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Back To School Essentials

Back To School Essentials

Doesn’t matter whether you’re sending your child off to kindergarten or their freshman year in college, the end of July signals the imminent arrival of the new school year. That creates a huge list of to-dos in most households: annual physical medical checkups, updating applications and contact information, and the inevitable rush for school supplies.

Here are this year’s list of back-to-school essentials.

1. Supplies

This essential applies in almost every back-to-school situation, even trade schools. You go to school to learn, and at a minimum, that means having to write stuff down for later reference. As such, school supplies should be at the top of every back to school list of essentials.

However, it’s important to remember that grabbing school supplies doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend hundreds of dollars at the nearest office or department store. If personal funding presents a problem, check with the school and any local charity organizations to find out about school supply distribution sites in your area. It’s possible that providing basic supplies may be a common problem in your area, which means help may be available.

Also, if your student happens to be headed to a state college or private high school, resist the temptation to purchase everything at the bookstore that has the school mascot on it.

2. Bags

Another essential that applies in every educational situation, a way to carry books and supplies will be vital in every academic pursuit.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of options, selecting a bag can lead to problems. A backup with a child’s favorite video game character may look cool, but something designed for looks over functionality can lead to multiple trips to the store when the bag invariably give out.

Do some minor research into expected workloads before purchasing a bag. If you’ve got a high school student juggling multiple AP courses and extracurricular activities, consider a bag with strong shoulder straps and a thick bottom to support the extra weight. Also, find out if the school provides lockers and ask your student if they plan to use them; lockers usage can provide some bag relief.

Get input from the child, too.

3. Refillable Water Bottles

Which is easier, having to purchase a different water bottle every time you get thirsty, or carrying an empty bottle that can be refilled at any water fountain?

Refillable water bottles have become something of a fad in the last few years. In addition to the conservation aspects, it’s also become a handy way to stay hydrated during the hotter summers. Also, seeing how a single bottle of water goes for about $3 these days, refillable water bottles can help save money.

Students of every age can also personalize their water bottles with stickers and graphics, and most backpacks feature side pockets that can be used for storage to free up their hands as needed.

4. Masks

It never hurts to be prepared.

And speaking of prepared, check to see if the school or program offers a list of specific supplies needed for the course work. Check with the instructor about any questions of product availability or immediate need; some supplies may not be needed for the first few months, giving you more time to find them.

Get the essentials as soon as possible, and don’t hesitate to look for help if you have trouble locating or paying for anything.


Back To School Essentials


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