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Earth Day: How to Help

Earth Day: How to Help

Earth day began in 1970 as a grassroots campaign to encourage people to respect the natural environment around us. Since then, the annual holiday has gained a great deal of momentum.

 Today, a wide variety individuals and companies are making their own effort to give back to the earth. There are a number of Earth Day causes and events that you can participate in to give back, however, it’s the little things that really matter.

Here are a few small things you can start doing on Earth Day to give back:

  • Eat and Buy Food Consciously: Buying organic and locally produced foods supports local growers and farms. This practice also helps prevent the unnecessary use of pesticides and energy for transporting foods over long distances. Eating organic and locally grown foods also helps lessen your contribution to animal cruelty that takes place in centralized ‘factory farms.’ Not to mention, it’s often healthier and tastier.
  • Turn Off Your Electronics that aren’t in Use: A vast amount of energy is needlessly expended when electronic appliances are left on or plugged in. Some primary types of electronics that contribute to wasted energy are TVs, phone chargers, computers and more. Taking a moment every day to make sure a device is completely turned off and unplugged can really make a difference.
  • Save Water: Try taking a shorter shower or turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. These small acts can accrue and help save precious water – which is fast becoming our planet’s most valuable (and scarce) commodity.
  • Use Reusable Grocery Bags: Help save a ton of paper and plastic by bringing along a few reusable grocery bags on your next shopping trip. It’s really as simple as keeping a few spare bags in your car and carrying them into the store with you.
  • Get in the Habit of Recycling: Since 1970, recycling has come a long way, but it still has quite a way to go. Everyone needs to help out and make sure they recycle whenever possible – it’s as easy as creating a separate waste container in your home or business or looking for the blue bin elsewhere. For larger recycling jobs, it’s as simple as giving Junk King a call – we recycle up to 60% of the junk we pick up from your home or business and pride ourselves on being a green junk removal company.


Earth Day: How to Help


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