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Does a Rolloff Dumpster Actually Roll Off

Does a Rolloff Dumpster Actually Roll Off

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to be proactive about your approach to disposing of waste material. After all, you have a responsibility to your environment, your community, and yourself to make sure that your property is free from junk that could clutter up the area.

 You’ve weighed your options carefully, and you’ve decided that the best strategy is to hire a dumpster—or have you? Maybe you still have questions about what a roll off dumpster is, and about the roll off dumpster rental process. That’s okay: dumpster rental is a lot more complicated and interesting than you might think. Furthermore, knowing more about how to select a roll off dumpster for hire can provide you with several important advantages that will make cleaning up your site a breeze.

We’ll start at the beginning, for those of you who are brand new to the world of roll off dumpster rental. Don’t worry: there are no stupid questions when it comes to discussing these important tools, so we’re going to start with the basics. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll understand more about a dumpster’s intended purpose, the different sizes that are typically available, how to choose the right rental company for your needs—and yes, you’ll also know whether roll off dumpsters literally roll. We’re going to cover all the bases here.

What is a Roll Off Dumpster Good For?

Roll off dumpsters are obviously excellent for storing unwanted material, but that’s not all they do. A roll off dumpster is designed specifically for easy transportation to and from a variety of locations—which makes it an excellent rental option. Furthermore, when you rent a roll off dumpster, you’ll be renting it from a company that will deliver it to you and pick it up again once your rental period is over. Best of all: they’ll take all the junk inside away with them too, and dispose of it for you in the appropriate manner. The convenience that roll off dumpsters offer to renters makes them highly suited to hobbies and private projects, where the practitioners may need the flexibility to make their own schedules. Instead of having to wait around for a junk removal company to meet you and standing by while they clean up your site, you’ll be able to fill a roll off dumpster at your own pace (if you’ve completed your work by the time your rental period is over).


Roll off dumpster rental is also much more effective than trying to take your junk to the dump by yourself, using a vehicle like a pickup truck or SUV. The reason for this is simple: dumpsters hold more. Even the smallest available roll off dumpsters typically have the capacity of several pickup trucks. Plus, you have the added convenience of letting someone else move the material after you’ve put it in place. Have you ever tried to get grass stains from yard clippings out of the leather upholstery in your SUV? It’s best to avoid that kind of problem.

Different Dumpster Sizes

That brings us to the various sizes of roll off dumpster available for rental purposes. Some companies will offer you a wide range of different options, which can seem accommodating at first but may quickly prove confusing. Choosing a dumpster with a size that doesn’t fit the available space on your property can cause numerous issues that prevent your rental from being as efficient and easy as it should be. On the other hand, renting an appropriately sized dumpster can offer you ample room to dispose of material without creating an unnecessarily large obstacle on your property.

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Dumpsters on the small end of the scale typically have a capacity of about seven cubic meters, which can be beneficial for people who are working on small projects. If you happen to be redoing a single room in your home, for example, a dumpster this small might serve you well. It certainly won’t take up much room on your property. However, you could run into capacity problems if your work is somewhat broader in scope. Remember that in many areas, you aren’t allowed to overfill a roll off dumpster. If you do, your contractor may not legally be allowed to move it, and you could face late fees for the time you spend unloading the excess material (plus, then you’ll have to figure out what to do with it).

Renting a dumpster that is too large can also create challenges. Remember earlier, when we said that roll off dumpsters were great because your rental company came to collect them at the end of your rental period? For that to work, the company needs to be able to reach your dumpster. If you’ve rented a dumpster that’s too large for your driveway and you’ve had to place it elsewhere on your property as a result, your company may struggle to take it away at the end of your rental period. 30 cubic meters can seem like a luxurious amount of space, but you often won’t need that much, and it may not be practical. For this reason, it’s best to choose a medium sized dumpster that offers plenty of storage without taking up too much room. At Junk King, we offer a roll off dumpster with approximately 12 cubic feet, which measures a comfortable 8 x 12 feet.

Choosing a Dumpster Rental Company

Depending on where you live, you might have numerous options for roll off dumpster rental. Consider each one carefully to be sure that you’re choosing a cost-effective option. Different companies use different pricing models (Junk King charges you based on the amount of space you use over a three-day rental period, which allows you to save money by being a smart packer). Other companies might charge you a flat rate per day, or offer different prices for dumpsters with different sizes, regardless of the amount of room your junk takes up once you’re ready to return them. Do your research, and choose the company whose policies benefit you most.


So… Does it Actually Roll Off?

And now, the moment of truth. You may have read all the way to the end of this article just to find out whether the name “roll off dumpster” is a literal one. Along the way, you may have learned about the uses of roll off dumpsters, their various sizes, and how to choose a rental company that will work for you—or maybe you knew all that already, and you’re just wondering about the rolling. Well, here you are: the answer is “kind of”. You can’t roll your dumpster by yourself, but they are transported by special trucks called roll off trucks. The dumpster is transported onto and off these trucks by being rolled on their rear platforms, which use wheels to move it into the correct position.

Are Roll Off Dumpsters Right for You?

Roll off dumpsters are surprisingly versatile tools that can be used to aid people in a variety of clean-up efforts. They are more convenient than moving material by yourself and provide more control than hiring a removal company to clean up your site for you. They also come in a variety of different sizes and may cost different amounts depending on the pricing model your rental company employs. While you may not be able to roll a roll off dumpster away from your property by yourself, a professional with a roll off truck will certainly be able to move the container for you—if you’ve placed it in an accessible spot. Now that you know enough to make an informed decision about whether to rent a roll off dumpster, head out there and clean up with confidence!

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Does a Rolloff Dumpster Actually Roll Off


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