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Choosing the Right Dumpster Bag for Your Project

Choosing the Right Dumpster Bag for Your Project

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Nobody wants to have unsightly piles of trash and debris in their yard during a major cleanout. But the junk has to go somewhere, right?

The good news is that there's a better way to stage your cleanout debris and other unwanted junk. And a great option is the JK Dumpster Bag®.


Making Junk Removal Easier: A Guide to Using the JK Dumpster Bag®

Tired of dealing with junk piling up around your home or workplace? Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional waste disposal methods and say hello to the ultimate solution – the JK Dumpster Bag®.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of the JK Dumpster Bag® is as a small dumpster with straps that also folds up when it's empty. And, when it's full, it can hold up to three cubic yards of debris, or up to 3,000 pounds of junk. (That's over one and half tons, by the way…)

We're here to redefine your clean-up routine and put you in control of your junk disposal needs!


Why Choose the JK Dumpster Bag®?

Sure, there's other options out there when it comes to rental dumpsters, flexible dumpster bag vendors, and DIY approaches to residential junk removal. But do you really have the time and patience to vet all of them and wonder if they're reliable or affordable?

Probably not. Which is why we believe that opting for a company you already know you can trust and whose reputation for professionalism and affordable, transparent pricing places them a cut above all the rest is the only way to go. 

No More Old-School Junk Removal Woes

Remember the days when you had to load and transport junk to the nearest landfill all by yourself? Yikes, talk about time-consuming and exhausting! Thankfully, those days are ancient history. Junk King is here to rescue you from that hassle with our professional junk removal services.

Introducing the JK Dumpster Bag® – Your Portable Dumpster

So, what's the deal with the JK Dumpster Bag®? Picture this: it's like a small dumpster with straps, but it's way more flexible! It unfolds easily, holds its shape while you're filling it, and when it's full, it can handle up to three cubic yards of debris or a whopping 3,000 pounds of junk (that's over one and a half tons, by the way – impressive, right?).

A Space-Saving Marvel

What makes the JK Dumpster Bag® even better? It's super space-saving! With dimensions of 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and just 2 and a half feet tall, this bag only takes up a tiny footprint of 32 square feet.

To put it in perspective, a full-size pickup truck would take up about three times that space. So, you can place it anywhere – in your driveway, by the house, or even on your lawn!

Easy-Peasy Loading

At less than 3 feet high, loading the JK Dumpster Bag® is a breeze. No backbreaking work – just toss your junk in with ease!



The JK Dumpster Bag® - A User's Guide

At Junk King, we have gone to great lengths to make the process of buying and using our JK Dumpster Bag® as easy as possible. And to that end, we have put together this comprehensive user's guide to help you along the way.



Big Benefits with the JK Dumpster Bag®

You can fit just about anything in the JK Dumpster Bag®.

And the JK Dumpster Bag is TOUGH! Everything from household materials to yard waste and mixed materials can be loaded up! Take advantage of the 3 cubic yards and fill it all the way to the top. 

  • Highly Portable: Unlike traditional steel dumpsters, you can place the JK Dumpster Bag® practically anywhere on your property.
  • No Scheduling Hassle: Forget waiting around for a junk removal crew! Purchase a bag online, and it'll arrive in just 3 days – no deadlines, no fuss!
  • Save Money and Time: The JK Dumpster Bag® is perfect for smaller junk removal needs, saving you time and money.

The Many Uses of the JK Dumpster Bag® The possibilities are endless! Clean out your basement, attic, or garage. Toss away old furniture, broken toys, or swing sets. You can even use it during bathroom or kitchen renovations, yard cleanups, or downsizing projects. The JK Dumpster Bag® is truly your flexible junk removal ally!

How to Get Your JK Dumpster Bag® Purchase your JK Dumpster Bag® online with ease. The cost is $27.99 + taxes and shipping fees. Shipment to your address is quick – expect it in just 3 working days! Check with Junk King to confirm pricing and availability in your area.

Scheduling Pickup is a Breeze Once you've filled your bag or have no more junk to get rid of, scheduling a pickup is hassle-free. Call, text, or go online to arrange a pickup day and time. We'll show up on time, as promised, and make the process smooth and easy.

Why Junk King's JK Dumpster Bag®?

  • Environmentally-Friendly: We recycle as much of your junk as possible with each job – helping the planet is our priority.
  • World-Class Service: Our customer service is top-notch, and we serve one customer at a time – you're our focus!
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees – we provide up-front and clear pricing for a stress-free experience.

So why choose Junk King's JK Dumpster Bag®? Because we're confident you won't find a better junk removal experience anywhere else! Say goodbye to junk stress and hello to the JK Dumpster Bag®.

Let's make your junk removal journey a breeze!

  • Convenient Ordering: Purchase your JK Dumpster Bag® by giving us a call or shooting us a text at 1-888-888-JUNK. Easy peasy!
  • Online Purchase and Scheduling: Prefer doing things online? No worries! You can purchase your JK Dumpster Bag® or schedule a pickup right here on our website.


The JK Dumpster Bag® - The Right Dumpster Bag for Your Project

There was a time when, if you wanted to remove and dispose of junk and debris from your home, property, or even your place of work you had limited options. And they all usually meant that you had to load it yourself and transport it to the nearest landfill.

Thankfully, those days are gone and today we have junk removal options, like Junk King. 

And it keeps getting better.

In addition to our full-service junk removal and our unique self-service dumpster rentals featuring our user-friendly Junk King Dumpsters, Junk King now offers a third junk removal option:

The Junk King Dumpster Bag® - Our flexible dumpster bag.

Streamline your clean-up routine and take control of your junk disposal needs by using our convenient JK Dumpster Bag®. Call or text us at 1-888-888-JUNK to purchase a JK Dumpster Bag® or to schedule a pickup. You can also purchase or schedule online.



Choosing the Right Dumpster Bag for Your Project


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