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Decluttering And Downsizing Your Lifestyle [Infographic]

Decluttering And Downsizing Your Lifestyle [Infographic]

A New Year often brings new changes and direction. Perhaps you're thinking of decluttering your space and downsizing your lifestyle. But how do you start?

 Many people have begun to reconsider their accumulation of material things and looking to reduce one’s “footprint” in a number of ways. This can mean simply getting rid of excess household items. For many, it can be a monumental effort to declutter your life.

Downsizing your lifestyle may also mean moving into a smaller space, but this isn't always the case. You can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and your accumulation of things by first getting rid of much of what you have now.

Eight Tips for Decluttering and Downsizing

It's best to start by planning your downsizing and setting some goals for yourself. Keep in mind that if there's more than one of you living there, such as a couple or a family, this should be a mutual project. This is especially true if you're thinking of moving to a smaller home.

The very first thing you should do is consider your actual needs. Wants and needs are not always the same, of course. On the other hand, it's possible to do too much and find that you have overdone it with getting rid of household goods and personal belongings.

The trick is in determining what you actually need and what you truly want to keep. Remember that it’s easier to get rid of more things later than it is to replace things you’ve already gotten rid of.




These decisions require you look at how you want to live your life daily and then prioritizing the activities and belongings that are already a part of your current lifestyle. Evaluate everything you currently own by envisioning living without these items.

If you think you can manage without them, those are the items that should go. Part of the clutter problem is that people tend to keep things because they think they might use them someday. But the truth is that much of what we keep around doesn’t get used and may never be.

So the goal is to make room in your life just for the things you actually do or will use.

Here's a handy guide for taking those first steps to decluttering and downsizing:


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Downsizing can be both intimidating and rewarding. Having a plan going forward is essential to making a smooth transition to a new lifestyle. And having a reliable resource for getting rid of junk you want to dispose of is essential, as well.

Maintaining a Downsized Lifestyle

For most people this is even a bigger challenge than the initial work.

While decluttering and minimizing your stuff is an accomplishment worth celebrating, keeping your lifestyle that way is the real objective of downsizing. Part of the secret is to maintain a "minimalist" mindset. This simply means learning to accumulate less things and to always get rid of whatever you don't really need.

This involves developing habits of organizing, storing and regularly "de-cluttering" your space. Everyone is different, however, so "cluttered" to one person might be perfectly accetable to another. Remember, it's really a process, not an event!

Professional Help for Downsizing with Junk Removal 

When it you need to get rid of excessive clutter and junk, work with a company that is punctual, patient, and respectful and treats you with genuine care. Go with a company like Junk King.

Whether you are moving out or simply downsizing your current living space,  we can help. In addition to our regular residential junk removal services, our estate clean out services are used by landlords, attorneys, banks and homeowners who need to dispose of unneeded and unwanted items, junk and clutter that might prevent or slow down the process of moving on to a smaller home.

Our team also specializes in large debris removal and furniture hauling. We can be on location in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle a much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service. If you have questions about what we do or what we believe, give us a call at (707) 744-4254.


Decluttering And Downsizing Your Lifestyle [Infographic]


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