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Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster Rental Prices

For many people, junk disposal comes with two major questions: how much does it cost, and how easy is it? Junk King keeps things simple with fair, flexible prices to suit the scope of your cleaning project.

 We also provide the best dumpster rental experience with guaranteed drop-off and pick-up times and our top-rated customer service.

Junk King lets you pay based on how much junk you have. Our MINI dumpster rental can hold enough junk to cover many home improvement projects and cleanouts, so it’s the right solution at the right price for many situations.

Simple and Easy Pricing:

  • Pay only for the space you use!
  • No hidden charges!

If you’re not sure about filling your own dumpster? We also offer the guaranteed lowest price for our award-winning junk removal service if you’d rather not fill your own dumpster. Call us at 888.888.JUNK (5865) or contact us online to learn more about Junk King’s dumpster rental and junk removal rental services.

Junk King: The First Dumpster Rental Pricing Based on Volume

Whether it’s our full-service junk hauling or the MINI dumpster rental, Junk King believes that customers should pay based on the volume of junk. When you hire us for junk removal, you pay based on how much space your junk takes up in our trucks. Why price things any differently with dumpster rental?

Junk King is the first dumpster rental service with pricing based on how much space you use. The other guys want you to pay full price for partial loads.

Our MINI dumpster holds 12 cubic yards, which is perfect for many cleanout and junk disposal projects. Sometimes it’s bigger than you really need, though. Junk King lets you get access to a rented dumpster for smaller projects and larger projects, with variable pricing to match your needs.

What’s Included in the MINI Dumpster Rental Price?

Junk King offers fair and flexible prices to make things simple. The cost of our MINI dumpster includes delivery, rental, pick-up, and our green junk disposal service.

We have options for 3, 5, and 7 day pricing. The estimate includes everything you need to rent a dumpster, plus Junk King’s famous customer service!

  • Our driveway-safe MINI dumpster
  • 12 cubic yards of self-serve junk disposal
  • Guaranteed drop-off and pick-up times
  • Customer service from Junk King, the #1 rated junk removal service
  • Recycling and responsible, eco-friendly junk disposal
  • Flexible dumpster rental — keep it longer if you need to!

No Hidden Fees for Junk King Dumpster Rental

We believe in fair, transparent pricing. We can provide clear estimates before your dumpster rental begins, with great communication along the way. Junk King believes in great customer service, and we never want our customers to be surprised by any fees or charges.

Your MINI dumpster rental price is based on the space that you use. There are just a few other costs that may need to be charged:

  • Extra tonnage for heavy loads over 2,000 pounds
  • Extra yardage if the bedload exceeds 4 cubic yards
  • Overflow if items are loaded higher than the top of the dumpster
  • Extra days cost a low $30 per day after the first the 3 days
  • Some special disposal fees for item such as mattresses and tires

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Get the best customer service in the junk disposal industry, AND the guaranteed best price. We offer recycling and safe disposal for your waste, with flexible scheduling and prices to suit your next cleaning project.

To schedule an appointment for dumpster rental, call 888.888.5865 or save $30 when you book online today!


Dumpster Rental Prices


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