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Case Study: Junk Removal Helps Homeless Veterans

Case Study: Junk Removal Helps Homeless Veterans

When people say goodbye to unwanted things, the story often ends with “free to a good home” or “to help the needy.” But what does that really look like, in real life?

In the junk removal business, we get to see firsthand just how impactful and heart-warming it is to see one person’s trash become another person’s much-needed basics for starting a new life.

The team that runs the Junk King in Reno, Nevada made a connection that is helping homeless veterans in their community get set up with belongings for homes.

Unfortunately, so many of our nation’s heroes find themselves struggling to the point of homelessness after their service has ended. What Bob and Michelle of Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans do is to help these veterans in need find suitable housing so they can build a new civilian life. Furnishing the homes and filling the cabinets and closets with basic necessities is the next step, and that’s how junk removal by Junk King Reno helps.

How Junk Removal Became a Source of Help for Veterans

It started much the same way that Junk King franchisees typically end up disposing of junk removal collections — instead of sending everything to landfill, we donate or recycle every last item we can.

When Bob and Michelle from Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans visited their local Junk King warehouse for a cleanout sale, they quickly saw the potential for using junk removal items to help give a fresh start to veterans moving into new homes.

Although junk hauling often involves picking up trash and debris, it also involves hauling away good-condition items that are taking up space or simply aren’t wanted by the owners. Junk King franchisees also frequently conduct property cleanouts for landlords and estate holders who need to haul away bulky items like mattresses or large volumes of personal items like dishes, pots, canned food and other leftover stuff. In this case it all adds up to make junk removal a fantastic resource for homeless veterans to furnish their new lives.

“So Many Things that We Take for Granted”

As you can imagine, a lot of things hauled away during junk removal can be repurposed by someone else — so why not give them away to homeless veterans? People need more than just shelter, and it’s worth putting in the time and resources at our warehouses to direct things to deserving folks. The items that Bob, Michelle, and their (formerly) homeless veteran friends get from Junk King are a big part of turning a house into a home.

Bob and Michelle have discovered over the years that veterans are grateful for “so many things that we take for granted in our daily lives.” Besides needing a bed and clothes, homeless veterans will also need things like a toothbrush, kitchenware, linens, blankets, or even basic tools, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies.

It’s difficult to think of a better application of the phrase “free to a good home” than sending our junk removal items to homeless veterans who are getting set up with a new house or apartment, so they can make a proper life in their new place.


How Junk Removal Helps Kick Off a New Beginning

When Junk King says we donate everything we can, it’s not just a slogan. Thankfully, Junk King winds up with lots of reusable or even forgotten, brand new items that a previous owner has discarded. Junk King Reno keeps track of a “wish list” from Bob and Michelle and also invites them and their clients to visit the junk removal warehouse and claim things they need, with first dibs.

Often, Junk King employees go above and beyond to help the folks at Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans. After finding a large item like a bed, dresser. or dining table, the veteran does not necessarily have the means to transport the item to their new home. That’s when Junk King fires up the truck to personally deliver the items and even help arrange the furniture inside the home. We don’t just give things away, we get them to the people who need them.

Repurposing, With a Purpose

junk-removal-donations-reno.jpgThe wonderful connection between Junk King Reno and Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans is just one example of the good work that we can do in the junk removal industry. Across North America, our operators partner with local causes to make a local impact.

The impact can be global, too. Whenever we find a purpose for something instead of sending to the landfill as trash, Junk King helps the environment.

As part of our commitment to repurposing, we send collected junk to recycling facilities, charitable thrift stores, non-profit housing organizations, and other destinations besides a landfill. The goal is to make the junk removal process as sustainable as possible by reusing everything we can rather than simply generating new trash.

Getting Involved with Your Community Through Junk Removal

If you want to help an organization like Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans, all you need to do is say goodbye to your unwanted junk! You can ask your local Junk King team about where they donate items. And if you know of an organization that could use furniture, clothing, office equipment, and other goods, feel free to tell your local Junk King about your recommendation.

If you have unwanted “junk” that someone else might appreciate — and remember, there are always people in need like homeless veterans and the less fortunate — remember that junk removal does not have to mean throwing everything away!

Our team members, our trucks, and our company are dedicated to making junk removal a beneficial, eco-friendly, and altruistic act at every turn. Contact us at Junk King to schedule an appointment if you’d like to clean out your property and send unwanted items to a better place.

Case Study: Junk Removal Helps Homeless Veterans


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