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All Junk Removal is Not Equal

All Junk Removal is Not Equal

Hiring a junk removal company can be a very personal issue, with good reason. You are letting strangers into your home or business and letting them handle your personal items; that requires a good amount of trust.

 This is why people need to be educated on what the signs of a professional and reputable Junk Removal company are.

Professional Image

Although it may seem vain to judge a company purely on its image, it is a good thing to do in the Junk Removal business. It is fairly easy for an unlicensed contractor to buy a used pickup truck, put a sign on it, and start working. These are the type of operations that could easily damage your house or scam you. Make sure to check out a company's business cards and website to ensure a level of professionalism.

Recycling Policy

Any responsible, modern and professional Junk Removal company will have a recycling policy in place. Many unlicensed junk haulers will pick up your trash and throw it out on the street or in illegal zones, which is often how they are able to provide such cheap labor. Make sure to ask your Junk Removal company what their recycling policy is. Environmentally responsible companies will keep the majority of your junk out of landfills.

Online Reviews

It never hurts to check online review sites like Yelp.com for other customer's experiences with a Junk Removal company. Although sites like Yelp can often be filled with competitor's reviews and a few isolated bad cases, they are also a good place to find some integral information about the company you are about to work with. Learn how to pick out the useful reviews and weed out the fake ones.


Your Junk Removal company should give you an up front estimate on what a job will cost you. They also should only charge for the amount of junk that they haul. Make sure there aren't any hidden fees and you only pay for what you get.

Junk-King is a great choice for your junk removal service, offering a great reputation, a strong eco-friendly recycling policy, and strong recommendations from previous customers.

All Junk Removal is Not Equal


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