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Appliance removal for dummies

Appliance removal for dummies

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Getting rid of junk isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when that junk is in the form of appliances. When purchasing shiny new appliances, the last thing on your mind is what you’re going to do with the old ones.

Storing it in the garage might be your solution, adding even more clutter to an already crowded space. So the question is, how do you appropriately get rid of old appliances? Unlike smaller unwanted items, you can’t simply throw it in a trash bin or put it on the curbside and hope for the best – you need to dispose of it properly.


Why you need to be careful when disposing of appliances

In certain states, improper disposal can be punishable by either a fine or jail time. Refrigerators and air conditioners contain refrigerant, an ozone-depleting and harmful chemical, which can contaminate groundwater if not properly disposed of. To avoid this situation, here’s how to deal with appliance removal:


If your appliances are in a good condition, you could sell them. Your old dishwasher might not go with your kitchen’s new design, but it could come in handy for someone else. Try free online listings, online newspaper sites, or you can even host a garage sale if you’re selling a few appliances.


Give your old working appliances to someone who needs it – a local charity, an orphanage, or someone in your community. Thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill might take your old appliances as well, as long as they’re in working condition.

Retailer pickup

Some retailers will pick up your old appliances and recycle them for you at no additional cost. Just make sure to check with them before you do anything else.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle – this is the best way to keep our environment clean. There are recycling facilities all over the United States, and most places recycle large appliances. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay a fee to get your large appliances recycled.   

Call a junk removal service

Hiring a junk removal service is great because they’ll do all the appliance removal work for you – hauling it away, loading it on the truck, and disposing of it in an eco-friendly manner. Find a junk removal company that will handle the recycling for you.

Why recycling is important

According to Earth911, large appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, microwaves, ovens, dehumidifiers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and furnaces are a big source of waste in North America. The proper removal and disposal of appliances – especially fridges, humidifiers, and air conditioners – will prevent emissions of ODS and GHGs, prevent the release of used oil, save landfill space, and reduce energy consumption.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly appliance haul away service, so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of your unwanted items. Since our focus is on preserving the environment, we make sure that your old appliances end up in the right place: whether it’s a local charity, or a recycling facility. Contact us for all your appliance removal needs.


Appliance removal for dummies


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