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A Better Way For Construction Junk Removal

A Better Way For Construction Junk Removal


Contractors are often good at many things. And taking care of construction junk removal can be one of them. But there's a better way.

While it is common practice for GCs to clean up and remove their own construction junk and debris, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to bring in professional construction junk removal.

Construction Creates Structures - And Debris

New construction, remodeling, and even major renovations result in both new buildings or rooms, and usually quite a bit of waste, junk, and debris. It simply comes with the territory, as they say. 

In fact, according to the EPA's 2018 Fact Sheet:

  • 600 million tons of C&D debris were generated in the United States in 2018, which is more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste.
  • Demolition represents more than 90 percent of total C&D debris generation, while construction represents less than 10 percent.
  • Just over 455 million tons of C&D debris were directed to next use and just under 145 million tons were sent to landfills.
  • Aggregate was the main next use for the materials in the C&D debris.

Deconstruction Creates Resources - Demolition Creates Waste

According to definitions provided by one source,

Demolition is a less precise method in which all materials from a structure are sent either to recycling or the landfill.

Deconstruction is a more methodical process in which materials from the original structure are assessed for reuse value, dismantled with the intent of maximizing this potential, and then reclaimed usually by nonprofits that focus on landfill diversion and materials reuse.

While it is true that deconstruction is more time-consuming and a bit more labor-intensive, the overall benefits and savings are well worth the ROI.

One source estimated that 75-90 percent of the materials in a home can be reused, repurposed or recycled. That means that contractors or property owners can save of the most items within a residential home or a commercial building.

It's been established for years that there are massive amounts of reusable resources mingled with the vast majority of construction debris in the US and elsewhere.

According to an annual report by Zaman International, 

An estimated 200,000-300,000 structures are demolished each year in the United States which is the source of over 90 percent of the total waste from both construction and deconstruction, averaging around 534 million tons annually. 

The same report goes on to note that if each of these homes were taken down through deconstruction as opposed to demolition, it would result in enough reclaimed lumber for approximately 100,000 new homes. 

And that's just the wood waste.

When you add in glass, metals, concrete and masonry, and many other materials, the potential for reusable and recyclable materials is quite impressive. 

And profitable. 

According to ResourceCentral.org,

Although the cost of a demolition project might be half the cost of hiring a deconstruction team, the items salvaged during deconstruction are often appraised at tens of thousands of dollars (or more in value), and then materials are can be donated to a non-profit as a tax-deductible donation.


It's a Better Way for Construction Junk Removal

The other benefit of all this is that, not only can much of the waste materials from construction be reused or recycled into usable and resalable products, it results in far less construction junk removal.

And reducing the overall amount of construction debris also means that landfill space is used to dispose of it. Which is highly critical since landfill space in the U.S. is rapidly diminishing.

A piece from a national rental company noted,

As much as 30% of all building materials delivered to a typical construction site can end up as waste. (ScienceDirect) Construction and demolition projects filled U.S. landfills with almost 145 million tons of waste in 2018.

This is why debris and junk disposal alternatives such as reusing and recycling waste materials are better options. And this is also why having a professional construction junk removal firm is a better way of managing it.


A Pro Option for Construction Junk Removal

Experienced contractors understand that cleaning up and disposing of construction junk and debris is a critical part of the job.

However, doing so efficiently requires forethought, planning, and good management to ensure that construction waste is removed in an safe, strategic, and cost-effective manner.

But it does not mean you have to do this task yourself

In fact, there are several good reasons to outsource construction junk removal to a reliable and experienced professional team.


Contractors can minimize key functions by outsourcing junk removal:

Time for Clean Up and Removal

Outsourcing construction junk removal is far better for job site workers than having them cleaning and then going off site to the dump.

Costs for Disposal

It can be more cost-effective to outsource construction junk removal. Contractors save on labor hours spent cleaning up, fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, dumping fees and so on. 

Time Planning Removal and Disposal

Recycling and reuse of construction  junk and debris requires the knowledge and resources that a contractor may not have. But a professional junk removal operator will.


The Pro Choice for Construction Junk Removal

Construction site clean-up and hauling doesn't have to be “part of the job” for contractors when they have an expert team doing it for them.

If you're current construction project includes debris and junk removal, call Junk King!

Our teams specialize in construction junk removal.

We can be at your job site in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crews are fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to remove all your construction debris professionally and efficiently.

And one of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle a much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service.

If you have questions about what we do or what we believe, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).



A Better Way For Construction Junk Removal


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