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Celebrate Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day

Spring has officially returned, which means there’s going to be a dramatic increase in the sale and planting of new plants, herbs, and trees for the summer and fall months. The month of April sees not one but two holidays associated with the environment, but only one of those holidays exclusively celebrates the planting of new trees.

Arbor Day, which occurs on Friday, April 28, is a holiday observed in multiple countries that celebrates the need for trees. Here in the U.S., Arbor Day has been recognized as a national holiday since 1972. In honor of this year’s Arbor Day, we’d like to answer some frequently asked questions.

So it’s not on Saturday, April 22?

Nope. That’s the date for Earth Day.

What’s the difference?

While Earth Day takes a more generalized approach to learning and caring for nature, Arbor Day focuses on the subject of trees. More specifically, Arbor Day encourages people to plant, care, and play with trees.

How does one “play” with trees?

Climb them, hang up a tire swing, decorate it, or maybe get a game of Hide and Seek going and use the tree to hide.

What else does one normally do on Arbor Day?

Plant trees. The Arbor Day Foundation encourages participants to plant trees on Arbor Day, and they provide a variety of resources to help find tree planting events in your area. They also offer education on the importance of trees in the environment, sell trees for planting, and accept donations that will be used to further their Arbor Day work.

So if I want to celebrate Arbor Day, does that mean I have to go out and plant two dozen trees with other people?

Not if you don’t want to go that big. Unlike some of the major holidays, Arbor Day enjoys a certain kind of low-key energy, so you don’t have to observe or celebrate it for a whole month.

Like most social and environmental causes, Arbor Day serves to educate participants about the role trees play in our everyday life. So even if you only take a few minutes to read some of the information on the Arbor Day Foundation’s website, you’re still celebrating Arbor Day.

But the website really wants me to go plant a tree.

If you can. Aside from education, the whole idea behind Arbor Day rests on the action of planting trees to sustain our environment. Some people do not own property, so they can’t exactly plant a new tree in their front yard. That’s why the Arbor Day Foundation includes information about tree-planting events throughout the U.S.

Plus, if you go to a local tree planting event, you’ll also get the chance to meet other area residents with similar cares and interests. Neighborhood networking with some long-term lawn and garden work can be a great way to build up your community.

Do I have to plant any specific kind of tree?

Nope. While the images and pictures associated with Arbor Day tend to favor big trees like oaks and redwoods, any tree will do.

To learn more about Arbor Day and to learn about Arbor Day events in your area, visit  this link.  And whether you plan to hang out by a tree or plant two dozen new trees, remember to take a few minutes to appreciate how important trees are to the environment.

Celebrate Arbor Day


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