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COVID-19 In Winter: Staying Safe And Sane Inside

COVID-19 In Winter: Staying Safe And Sane Inside



Even if you live where stay-at-home orders have been lifted, COVID-19 is still here and so is the winter weather. So, staying indoors is still warranted.


The truth is, staying indoors for too long anytime can be frustrating. And depressing. 

With the winter weather in full force, it's that time of year once again where many Americans find themselves either cooped up in the house or braving the rain, snow, or just cold. But this year, being outside also brings other risks and annoyances because of coronavirus restrictions.


What to Do While Indoors - Still?

One of the keys to keeping your sanity and not becoming a monster with your spouse or kids, is to keep your mind productively occupied. And that should be balanced with time for interaction with others, and quiet "down time" for your brain. 

Being productive doesn't necessarily mean cleaning the house or making meals. These are great, but you'll probably be doing some of that anyway. 




Consider the following ideas for engaging your mind while ignoring the fact that you're stuck indoors:

Declutter and Reorganize

This can be something that you break down into segments or phases - not an all-out overhaul to be done in one day. The goal is to have this productive activity scheduled throughout the week or even month. And a bonus is that you'll improve your surroundings while finding great things to donate once you are able to venture outdoors.

Take Online Courses

While you may be a bit tired of looking at your laptop these days, engaging in an educational or interactive self-improvement course can be quite a bit different than watching TV reruns. This is a great time to pursue a skill or educate yourself on a subject that has always interested you.

Start a Business

Seriously? Yes. With the ease of entry that online business opportunities afford, just about anyone can start up a "side hustle" or gig with nothing more than a computer and Internet access. Ventures such as blogging, drop shipping, reselling products, creating and selling online courses, and hundreds of others can keep you productively (and profitably) occupied while indoors.

Write a Book

Wait! Don't skip this - "writing" a book doesn't even require typing these days. Regardless of whether you create your own book for fun or for possible profit, the process is so much easier today thanks to dictation software and online publishing options. You might not write a best selling novel, but you can pour your heart out or capture your life story. And do it all from the cozy comfort of your own home!

Build Your Body

Contrary to what popular gym culture would have you believe, you can get both fit and buffed without a gym and without equipment. Granted, some exercise and workout regimens require equipment, but it's not hard to find a perfectly good body-building plan that uses exercises and bodyweight only. And you don't need to go for the Dwayne Johnson look  - just getting stronger and healthier is the way to go. 

There are, of course, probably dozens of other activities you can give yourself to while staying safe indoors. In addition, for example, you should make an intentional effort to interact with friends and family in meaningful ways beyond the daily chit-chat of normal life. 

And taking time to read or listen to good books, meditate, or simply spend time with crosswords, doodle pads, or some other quiet activity that only requires a mild degree of effort. 


Spending Your Time Indoors - Prepare for Junk Removal

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COVID-19 In Winter: Staying Safe And Sane Inside


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