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Declutter - Best Way to Remove Things

Declutter - Best Way to Remove Things

Declutter - Best Way to Remove Things

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to clear a few things out once the holiday decorations get put away. Here’s some suggestions for the best way to clean up in the New Year.

1.  The Best Way to Dispose Of Old Medications

The temptation of emptying old and unused medications out of the medicine cabinet and into the garbage or down the drain should be avoided in favor of safer options, especially for any medications that have warnings not to pour down the drain.

The best way to dispose of old medicines? Check with the Drug Enforcement Administration and check for medicine take back options, hands down the best way to safely dispose of most unneeded/expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines. Generally, the DEA will provide two methods to dispose of the medicine, either through a permanent collection site or an upcoming event, both of which can be found on the DEA’s website.

But don’t just roll up to the collection site and dump everything into a collection container. Be sure to remove all personal information from the labels before transporting them to the collection site. If the medicine has not expired, check online to see if the medicine can be donated or reused within your state.


2.  The Right Ways to Remove Old Furniture

Maybe you got a new sofa for Christmas, or maybe you grabbed one on a New Year’s sale. Whatever the case, you’ve got to remove the old furniture before you can install and enjoy the new one. Ordinarily, the easiest solution would be to drag the thing outside, haul it to the curb, and hope someone will grab it. Depending on where you live, however, the curb might not be an acceptable option for furniture disposal and/or donation.

Instead, consider renting a dumpster, especially if you’re looking to remove multiple items from the house. A dumpster can remain on the property until you’re finished throwing everything out, at which point the rental company should provide retrieval and removal services. You can also look into a professional junk disposal company, which can work with an individual’s schedule and take care of the heavy lifting.

And if the sofa on the way out still has usability (like it’s clean and isn’t being held together by duct tape), contact a charity organization and donate the item. The organization may provide pickup and removal services, too.


3.  Cleaning Out the Closet

Generally speaking, this one should be the easiest to handle. Clothes and shoes that no longer get worn can be donated to any number of charitable organizations, especially Goodwill and the Salvation Army. The best way to do this? Take a look at the stuff in the closet and dresser, decide what doesn’t get worn enough to stay in the closet or dresser, and make sure the items can still be worn in public before setting them aside for donation. Do not donate anything with rips or holes; place those items in the garbage. Don’t shy away from doing a little research to see if other smaller organizations would also welcome such donations. Check with local churches, schools, and social organizations to see about charities focusing on the immediate community. Don’t be afraid to expand your list of donated items beyond the closet, either. Some organizations will accept electronics and motor vehicles provided they can still be operated.

Declutter - Best Way to Remove Things


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