Nevertheless, that pile of clutter continues to build up and over time it becomes a necessity to get rid of it.

Forget all of the sorting, lifting, and trips to various drop off sites, hire a pro and be rid of everything in one smooth swoop. Besides spending your time doing things that are more personally rewarding, below are a few more reasons why hiring a professional is worth the money.

1. FAST and hassle free. What could take one person hours, would take a professional junk hauling crew minutes.

2. We have the resources to donate/recycle/and dispose of everything properly. Why spend your time researching, and then driving to various facilities? We do this all day and in volume. Let the hauler take it away and forget about it.

3. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting injured because professional junk haulers are insured. Especially if you’re lifting items that are heavy or oversized, it’s not worth risking personal injury. We’re experts in carrying heavy items, and if a member of our crew gets hurt, we have insurance to cover them. If you don’t know if the hauling company you hired has insurance, ask. Hauling companies are very used to this question and usually have all insurance information handy.

4. Truck size matters. It would take 6 average size pick up trucks to fill the equivalent of 1 Junk King hauling truck, but not all trucks are created equal so when you get a price quote be sure to ask the cubic yardage of their truck.

5. We pay the fees. It’s not free to dispose of items. Even if your items can be recycled, chances are there are surcharges attached, or a minimum volume requirement, or the recycler won’t take single drop offs.

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5 reasons to outsource junk removal


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